Clindamycin 150 Mg Cap Ranbaxy Side Effects

Lucylujlo Says:

My boyfriend was taking this drug and he had nausea and pain in his chest on the right side last night. He stopped taking the medication and is still feeling that pain but not a severe like last night, could this be because of this medication? He his a healthy man and never had any kinds of medical problems before. We called the dentist and informed us that if the pain persists to contact Dr. I'm a little worried because I want to know how serious this is because you know men!!! HARDHEADED.....!!!!! UNLESS IS LIFE THREATENING HE WON'T GO TO HOSPITAL.... Please Help.

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Verwon Says:

He should consult a regular doctor, chest pain that lingers like that is nothing to mess around with.

It may be nothing, but it could be a developing heart problem, it may or may not have been triggered by the medication, but it is safer to see a doctor and find out for sure what is causing it.


Is he still experiencing it?

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Lucy Says:

No he has not complained about that pain since he stopped taking the medication. Thank you for the advice and I will inform him how important it is to see a Dr. for a follow up.

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scott ginardin Says:

clindamycin gave me a bad rash what do i do.very eratating

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ChihLing Says:

I had a tooth surgery last week and took 300 mg Cap Clindamycin from Teva. It was fine until I switch to 300 mg Cap Clindamycin from Ranbzxy. I had difficulty swallow things and chest pain after taking the pills. Even after I stop taking the pills, I still have difficulty swallow even water. It hurts a lot. Do I need to report this to anyone?

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worrying mother Says:

I took clindamycin 300 for almost 4days now for my pigsa that was expired for 2 months.i didnt know that it was expired.i bought it at d secretary of my doctor, help me what should i tell to my doctor dat they sell expired medicine. It was the cause of my cough now that will triger my asthma.? What if something happen when i took expired clindamycin?? The nerve.....

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Cody Says:

My chest hurts a lot. Ive got paricardium. I never knew till I had a heart attack. I'm only 24. But I was just told to take anti-inflammatory stuff. Had 3 attacks before an actual heart attack.

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Nurse Dee Says:

I had a friend who suffered the same symptoms/side effects & she stopped taking the antibiotic. Read the directions! You're always to sit upright for a good half hour after taking this medicine & drink plenty fluids. Its a great drug but NEVER lay down immediately after taking this med, always sit up & wait a half hour before laying down. Doing this eliminates these very upsetting side effects.

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