Decilone Forte Side Effects

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Everytime i take decilone i gain weight; and i love it coz i love to eat and i have a good appetite..but my concern is whether there will be any side effects in the future? Please give me details of these side effects..tnx

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edwin ong Says:

I'd like to gain weight and my friends told me to take decilone forte. Is it ok? If I also take it together w/ a multi-vitamin will it help me gain weight faster? Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Decilone contains the steroid Dexamethasone. It is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant, so using it just to gain weight is NOT a good idea, it can compromise your immune system and cause serious complications.


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MITZ Says:

side effects of decilone forte

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Roy Says:

"If dexamethasone is given orally or by injection (parenteral) over a period of more than a few days, side-effects common to systemic glucocorticoids may occur. These may include:

- Stomach upset, increased sensitivity to stomach acid to the point of ulceration of esophagus, stomach, and duodenum
- Increased appetite leading to significant weight gain
- A latent diabetes mellitus often becomes manifest. Glucose intolerance is worsened in patients with preexisting diabetes.
- Immunsuppressant action, particularly if given together with other immunosuppressants such as ciclosporine. Bacterial, viral, and fungal disease may progress more easily and can become life-threatening. Fever as a warning symptom is often suppressed.
- Psychiatric disturbances, including personality changes, irritability, euphoria, mania
- Osteoporosis under long term treatment, pathologic fractures (e.g., hip)
- Muscle atrophy, negative protein balance (catabolism)
- Elevated liver enzymes, fatty liver degeneration (usually reversible)
- Cushingoid (syndrome resembling hyperactive adrenal cortex with increase in adiposity, hypertension, bone demineralization, etc.)
- Depression of the adrenal gland is usually seen, if more than 1.5 mg daily are given for more than three weeks to a month.
- Hypertension, fluid and sodium retention, edema, worsening of heart insufficiency (due to mineral corticoid activity)
- Dependence with withdrawal syndrome is frequently seen.
- Increased intraocular pressure, certain types of glaucoma, cataract (serious clouding of eye lenses)
- Dermatologic: Acne, allergic dermatitis, dry scaly skin, ecchymoses and petechiae, erythema, impaired wound-healing, increased sweating, rash, striae, suppression of reactions to skin tests, thin fragile skin, thinning scalp hair, urticaria.
- Allergic reactions (though infrequently): Anaphylactoid reaction, anaphylaxis, angioedema. (Highly unlikely, since dexamethasone is given to prevent anaphylactoid reactions.)

Other side-effects have been noted, and should cause concern if they are more than mild. The short time treatment for allergic reaction, shock, and diagnostic purposes usually does not cause serious side effects."

Source: Dexamethasone Details Page

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don Says:

side effects of decilon forte

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YZAI Says:

i have taken Decilone Forte in almost 3 weeks.. in just five days of taking it, I had an itching skin but i still take. after 2 and half weeks, i had an acne in my face and in some part of my body.. Is it the side effects of Decilone Forte?

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YZAI Says:

is Decilone Forte effective during the time taking it? When u stop taking it, is it possible to lose ur appetite immediately?

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belle Says:

Is decilone forte good for migraine? The left side of my head hurts for a week and doctor said it's migraine and she prescribed me this drug. Is it safe for migraine?

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BRY Says:


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dicilone forte Says:

how many mgs.can be safe to take this decilone forte in curing RA.what other drug do you suggest.?

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wildbutformal Says:

i took decilone forte for about i already stopped it,,its been 3months now that i dont take it anymore,,i got fever, asthma, diabetes, cataract, thats why i stopped

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kharen Says:

what kind of decilon forte for the gaining weight? is it the pink or the white tablet?

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qhuing Says:

im first timer of taking decilone forte, on my first day i'd experience itching skin on my chest, is this the side effect of taking this tablet?tell some advise for me, continue taking this tablet or i'l stop? please reply thankyou

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carl Says:

what is the cost of this drug?where can i bought this drug?my lola told me because she have an arthritis?is this safe for arthritis?

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Ren Says:

i took decilone forte for a month and i gained weight which is my purpose of taking it.. but after i stop taking it, i had lot of rashes all over my body... what can i do to cure it?

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brybry Says:

i took decilone forte for one week and i want build up a muscle too.... is it ok if i stop taking decilone for like 1 month then take dianabol?

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cristina Says:

wat the side effect of decilon forte ??? it is good to my health ??? coz i hve an alergy

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wheng Says:

is it posibe that i mybe xperiencing blowting aready by taking dicilon forte? i am taking it just a month ago and i gain weight becoz of my allergyand i hate it coz im gaining now i was back to my normal weight im afraid i will be gaining again

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Heroine Says:

Guys, i must advise you to stop the intake of decilone forte... my boyfriend is using it as a vitamins for already 4 years... his skin was totally wrecked! full of stretch marks on his arms, and legs... he does have a cataract now and is suffering from severe muscle pains and fever,,,,

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