Cymbalta Gastric Symptoms, Some Severe

Smax Says:

I took Cymbalta (generic given by pharmacy), Duloxetine, 60 mg for depression for about three years. December 2014, increased depression, psychopharmocologist raised to 90 mg. Within a month had severe gastroenteritis first time. Increased daily indigestion, bad taste in mouth, bitter, metallic,ongoing. Second time two weeks later. Went to primary care doctor. Abdominal exam ok. Blood work done and sent for abdominal ultrasound. And Gastroenterologist visit. Blood work fine. Ultrasound done and clear. Future testing planned. Had third gastroenteritis. Called psychopharmocologist when ruled out other causes. He agreed Cymbalta the problem. Was lowered to 60 mg. Now weekly episode of extreme nausea and vomiting. By the way, depression symptoms responded well. That's the good part. Yesterday was last straw with nausea and vomiting. IBM be research uncovered validation of effects I have had. Nausea and vomiting are withdrawal. Ask questions of the prescribing doctor. My doctor said he has not had a patient with withdrawal effects like this. Taking medication for depression is challenging anyway, and all these physical effects doctors don't know about make me feel worse. On the internet however, much information exists. The Road Back website is helpful.

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