Best Painless Way To Detox Off 100mg Of Liquid Docter Prescribed Methadone

sandra Says:

I am a 36 year old female, I was pregnant and on 35 and during the duration of the pregnancy I went up tp 145mg. The highest I have ever been. I had the baby and in 4 months detoxed down to 95 with the intention of getting off. However if anything stressful happens in your life your sick. I have small kids and stepkids, I cannot detox with them needing me. I heard of a pill called Buprenorphine. However I'm told it's expensive, and some said it takes 3 days. I want my life back. I hate the sweating, dependency, water weight. I just want to to be free of this. Can anyone think of a way legally to detox with the least amount of pain? Please, Mom in California. Only serious people please. Thank you all that share with me in advance.

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Kundooz Says:

Find out about lofexidine. It's the closest thing to pain free detox there is.The tradename is Britlofex.Look up withdrawal protocols on the manufacturers website.I got off a 17 year 150 ml. a day habit in 6 weeks and slept every night.

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Pam Says:

Yes the pill is expensive and there is suboxen that does the same thing. I too was pregnant and on meth but years ago they kept you on a low dose. When you have so much going on it is hard it's not just an excuse. If you take those pills you have to be off meth not just a low dose. It will send you into acute withdrawal which it did for me, never again. I did not feel human. You best is 2 ml a week, I know it seems like a long time but look how long it took us to get where we are at. Good luck.

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Verwon Says:

You really should seek medical assistance. Methadone is a very addictive narcotic and severely hard to get off of, many people never manage to get drug free, after using it for a long period of time, they end up on a lifetime maintenance dose.

You can read more about this drug on the page for Methadone Details.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Anonymous Says:

Hey swim i have documented 360 on paper and swim had been up to at least four hundred fifty mg a day swim started at she started on like twenty mg and the clinic was liquid if ur on it u need to get off cause the people there are just greedy bastards that try to act nice to decieve people with addicted minds from what i noticed once the dose hits a certain point swim literally ended up leaving swim family to be around methadone i guess the dose was getting swim higj but everytime swim complained of od symptoms they said they were detox symptoms and i couldnt out talk swims clinic if something similiar happened to you post even if they have alot of people addicted we can still forcefully stop what there doing if neccessary

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sam Says:

I want to get off 60 ml of methodone how?

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D Says:

look up Kratom Tea...

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Jackie Says:

I'm on 100 mgs of methadone daily for the past 3 years. When I was on it for 4 months several years ago it took me almost that long to feel normal. What am I lookin at? I know it'll be hell,but all of y'all seem to be pretty savvy on the subject of detox.

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Jackie Says:

I've done the Suboxone route, but then I was d*** off that. I took it for almost two weeks and I had withdrawals off of them too. Methadone is the only thing that has kept me clean in my 10 year I.V. heroin usage. I've been off heroin for 3 years now, and I'm not sure it's a good idea to get off. I don't know what to do.

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stephen Says:

I have a friend that started on 20mg, shes only up to 50 but saying she needs to be on it 2-3 years and every day try to increase her, She hasnt been in 2 days, lack of money, and she says its worse than coming off H and every time coming down is brought up, they float around some people have to be here for life and shes only been going 1 month and she has a problem but Ive seen alot worse. Why are there no regulations atleast in NC. I can do a pain pill, then walk in with $13 and get a free non doctor regulated high for life. Am i the only 1 who sees something wrong with this.

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banger Says:

Is it okay to take a subatek I'm on 15 ml I need to get of it I've been on a rapid 5ml detox from 55ml or some diazapan ..I want my life back ..please answer ..kind regards barry

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anonymous Says:

Diazepam should be fine to take without causing withdrawl. I was told that even subutex will cause the wd symptoms mixed with the methadone so just know that u could cause yourself to feel worse if u take the subutex while meth is still in your system. Diazepam should help with any nasty withdrawal symptoms you are having right now.

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AJ Says:

Methadone is highly regulated. You have to do an intake and a doctor prescribes you the methadone. A nurse dispenses it, but only a doctor with DEA certification can legally prescribe methadone. The bigger problem I have seen is that medicaid pays for pregnant women doses. I think that is a huge waste of taxpayers money.

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jayjay Says:

Why is it a waste of money for pregnant women? I was a H addict with a two hundred dollar a day habit. I went to try and stop and was told I was 16 weeks pregnant. I was put on methadone, went to counseling and today have a beautiful,smart,awesome 9 year old daughter. Me and my husband are grateful for the methadone that helped me stay clean while I was pregnant. Would you rather I used H or better yet withdrawals and lost the baby? We are now your average family picket fence and all.

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kundooz Says:

Christ people! Listen to me,please. Lofexidine (britlofex). No withdrawals,but your blood pressure will be on the floor and you won't be moving about much.Everything else is just spitting in the wind.

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jojomc Says:

I came off of a subtext detox around Easter 2014 but I was unsuccessful , I started using it again for a couple of months. I asked for help pretty much straight away as I felt shameful and wanted to get back on track...I'm ready to start on another program but they (Drug and Alcohol) that they have lack of funds so I have to go onto Methadone which I'm really nervous about because I've been on it before for three years and it's a nightmare to come off but this time it's only a 6 week detox. Do you reckon that i'll be ok and it won't take that long to adjust back to normality , I'd appreciate any advice , thanks :)

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karen Says:

Don't do it, I hope you haven't started and if you did , stop , if you are detoxing from alcohol , it's simply a week or feeling like crap, but Methadone? you will feel awful for weeks. Trust us , read the site, everyone is telling the same story, you can not get off without a terrible detox, it has a half life as you know so it remains in your system for what seems like forever.

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Gj Says:

What state do you live in? I was on suboxone for 6 years but moved and couldn't find a divorce so I very been going to the methedone clinic for 6 months at 60 milligrams. I hate it. I stopped for 10 days and I kept getting sicker

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notallbad Says:

From someone who knows both sides of the equation there is no painless method to detoxify from methadone ENTIRELY but it can be managle with the proper medical protocols.... .23 year patient of MMT stabilized on 110 mg. Tabs once daily. Iv had the PRIVILEGE OF RECEIVING a 28 day take home supply for the past 11 years through a methadone clinic.I live a full and complete life despite methadone.I enjoy the ups and downs the joy and sadness's of life just like any other person.Methadone saves lifes...Methadone doesnt have to to make you numb to the world!! Is it right for everyone?? absolutely not!!!!! but for those highly motivated individuals who are unfortunate enough to have a genetic predisposition and the brain chemistry that requires the induction of a measured dose opiate to function and feel NORMAL It may be the only answer.Thanks for allowing me to share this with you good people

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summer Says:

at 60mg 1x daily- for the past 20 years,- i recieve 2 week take homes (the max for this area)- and i also live as "normally" as anyone else that takes a daily medication- Would i recommend this for everyone? nah.. But, it works for me! I would get off in a heartbeat if there was a magic way to do so w/o killing myself! My b/p is in bad shape-, also regulated with meds. Withdrawals would upset that- So, i live my life, I do my thing, and avoid upsetting something that works..!

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Aukdog Says:

Re: stephen (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

My sister and a good friend were on methadone for year. They said getting off opiates is like trying to get a little monkey off your back and getting off methadone is like trying to get King Kong off your back, is the best way to describe it.

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