Deconamine Sr Prescription


I have a prescription for this medication but don't know where to fill it at a good price?

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Deconamine SR contains Chlorpheniramine and Pseudoephedrine, it is used to treat cold and allergy symptoms.

As to where you can buy it for a good price, I have no idea.

Where are you located? Have you tried calling around to different pharmacies to check the price?

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Where can I buy Deconamine Sr?

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There's only one I haven't called and will do so later this afternoon.

I'm in Houston, TX and I don't usually have problems this time of year. However, I spent about 7 days building some utility shelving and had long ago forgotten that I was allergic to saw dust. In any event, I've never reacted like this before the saw dust.

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That's a popular drug used to treat allergies and great for sinus.

@nancy: I'm in Houston too and allergic to pollen but thank God for my sinus doctor at Houston Sinus & Allergy. My condition is so much better.

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