Can I Take Decilone Forte Just To Gain Weight?

Jose Nico Fernando Says:

Guys, I just want to ask if i can take DECILONE FORTE even i dont have any sicknesses to be cured, I just want to know if i can take Decilone just to gain weight? PLS. I need a best answers for my Question thanks.! Im only 18 years old from Philippines. thanks again

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Verwon Says:

Decilone Forte contains the active ingredient Dexamethasone, a steroid class medication.

And no, they are not safe to use just for weight gain. The way these medications usually cause weight is because they cause fluid retention, as a side effect. Heavy fluid retention can lead to severe problems, such as peripheral edema and congestive heart failure, which can be life threatening.

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The best way to gain weight is to do it safely and healthily by eating a proper healthy diet and supplementing with a multivitamin, in case you aren't getting enough vital nutrients.


And remember, some people are just naturally small and will never gain a lot of weight. At 40 years old, even eating a healthy diet and upping my fat and calorie intake, I can't hit a full 117 pounds.

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heidz Says:

do you have any other suggestions on what to take to gain weight? im 26 y.o what multi vitamin is effective?

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