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Expired Cheratussin AC

Is it safe to take Cheratussin AC that has been in the fridge but expired Dec 2013? ## Hello, Angvil! How are you? No, liquid medications tend to degrade much faster than others forms, plus they may actually turn and could make you ill, if you take it. It would be best to dispose of it and see your doctor for a new prescription, if you need to take it. Cheratussin AC is classified by the FDA a narcotic cough suppressant. It carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation and dry mouth. ## Expired Cheratussin AC; expired March 2013. Now it's March 2017. Aside from potency, should I be concerned about taking it? ## Is Cheratussin AC still good after five years?

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Escitalopram and Cheratussin AC

I have a horrible cough and found some Cheratussin AC cough syrup in the cupboard... I took two tsps and then remembered that I am now on Escitalopram... Will I have any problems combining the two? ## According to the University of Maryland Medical Center ( / drug interaction tool), there are no interactions listed between Cheratussin AC and Escitalopram. This does not necessarily mean that no interactions exist, however, I have no reason to believe that the combination is unsafe based on my own investigation. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to consult your prescribing doctor with any doubts or concerns before moving forward. Hope this helps! ## Hi doctor which I dnt really trust but me on Escitaloprom 10mg in the morning and zopax 0.25 at night for anxiety and de...

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Is Cheratussin AC gluten free? Other drugs?

Does Cheratussin AC contain any gluten ingredients, among other drugs? ## According to DailyMed, Cheratussin AC contains the following INACTIVE ingredients: - alcohol - caramel - citric acid - FD&C red #40 - flavor - glycerin - menthol racemic - purified water - saccharin sodium - sodium benzoate - sorbitol solution The manufacturer is Par (now owned by Endo), NDC 0603-1075. I don't believe any of those ingredients would contain gluten, although I don't know what is contained in their "flavor". As to other vitamins and medications, one would need to list specifics in order to look up the inactive ingredients and help determine whether there are any gluten-containing compounds. Update June 13, 2019: I called Par at (800) 828-9393, option 2 - and asked whether Cheratus...

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Discussion thread for information on Cheratussin AC syrup ## perscribed for cough ## I am currently taking Chertusiin AC syrup for extreme coughing due to a bad case of bronchitis. I have not had a good nights sleep for the past 3 nights since the coughing worsens at night. There are no other cough medications that seems to work. This is helping. ## I was prescribed this for allergies and persistent dry cough. Dosage = 1 teaspoon (5ml), bur it does not work at this dosage, so I take 2. Any one else have this experience? ## Cyndi, yes. I was prescribed this for sever cough/cold. Was told to take 1-2 teaspoons every 4 hours but I have had to take 4 teaspoons every 4 hours to start to get relief. I'm going to call the doctor for a stronger dose or something else. It works, just in high...

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Cheratussin and alcohol

I was out drinking several glasses of wine and came home and took a teaspoon of cheratussin ac. Is there any risk of interaction? ## Actually yes, there might be, since this medication contains Codeine and should not be combined with alcohol, since both of them cause depression of the central nervous system, according to the FDA. Combining them could result in lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, severe drowsiness, severe dizziness, and could be fatal, if too much of each is combined. Did you experience any adverse effects? ## I took Cheratussin 4 hours before I drank a shot and a half of alcohol. Will it be ok for me to go to sleep? I drank the alcohol 2 hours ago.

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When one doctor changes another doctor's Rx

What is the difference between Cheratussin AC 10 mg-100MG/5 ML oral liquid and Codeine 10 MG-Guaifenesin mg/5 ml oral mac? I prefer and requested Cheratussin but the Kaiser Pharmacy said they were getting the Codeine guaifenesin now and that they were the same thing? Why did they change when I got cheratussin from them to begin with?

ok to take 2 year expired cheratussin ac

Found my old bottle but expired July 2012.. is it OK to take it? ## Liquids have a much shorter shelf life, because they tend to degrade faster than other forms of medications and they can also turn rancid, which could make you ill. Thus, it would be best to just dispose of it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## it is fine sorry i didn't see this before. I have saved mined up to 4 yrs. & it worked.... I work for a chemist & he told me aspirin integrity stays intact 30 yrs. However this is NOT the formula for all drugs, but from personal exp. my cough med, stayed intact fine. Ever notice on all drugs now-a-days says expires in one year. what a miracle that everything goes bad in 12 months at the same time. ## We have the same thing, 2 year old Ceratussin AC and hubby ...

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cheratussin ac syrup qua overdose

What happens if you drink alot of this stuff? ## Well, as with the abuse of any medication, be it prescription or over the counter, you run the risk of getting sick, causing organ damage or possibly killing yourself. Cheratussin AC contains Codeine and Guaifensin, the Codeine is a narcotic, so this makes it even more dangerous as you can overdose on these fairly quickly. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## I accidently given my child 2/3 mg of Cheratussin AC for a cough. The prescribed dosage is 1/3mg. He's fine and playing, is there's anything I need to worry about or if anything he might just get sleepy? ## I have a stomach ache that feels like poison...intense [pain beyond measure ## it's ok, i just drank it, it's good. Like three six mafia sai...

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Does cheratussin ac show up as oxycodone?

I took a drug test yesterday. It was positive for hydrocodone and oxycodone. I took some cheratussin ac a few days ago for a cough. would that show up as the oxycodone? I did take hydrocodone after a tooth extraction. So I have a script. I am fine. Please help ## Well I took cheratussin AC cough syrup prescribed to me by my dr for a cough and I took a 12 panel POC drug test to see - I tested positive for opiates and OXY! That and a Z pack is all I took so no possible way of anything else effecting this test.

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Cheratussin AC: Took 15 ml by accident

Took 15 ml by accident - Am I ok? I want to make sure I didn't overdose. I took it before bed time and just want to make sure I'm ok before going to sleep? ## You're fine. My dr has said to just take a gulp from the bottle for severe coughs which is roughly equal to 20-30ml, aside from getting a little sleepy and completely knocking out my cough there were no ill effects. ## I have cheratussin ac syrup and when I leave it for a while it gets little white stuff in it. I keep it in the frigidare so probably aint suppose too could this be the problem because I thought something might be wrong with it. ## @Faye, I've never had that happen to a bottle of cough syrup before, with the white stuff accumulating and what not. Then again, I never put my Cheratussin AC in the fridge...

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Cheratussin AC and Clonazepam

Has anybody taken Cheratussin AC and Clonazepam who can tell me if the two medications worked together without interaction? Thanks. ## No, they do not, you may experience more side effects than usual, according to FDA interaction reports, which may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and sedation. Are you on any other medications? What are the prescribed dosages? ## I take Atenolol 50mg, a diuretic 25mg and an inhaler. I'm also a smoker. ## You can take both just fine. Its an opiate and a benzo, take it slow and get nice & faded. Source: im prescribed clonazapem and have had some of my cherratussin syrup

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Cheratussin AC and Xanax

I'm getting ready to fly and take Xanax prior to my flight. I don't want to have a coughing fit on the plane. Will taking Cheratussin AC along with the Xanax be a problem? ## Hi Karen, If you have a moment, I'd encourage you to check out the University of Maryland Medical Center ( / drug interaction tool) for good measure, where you can plug in the name of each drug you are taking and it will search its database for possible contraindications. However based on my own investigation, there does appear to be a high potential for interaction between Cheratussin AC and Alprazolam, whereas it's generally not recommended that you take the two together due to a risk of increased respiratory depression. That said, it would probably be best to contact your prescribing docto...

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cheratussin ac consistency

I got my syrup from cvs and it is not thick at all. It's very runny. Is that the correct consistency? Didn't stop cough nor did i get any sleep like my doctor stated. Called pharmacy to make sure i got correct medicine and the rude pharmacist said yes. ## Hi Jane, Sorry to hear about the Cheratussin AC not working as well as it should. Unfortunately any medication can be a hit or miss in that regard. However, as far as Cheratussin's consistency is concerned I believe it should have a thicker liquid viscosity than say fruit juice for example, and not necessarily as thick as maple syrup either... It's honestly been a while since I've taken Cheratussin - but now that you mention how runny yours was, I do recall my last experience with it also being more runny than what ...

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Cheratussin cough medicine

I have diabetes type 2 and am on metformin, metoprolol, potassium atorvastatin - can I take this cough medicine? ## I suggest you check with the prescribing doctor, or your pharmacist to make sure they are aware you are a diabetic. Technically, your history should be in both the drug store's & your doctor's computer system & they should alert you if there is a problem. Always err on the side of caution. I am a Type II Diabetic. My doctor prescribes this cough syrup for me each time I have bronchitis/pneumonia. Taken as directed (1-2 tsps every 6 hours ) I personally have never experienced a negative reaction. I offer this info. as an example NOT as confirmation the cough syrup is safe for you. For your own safety & good health, please call your medical prescriber or ...

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Ingredient portions in Cheratussin AC

How much of each active ingredient do I get in a 1 teaspoon dose? ## Hi Charles, Based on my research, 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of Cheratussin AC syrup contains: Codeine Phosphate 10mg, Guiafenesin 100mg, and Alcohol 3.5%. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Cheratussin AC Details I hope this helps! ## A week ago i took one 5ml dose of this on accident (I didn't know it contained codeine). Will it come up on a hair follicle drug panel?

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cheratussin ac & benadryl combo

Have had bronchitis for 3 weeks. Tried a variety of of drugs. Benadryl helps with allergic reactions. Is it safe to use benadryl 2 hours after cheratussin AC was taken? ## Spoke with a pharmacist at my local CVS, she stated it was safe as long as I wasn't driving or operating heavy machinery. ## Hi Michelle, Thanks for the update on Benadryl and Cheratussin AC. For good measure, I also checked's drug interaction tool and they didn't list any interactions either. So given what the pharmacist had said, coupled with this info, I doubt there would be any issues when both medications are taken as directed. This of course doesn't take into consideration possible side effects from one drug or the other (which might otherwise be falsely mistaken as a drug interaction in ...

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phenergan and cherratussin

I went to hospital they gave me a prescription for cherratussin ac syrup and Ventolin inhaler plus gave me a steroid shot for bronchitis. Took cough syrup 2 hours ago still coughing so hard I am vomiting. Can I take phenergan? ## I have a full bottle of Cheratussin AC Syrup that expired Feb 13,2014. Can I still use it? I've read up to one year. ## Sheila the medical field will warn you not to take any expired meds BUT most meds retain their effectiveness for several years. ## @Christy (original poster), Sorry to hear about the vomiting. I know that must be rough on you. As far as drug interactions are concerned, research from does not list any interactions between Phenergan + Cheratussin AC + Ventolin (Albuterol). In that respect I don't see why you wouldn't be able ...

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My husband has been taking Cheratussin AC 10-100MG/5ML. He has not slept since he started taking it. (over 46 hours). He has bronchitis and is coughing a lot. Should he not take this. He is 73 and no sleep concerns me. ## I'm not sure what might be causing his insomnia, it could be due to the coughing itself, that can make it very hard to sleep. The medication shouldn't cause it, since one of the ingredients is Codeine, which usually causes drowsiness. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is he taking anything else? Has he gotten any sleep, yet?

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syrup hydro

I've took Cheratussin AC, M-End DM, neither even touches my cough, it's been going on for over a month and a half now! My question is whats a good cough medicine that will work? I also am prescribed 10/325 Lortab. So if there was a good cough syrup that would work if it had hydro in it, would I be able to be prescribed it since Im on Lortabs? Besides the hydro cough syrups that are available, Ive heard M-End WC works well, along w/Promethazine/Codeine. Which is better? Any help would be appreciated as my nurse is calling me at 8:00am this morning to see which I think will work for me. ## Hello, Cassie! How are you? What did you deduce to try? There's really no way for anyone else to say which one is best, because different medications can work different for everyone that tri...

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cheratussin ac syrup light pink

I want to no is the light pink syrup is good ## Hi Lenora, Just to confirm, Cheratussin AC syrup is listed by the manufacturer as being a pink, cherry colored liquid. So based on your description I think the quality of your product should be fine - unless it happens to be expired? You can learn more about this drug on the page for Cheratussin AC Details I hope this helps!

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