Diazepam 10mg White

overachiever wannabe Says:

Please help me determine if the diazepam I got in my rx refill are a good brand? They are round, white, and just about the same size as the diazepam I've gotten from my pharmacy in the past except those were green and manufactured by Mylan. The ones I got have a criss cross on one side and the imprint on the other side says VAIUM 10. They came in a blister pack with dates of expiration and the words Abbott Healthcare. They don't seem as relaxing as the US ones I've had. Anyone have any experience or input? It would be greatly appreciated

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David Says:

Truth is, there's no safe way of knowing if what you got is a good brand unless you had it analyzed by a lab first. Counterfeits today are so good that there's sometimes no telling them apart with just a physical description alone. Be safe out there and know what you're putting in your body "before" you take it, not after, when it may be too late.

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Linda Says:

Walmart has green 10 mg Valium, its just a different generic and seem to be more like a 7 or 8 mg of Valium. I stopped using walmart.

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Brinksmatter Says:

Like anybody with any benzo tolerance can tell 10mg from 7 or 8mg, you're kidding is yourself.

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Kandy Says:

What is besidine diazepam 10mg? Are they a good brand? I have never heard of them.

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Chris Says:

Do you get a therapeutic effect from the abbott white 10mg diazepam?

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Lynne Says:

No problem at all Kandy, they work the same way as blue round ones.

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Diazychick Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Where can I get some tablets analyzed? I am in the UK.

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Benzychick Says:

Re: Kandy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

There are fake versions flooding the Internet. Don't take them. I checked mine and they taste like poison.

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Cruz Says:

I have some packs of Wel-10 Diazepam UP 10mg tablets that are white with just a line and no numbers. Does anybody know anything about this?

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Jako Says:

Re: Kandy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I have a pack of 10mg white diazepam in a blister pack labeled Galenika Bensedin. Are they a good brand? Thank you?

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Marko Says:

Re: Jako (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

They should be white domed tablets in a big blister pack of 15 tablets. Printed with: Bensedin, Made by Galenkia (Diazepam) - Blue writing, and some red triangles on blister pack (10mg tableta). They are a very safe brand of Diazepam to use, plus excellent quality and consistent dosage.

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Peel Says:

Re: Diazychick (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Get a U/A kit from ebay, that will tell you if they are legitimate.

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Cruz Says:

I got some that came in blister packs and the packs on the back say "well-1 10 mg diazepam". They are white with a line divider. My pharmacy said they are from India and I have to have benzo's for severe anxiety... They have some, but don't think it is any more potent than the ones in the USA. Does anybody else have any other info they can share to ease my mind please?

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Lippo jurors thx Says:

Re: Cruz (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

They are the real deal, the bensedin. They are foreign and the white ones are stronger than the blue ones. Blister pack and paper info inside. I got these in my refill.

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Marko Says:

Re: Cruz (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

They certainly are not Bensedin 10mg tabs. Bensedin are a domed shaped pill in blisters of x 15 white 10mg top quality diazepam tabs.

Your blister pack of white tabs with the line, Sound like a Pakistani, Indian or Mexican ? Generic type of diazepam tbh.. if it's a red line on the blister pack, is probably Indian IME.??

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Marko Says:

There's lots of info on the forums regarding the Abbot HC Diazepam tabs. They're probably just an average quality Indian generic. If the blister pack looks good, and the tabs are well made, you could always try a half? I have taken similar Indian generics in the past without any problems.

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Jimo74 Says:

Re: Kandy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Bensidin are white 10mg diazepam, from my experience.

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Truncheon 68 Says:

Is viagra orange? I got some and they worked but it would not go small for 3 days. Has anyone heard of a viagra that's orange in color? They're great.

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Lucas MD Says:

Tracy (# 19) --

Why not visit your doctor, or a psychiatrist, and obtain a prescription for an anxiolytic medication? And, furthermore, is there a reason you are specifically interested in Valium, versus a faster-acting benzodiazepine with a much shorter biological half life, namely Xanax?

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Tracy Says:

Lucas MD (# 20) --

Xanax is more expensive on my plan. My ex-husband has child support for 3 kids. Pays for medical and work 60 hours a week just to keep up. Is there a reason why you need to think you need to know my life history? I asked a simple question. Trying to get some legitimate help. Xanax made me feel spacy. Prob unlike most on these sites—- I’m not addicted to them. I just feel like the valium calms me better without getting me "high". Is that a worthy answer for my nosey friend?

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nrr Says:

Re: Irastas (# 102) Expand Referenced Message

The Ritorvil you are taking are not valium, they are clonazepam, made by the same compony that make Bensedin, which is Ganelika...

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Matty Says:

Re: Nasser (# 108) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Nasser. I'm no professional mate. If they are dated 2017 though, thats 6 yrs out of date. I wouldn't like to comment as I'm not sure if they'd be different or not.
I've had a bit of the same problem but with loghman diaz. There's some strips with blue writing on the back of the strip and others are black. I have had a random one with the date left on it and it's the blue writing on the back...and it's still in date. So I believe the ones with black writing may be a similar out of date, like 6/7 years and although they work, they make me feel unusually tired. Maybe it's the same with Bensedin mate.

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Fazbo1 Says:

Re: Ginganinga (# 101) Expand Referenced Message

I've got these but the date says 2017.

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Nasser Says:

Re: Matty (# 106) Expand Referenced Message

Hi matey. I've been on 10mg diazepam off doctors from 2002. Now after 18 years I'm down to yellow 5mgs, but I've got some bensedin and they work great. 2 weeks ago my anxiety went away and I felt my confidence come back. I've just refilled and realized the date is 28/07/2017. Do you think I'll be ok? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Fazbo1 Says:

Re: Marko (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I've got the Bensedin 10mg (15 in pack) made by Galenika, but I've looked on the side and it says: Od 28/07/2017

I had some a couple weeks ago but didn't realize the date. I should've checked, but they were spot on. Anybody who has these, do they have the same date as mine? Much appreciated.

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Matty Says:

Abbot healthcare Diazepam 10mg are the best, cleanest valium ive ever had. They are white, in strips of 10 pills, with a cross on 1 side and Valium 10 on the other. I've been on Diazepam for many years and Abbot 10mg valium are easily the best I've had, better or cleaner than Accord, Teva and any other English brand. I can still get my script refilled but they are hard to source as they are indian.

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Kenyon Says:

Has anyone seen the strips of white 10mg roche with red on the back if the strip

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Stewart Says:

Re: Diazychick (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Based in Wales

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Irastas Says:

Re: Kandy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Never heard of Bensedin? (There is no 'e' at the end!). They are made by Galenika, the 5mg being green and coated, 10mg white and also coated but oddly not to the same extent. One of the most popular brands in Europe. The arguably more potent Slovenian brand Apaurin by KRKA is now also made in Serbia and I hear many Serbs are choosing those despite the rather higher price... I would too but it seems to be getting very difficult to find Apaurin these days. I'm happy enough with Bensedin, and Galenika's alprazolam, Ksalol, is the best on the market bar Egis Pharma's superb Frontin, the best BzD anxiolytics it's possible to get whether made in their home in Hungary or their relatively new facility in Romania - I detect no difference.

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Irastas Says:

Yes, Abbott/Piramal Valium, licenced by Roche, are an excellent brand, as are their Rivotril. I have been using them on and off for well over 20 years and would never put anyone off them. They are the most expensive brand in India - Consern Diazeco are only Rs. 33 per blister of 10, Valium brand more than twice that. Enjoy.

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