Blue Pill With A Triangle Imprint And 100 On It

Rob Says:

I found a 4-sided blue pill with 100 imprinted on one side and a triangle on the other side. I need to know what it is?

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Rocco Vino Says:

I found the same exact one myself and I am not sure either. I think from what I’ve gathered so far is that it’s either generic or counterfeit viagra. A fake compound pharmacist made it or it’s a no name brand, bottom of the barrel off brand and most likely manufactured in Mexico or nearby.

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David Says:

I'd also like to add from my own investigation (hopefully as some form of additional confirmation to post #1) that I too suspect this to be a foreign (made outside of the US), generic or counterfeit version of Viagra. There are other related discussion threads on this site that also lead me to this conclusion. Unfortunately depending on where or who you got it from, it's still a gamble in my opinion. I personally would find a way to safely dispose of it if I couldn't locate any specific details or at least have its contents analyzed by a lab.

Whereabouts are you guys "finding" these tablets laying around?

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Phill Says:

It’s a generic viagra originating from Mexico. Probably purchased there and brought back to the U.S.

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