Dizziness And Metoclopram

Constance Says:

I was given 10 mg of Metoclopram to counteract the severe nausea from getting off Cymbolta. Now I have severe dizziness. Is there anything I can do to stop the dizziness? I've been off cymbolta 6 days (20mg). How long will the headaches and nausea last?

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Verwon Says:

As to the effects of stopping the Cymbalta, if you were taking it for a long time, then it may take a month or more for them to wear off. Ideally, these medications should be slowly tapered, to prevent the worst of these effects.

Learn more Cymbalta details here.

And the dizziness from the Metoclopramide can take about that long to wear off, as your body gets used to it, too.

Learn more Metoclopramide details here.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Constance Says:

Thanks for the information. I was only on Cymbolta 7 weeks (20 mg) and the metocopramide only 1 day. The vertigo is so bad right now. I've never had anything like this.

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