Differences Between Diazepam And Xanax

purpleville Says:

What is the difference between diazepam and xanax? When it comes to mg how do they compare? Say 2mg of diazepam= how many mg of xanax?

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jean dorner Says:

diazepam was proscribed for an ear infection....why???

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nenene123 Says:

It is dangerous to try and compare Xanax with Valium or diazepam. The milligrams do not match up in any way. They are both benzodiazipines (I never spell that correctly.) Please don't try to figure out how they fit by the dosage this is serious business and could cause a real overdose.

To the person who was prescribed diazepam for a bladder infection...this was probably prescribed because it helps to relax the smooth muscles. It can help take away the urgency of needing to urinate while having a urinary tract infection.

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Verwon Says:

nenene has provided good advice on this, it isn't something to try to convert and play around with yourself. If you need to switch from one to the other, your doctor or pharmacist are best equipped to figure out and equivelent dosage.

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jennifer Says:

found in my couch has dan5620other side has 10 it is blue and round what is it and what does it do to a person is it dangerous

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LocoEddie Says:

they do have online conversion charts, but opions do differ.

.5mg xanax = 10mg valium

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stevea Says:

I have taken both the .5 Xanax
which is orange and the Valium 10mg blue. The doses are uite similar.
The xanax relaxes my mind if I feel tense.
The valium relaxes my mind and my whole body and helps me sleep too.

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Verwon Says:

The colors do not necessarily mean anything, while the colors are used as dosage codes frequently when a drug is still under the name brand proprietary patent, once it is available for generic manufacture, they can be any color the company wants to make them and it has nothing to do with the dosage.

There are no regulations saying that they have to stick with a certain color coding/dosage system. So while you have an .5 that is orange and a 10 that is blue, someone else may have pills in the same color with entirely different dosages.

The only way to tell what a pill is and what the dosage is, is by looking up the imprints on the tablet. Which, under law for prescription drugs, must be unique to identify the drug, dosage, and manufacturer.

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Verwon Says:

Jen The pill you have found is a 10mg Diazepam. So yes, it could be very dangerous where it left lying around for a child to eat or a pet.

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ciaran Says:

Some absolute BS here, esp the post saying that xanax was half as stron as valium. Truth is that 41 mg of X is tentimes stronger that 10 V. Hence the reason that the standard V tab is 10mgs and then X is 1 mg.

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Rachel Liss Says:

xanax and valium are both a type of drug known as minor traquilizers that are used as anxiolytics. The difference between them is that alprazolam has a very short half life....it is removed from your system quicker which makes you need another to relieve anxiety after a few hours. Valium ( diazapam) has a longer half life and therefore it will not removed from your system as fast. It has gotten a bad name and is not prescribed as readily for some reason. I really liked valium better than xanax myself. I am on one of the longest half life benzos, Klonipin clonazapam. MY doctor told me it was self tapering......I would not go that far. I take 6mg per day.

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Danny Boy Says:

10mg of Diazepam is the equivelant to 20mg Xanax (alprazolam) .so your better with Diazepam butt it depends whatsl stone u prefer Xanax is a very mellow head buzz ,Diazepam is more of a full body rubberd buzz.

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nick Says:

no its not. your saying that 10mg diaz= 20mg xanax (alprazolam) Are you nuts!?? xanax come in .25mg. .5mg 1mg & 2mg tabs. taking 20 tabs of 1mg xanax would be ponentially lethal, compared to one 10mg tab of diazepam. xanax (alprazolam) is far more potent. hence why they come in lower doses. you could get someone killed giving info like that

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Jonjeff Says:

I used lorazepam 2mg. Now my doctor prescribed me diazepam 10mg and nortriptyline hcl 10mg cap but I drinking for bedtime for falling sleeping.but the problem is I feel this not working in my system. What you recommend talk to my doctor or I can't drinking 2 pills the diazepam?

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jade Says:

Hi I've just received 5mg diszepam from crescent pharma. ..are they safe does anyone know.. .thenks

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Karl1987 Says:

Re: jade (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

jennifer (# 4) thervery safe does my epilepsy requires me to take 4 10mg tablets a day I know some benzos strong but diazepam is like the weakest benzodiazepine there is especially if there only 5 mg max does on diazepam is 40mg

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Dazi Says:

Re: jennifer (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Relly good 10mg diazepam used to get thousands had the odd batch that didn't do much but we're mostly decent nothing dodgy about them ??

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