Decilone Forte Can Help My Eczema?

liezl Says:

Hi good day, I just want to ask if Decilone forte is okay for eczema? I'm having an eczema for almost five years... And my friend recommend me this. Decilone forte 4mg. Is it okay? Can please tell me, how many time should I take this in a day? And for for how many days. What are the side effects of this tablet... Thanks and have a good day

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Jun torres Says:

Desoloneforte really heals my eczema..1tablet a day{4mg}with Johnson baby soap,babyfloPETROLEUM JELLY{Apply IT EVERY 2 HOURS TO MOISTURES FRM DRYING

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Mt Says:

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How long is your dosing? And what taper did you do after

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