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Deconamine SR Prescription

I have a prescription for this medication but don't know where to fill it at a good price? ## Deconamine SR contains Chlorpheniramine and Pseudoephedrine, it is used to treat cold and allergy symptoms. As to where you can buy it for a good price, I have no idea. Where are you located? Have you tried calling around to different pharmacies to check the price? ## Where can I buy Deconamine Sr? ## There's only one I haven't called and will do so later this afternoon. I'm in Houston, TX and I don't usually have problems this time of year. However, I spent about 7 days building some utility shelving and had long ago forgotten that I was allergic to saw dust. In any event, I've never reacted like this before the saw dust. ## That's a popular drug used to treat aller...

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Deconamine SR Capsules

I cannot locate Deconamine SR capsules anywhere! Is it still possible to obtain this medication, and if so, where can I find it? It is the only medication that works for my post-nasal drip. ## Unfortunately, the original manufacturer sold the medication off to another company, who then cranked the price out of reach for almost everyone. I suppose they planned on ceasing production of the medicine, and needed a "lack of sales" to justify it. In our area, it went from $12/month to $88/month, which put it out of our reach. (4 of us were taking this medication, so it left us all in the lurch.) NOTHING has worked as well, so I am back to daily sore throats from drainage, my daughter has daily headaches that often go on into migraines. So many people relied on this combination pill th...

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Deconamine PSE 120/8

I Have used the prescription Deconamine PSE 120-8 Caps since 1983. It is the one med that has given me relief from my sinus and lung congestion. I was told by Pharmacy that it is no longer available. Please tell me that is not true, and where I can get my prescription filled? Right now today my sinuses are raging. ## This medication contains Chlorphemiramine and Pseudoephedrine. Both products are available both together and separately in many countries, in over the counter and prescription formulations. Are you in the U.S. or somewhere else? Have you tried asking for a generic or seeing if your doctor can prescribe and alternative? ## I have been taking deconamine for years to head off broncitis and now they have taken it off the market. I need to know how I can get something to replace...

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