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Red and blue capsule 93 3171

What is a red and blue capsule marked 93 3171? ## What is this pill for? ## I found a red and blue capsule. No markings, numbers or bands in the middle. Can anyone tell me what this is? ## I am sorry, without any markings, it is impossible to positively identify, unless you have it lab tested. ## No idea...I had an old friend from college stay at my house this weekend, and he's been known to take pills. I figure it's some kind of pain killer or mood enhancer, but it looks to generic to tell. Does it cost a lot for a lab test? Thank you ## It varies from lab to lab, but usually several hundred $$, so probably not worth it, I would think disposing of it to be the simplest idea.

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Manufacturing of protirelin

I would like to know where is the hormone drug protirelin made ## Since this is a generic version, it is hard to say, unless you can tell us who manufactures the particular one you are asking about. Generics drugs are made by many different companies.

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