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cindy Says:

i often get a dizziness in my head . i feel light headed . i visited many doctors but i am nto getting any results. i was recommended to use solvin by my pharmasit. i would like to get some help .

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David Says:

Solvin tablets contain the active ingredient Bromhexine.
This is a mucolytic agent that works by helping to rid your body of the normal mucous that causes the congestion associated with a cold.

You can read more info on this drug in the link below:

Personally, I would highly recommend getting blood work done, so that you can see if you are deficient in any vital nutrients that may contribute to this light headedness or dizziness. This may or may not be an issue at all, but I honestly think it's good to know how your body is reacting to your dietary habits as well so you can always be a step ahead if it is in fact a problem.

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GILZ Says:

I have been having dry and irritating coughs plus blisters on the outer side of my lower lips for almost twenty years.Recently I visited a doctor who put me on GERD treatment but I am not seeing any results.

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