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Lisa Says:

A triangle dark blue pill with letters HF on both sides, what is that pill for?

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Jenna Says:

Hi Lisa,

Based on my research, the pill you have is Baiwei Maximum powerful; which is a Chinese male enhancement supplement similar to Viagra, but without the side effects.

This supplement contains the following ingredients: Cao yang, hui, fresh fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, gingko leaf, east-northern ginseng, the Tibetan red flower, Tian Shan snow flower, the Chinese hawthorn, tu si zi, nui zhen zi and more.

I hope this info helps!

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Bobby colt Says:

Side affect for me , I was unable to hold from urinating in my pants ! I only had under 1 min to find a bathroom when I used that pill HF

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Joan Says:

So does this actually work as male / libido enhancement just like a Viagra?

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Lisa Says:

Thanks Jenna! The baiwei pill is described as a black pill, the pill Im speaking of is blue, triangular with HF on both sides, would still be the same?

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