Deconamine Sr Capsules


I cannot locate Deconamine SR
capsules anywhere! Is it still possible
to obtain this medication, and if so,
where can I find it? It is the only
medication that works for my post-nasal drip.

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Unfortunately, the original manufacturer sold the medication off to another company, who then cranked the price out of reach for almost everyone. I suppose they planned on ceasing production of the medicine, and needed a "lack of sales" to justify it. In our area, it went from $12/month to $88/month, which put it out of our reach. (4 of us were taking this medication, so it left us all in the lurch.) NOTHING has worked as well, so I am back to daily sore throats from drainage, my daughter has daily headaches that often go on into migraines. So many people relied on this combination pill that I can't imagine why a company would stop making it! It just shows they value money over the life of their customers. I've tried buying both components of this medication separately, but it does NOT work the same way, and you can't get sustained release versions of them. So, it is umpteen pills a day to be less effective.

PLEASE - won't some company please pick up the torch and bring Deconamine SR back to the market? So many people need this medicine!

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Note that the two medications in Deconamine are readily available inexpensively, but it seems to be the certain combination and the sustained release formulation that worked magic for so many of us allergy sufferers.

You can buy the antihistamine portion, chlorpheniramine maleate, online in many places. You can get the decongestant part, psuedoephrine, can also be purchased at stores everywhere and online. However, it seemed to be the sustained release that helped the most.
Whatever the reason, the ingredients are inexpensive and have been around for decades. I wish some drug company would pick this back up and help millions of allergy sufferers to be able to breathe clearly again. It is positively cruel to not have it available, and I can only assume they have a newer, more expensive medication that they want to push instead. However, the lack of Deconamine SR does not mean I'll buy a new medication - they just don't work as well.
I wish we could petition for re-release!

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I'm willing to pay the $88.00, If I don't catch the problem BEFORE there are any symptons, it'll immediately go into an infection, hit my eyes and throat.... not to mention the headaches, fatigue& asthma. Within a day or two, bronchitis sets in and soon thereafter, pneumonia.

I'm in agony and have not slept for 3 days. I'm taking numerous albuterol treatments throughout the day & night. I'm already on 3 nasal meds, advair, xyzal and an over-the-counter "Bronkaid". I've taken every over the counter medication available .

YES, I have an appointment with my doctor but really what more can he do?

WHERE can I purchase the Deconmine? What company now owns it? PLEASE reply soon! Thank you.

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