Does Pradaxa Cause Shortness Of Breath

Susan Says:

I am in A Fib and have been for the past 7 months. My Doctor has tried different procedures but so far nothing has worked. Ever since I have been on Pradaxa I have been very short of breath. Even in a sitting position I am short of breath. I did not have this problem before. I don't know it it's the A fib or the Pradaxa, My Doctor doesn't know what is causing the problem. They have done a lot of testing. Has anyone had the same problem?

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Verwon Says:

We have had other people report such a problem, when taking similar medications, however, there is no way for us to really know if it is being caused by your medical condition, or the medication.


Have you seen a cardiologist? They would probably be the most qualified to get to the root of the problem.

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Rob Says:

I'm in a similar situation ... A Fib diagnosed during my annual physical last October, been on Pradaxa, metoprolol succinade and flecainide accetate ... and been continually short of breath. Dry cough, too. Since I felt fine before the physical (although the A Fib was real), I can't help thinking that some of my inability to do deep breathing is drug-enhanced.

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greentrash Says:

Your particular concern has been reported to the FDA by other people taking Pradaxa. There are other concerns you should also be aware of.

In December 2011, the FDA launched a formal study into the risks of Pradaxa. In Europe, 260 deaths have been reported in which Pradaxa was considered a significant factor.

Apart from the side effects themselves there is the sobering fact that, unlike warfarin / coumadin, Pradaxa has no antidote aka reversing agent. This is of critical concern because if you develop bleeding, internal or external, caused by trauma or from some other cause, the bleeding is far more difficult to stop. Emergency surgeries are far more difficult to perform. Both factors compound the risks you are already facing when you develop a serious bleeding problem. See

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greentrash Says:

Also, see my post regarding the inability of Emergency Room and ICU physicians to quickly reverse the effects of Pradaxa:

There is no such problem with warfarin / Coumadin, since there is a quick and relatively easy way for doctors to reverse the anti-coagulant effects of this medication. This is accomplished through infusion of PCC, prothrombin complex concentrate. PCC has no similar effect for those taking Pradaxa. In preliminary studies a newer replacement drug for Coumadin, Xaralto, shows promise in also being reversible through adminstering PCC. Further studies are syill underway.

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Tony Says:

My name is Tony i am 28. 8 years ago i was diagnosed with AF. I had my first ablation a monthand a half ago. I have never had shortness of breath my hole life even with AF. About 3 weeks after starting on the pradaxa i am noticing shortness of breath! And a lot of it! Im hoping to god its the pradaxa its awful. If not the pradaxa did my doctor mess something up with the Catheter ablation? My doctor is taking me off pradaxa in a month ill be back to let you all know the update. For any questions email me

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NiWit1 Says:

I had an ablation and even in rhythm I still and very SOB Complication is I also have asthma+COPD. However, I stopped Pradaxa 2 days (not Dr. orders). My SOB was significantly less and my heart rate which was high dropped by 10 bpm. Have not yet consulted with DR.I am a retired pharmacist.

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eadiv Says:

I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation in August 2012 and the cardiologist prescribed Pradaxa in lieu of a cardioversion scheduled for November. The procedure was successful and was taken off Pradaxa. Upon my follow up appointment with the cardiologist in February my heart had fallen out of rhythm and the doctor put me back on Pradaxa until we could determine the next steps in my care. In June I went through a catastrophic event with extreme blood clots in my heart and lungs and was in ICU for three weeks trying to correct the condition. Leading to my admission to the hospital the early symptoms include difficulty breathing, sever pain in my back and some coughing. The PCP after taking X-rays of my lungs felt like I was battling pneumonia and started me on a regiment of antibiotics. Since I was on Pradaxa my PCP and the doctors on staff at the hospital ruled out blood clots. Since my adventure and slow recovery the senior medical staff at the hospital contacted FDA regarding the recent cases that have experienced. The FDA has posted black box warnings regarding this type of condition and Pradaxa and Boehringer Ingelheim has recently posted warnings on their site regarding blood clots when taken off of Pradaxa and then re-administering the drug.

There are a large number of hemorrhaging issues associated with the drug and I would like to hear of any other individuals experiences with actual clotting after using Pradaxa.

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Wally Says:

I was diagnosed with AFib about 7 years ago and after a year of trying to control it with Warfarin, my cardiologist put a pacemaker in to control the AFib. It didn't work, and I still go in and out of rythym all of the time. I remained on Warfarin for about 6 years. I travel constantly, and I did not always follow the doctor's orders for blood tests monthly. Last year he put me on Pradaxa since I don't need blood testing. During a follow-on appointment, he listened to my breathing and put me on potassium to help with my shortness of breath. The shortness of breath has gotten worse, and a lot of that may be because i can't exercise like I used to, and have put on too many pounds. I am seriously concerned about Pradaxa and the side effects.

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eadiv Says:

Has your Doctor considered having a CAT scan done for blood clots? I was taking Pradaxa, went off after I had a cardio version for A-fib. I then was put back on Pradaxa and had an excruciating experience of not being able to breath and ended up in ICU for three weeks with saddle clots around my heart and in my lungs. It was so serious that I almost lost my life. What dumbfounded the medical staff is that Pradaxa should have prevented the clots, instead they think the medication caused the problem. The senior medical staff reported it the the FDA and recommended to the participating doctors in the institution not to prescribe Pradaxa. I would suggest taking warfrin instead of Pradaxa. This is very serious - take care of yourself. The doctors are just now finding out about this. Good luck!

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Kal Says:

My doctor prescribed Pardaxa about 3 months back for AFib after a routine test. While I was healthy and active before taking the drug, my health has detiorirated significantly after taking Pradaxa. Experiencing continous breathlessness that gets worse by the day. become very wek and find it difficult to walk few steps. Also developed constant cough. There is no change to my diet or any other factor. While the doctor is reluctant and wants me to continue taking the medicine, I am planning to come off the drug now. May go on a course of Ecosprin as suggested by my GP. Will let you all know

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michael Says:

on pradaxa for 3 monthes and have shortness of breath to the point of weesing especially at night while trying to sleep...currently 4 hours away from heart cath for shortness of breath...been off of pradaxa for 48 hours and NO shortness of breath ...worried that pradaxa has no reversal...scared and confused...

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ShirlPro Says:

Get of Pradaxa, I was on it 2 weeks and got a stroke. If you can't get your breath, it's from that . I was hoarse, couldn't breathe,nor could I lie down. It was worse than anything in the world, I contact the FDA, reported it. If you take a beta blocker it will cause many problems, I just quit mine one week ago. Made afib worse, so do your research as the doctors don't care what you take .Potassium pill with beta blocker almost killed me last week, decided to get off all but BP med. Coumadin is cheap,safe for 50 yrs,take it.

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Victoria Says:

I was on pradaxa for I month and am having difficulty breathing after just a bit of exercise.....I have started back on warfarin today. I am still short of breath....I am afraid!Before pradaxa I was on warfarin for A fib with no adverse affects

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Phil Says:

I,ve been on pradaxa and metoprolol for three years. I had no problem until last week, when I was short of breath. After going to the doctor and getting an xray of heart I now have a hugely enlarged heart which makes it difficult to breath normally.I didn't have this before using these drugs. I don't think this is revisable.

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Lila Says:

Yes mamm I have that problem and I am on Pradaxa. I catch myself trying to catch my breath like I have been running. I'm 80 years old so I don't run. Ha ha.Also I have a rash on my back and stomach. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem.

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Yvonne Says:

I was taken off Warfarin by my doctor and put on PRADAXA for the past 10 days
And feel shortness of breath it's alarming sometimes. I am seriously thinking of asking my doctor to take me off PRADAXA asap

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Gerri Says:

Yes. I am on Pradaxa and I have complained about shortness of breadth but my complaint is ignored. I have AF and scheduled for a pacemaker this week. I am also on two other medications that can cause shortness of breadth: Timolol and Cartia. I just looked these up myself on the Internet. I am seeing two heart specialists so they prescribed these drugs.. It doesn't seem right that I should be on three medications that can cause shortness of breadth, especially when that has been my main complaint. I am stopping the Timolol eye drops (for glaucoma) until after my surgery.

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Lila Says:

Yes mamm, i have thge sme problem and I have been on Pradaxa for about 4 years, for AFIB. I don't care what the doctors say, I think itnwill cause shortnessnof breath. My AFIB is under control sonit has to be the Pradaxa. I even thinkI could come off the pradaxa since my AFIB hasn't acted up in months, but my regular doc and my heart doc say no. My doctor did ask me last week when I went in for my yearly check up, if I wasnshortnof breath when lying down. I said yes and she said since I had just had an Echo three months ago and everything looked good, to let her know if it keeps on and they will do another Echo. So even though it is agravating I don't think it is serious to be short winded. Hope this helps.
Lila in San Angelo Tx.

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Ann Says:

I take Xarelto for AFib and have had shortness of breath ever since. My cardiologist says the drug is not the cause. However I have no other medical problems and take no other medications so what else could it be?!!
I hate this drug because it has no antidote yet the dr refuses to switch me to Coumadin

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Lila Says:

I wish these doctors would listen to the patient when they tell them that they think the Pradaxa is causing them to be short of breath. When I told my doctor about all of these people that I read about on the internet that have the same provlem, he said "that's your main problem, stay off the internet". The first time I saw that Pradaxa could cause shortness of breath was on one of the best hospital wed sites in the U.S.

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