Dark Blue Triangle Pill With No Markings

Phil Says:

I found these pills in my sons bedroom and would like to find out what he's been taking

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Jenna Says:

Hi Phil,

The pill in your son's room is very likely not a prescription medication, as prescription medications are required to have an imprint or some sort of marking. The only blue triangle pill that I know of (that isn't illicit) is Viagra- or a generic male enhancement pill. Without an imprint it's impossible to identify the pill, maybe he rubbed off the imprint at some point? Does he take any medications or have any friends that do? I wish I could be of more help! If you have anymore information to provide about the pill later on- please post back so I can further assist you.

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Jane Says:

Found 2 triangle shaped dark green pill with no imprint in daughters luggage what could it be

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