Dizziness And Black Out

Mike Says:

I have been on Multaq for 6 months and last night I experienced major dizziness and blacked out twice. I have been light headed all day today. Have called my doctor but got no answer. Has this happened to anyone else out there? I'm a 57 year old man.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mike! How are you?

Those can be side effects of this medication, as reported by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, headache, and easy bruising.

Severe dizziness and fainting are not common side effects, but they have been known to happen.

Has your doctor gotten back to you, yet?

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Mike Says:

Yes, I went to the doctor and she ran a number of blood test on me. She took blood pressure sitting, getting up, standing and lying down and getting up. All bold pressure was ok but she was concerned with my heart rate. She said it would jump 25 points when getting up from lying down or standing from a sitting position. She said the Multaq and Eliquis was not the problem. I'm still having the same issues and now I'm afraid to drive. I go back to her on Dec. 3rd. I'm right back where I started I guess.

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