Dicyclomine 10mg For Weight Loss?


Why would this drug be used in a weight loss program?

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I honestly can't say, I read over some more information on it just to be certain that I was remembering correctly, but I didn't find anything that made sense for it to be used to aid in weight loss.

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Do you know someone that's using it for that?

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Dicyclomine has been shown to be associated with an increased incidence of anorexia nervosa-like symptoms as a side effect due to the slowing of the peristolsis (locomotion / contractions) of the GI tract.

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It causes the stomach to empty slower which increases the time you feel full.

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Is anyone having severe cramping after you take it? Feels like contrations for real.

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I have been prescribed Dicyclomine for spasms this week and I have lost weight which was needful the last 3 months. Now that I am suppose to take this medicine, will I gain the weight back? I really dont need to gain what I have lost back. Also I stay constipated. Will this med make that even worse?

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I was put on the 20 mg but I don't need to lose weight. Trying to gain it back. Would this be bad for me or do I need to check back with my doctor?

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