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markiimg Says:

Hi, Has anyone seen/taken or have any information on Bensedin (Galenika) Diazepam 10mg? The box/strip looks ok but the actual tablet is white circular/domed with no markings at all.... I presume that they are Eastern European. Any information at all would be most appreciated. Peace

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Waddy Says:

Re: JamesDelaney (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Any advice on where to get an rx for bensedin? Your help would be appreciated. {edited for privacy}

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Matty Says:

Re: Matthew (# 536) Expand Referenced Message

With valium it's best to taper slowly from them . Like 2mg per month. Valium is the hardest drug I've detoxed from!! Its evil to come off and stopping too fast can also cause seizures. Go slow mate is my advice.

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Steve Says:

Re: Matty (# 542) Expand Referenced Message

How many mg. where you taking at a time and how mg. a day? Thanks, just wondering.

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GmanzA1day Says:

Re: helium (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I thought they were serbian. Ggalenka kasols brilliant. No marks. Noticed kern prodes changed the foil and some are white, some are light blue. Been taking prodes 1 year 4 months on and off. Must take breaks or at very least slow right down, otherwise wasted pills really. tx for any info.

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Matthew Says:

Re: Matty (# 542) Expand Referenced Message

Been off them five weeks now my anxiety is soo bad low moods told my psychiatrist what i did he said shouldn’t get withdrawal only taking 10mg a day for four months only in bits throughout the day dunno but been off them 5 weeks now if it is withdrawal should i feel better soon??

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jilly Says:

Re: Matthew (# 536) Expand Referenced Message

it would help us all if shrinks gave diazepam~~~look how many deaths from alcohol and they give alcoholics diazepam~

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jilly Says:

Re: johnexpat (# 534) Expand Referenced Message

Doctors are refusing and driving people to less safe sources. You can get privately

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Matthew Says:

Re: jilly (# 546) Expand Referenced Message

I know, it’s a joke

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Matty Says:

Re: jilly (# 547) Expand Referenced Message

Doctors don't want to help plus most of them have no experience with benzo detox/taper. It's sad

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GmanzA1day Says:

Re: Steve (# 543) Expand Referenced Message

20 mg and no withdrawals. None today. I'm on a break. Take valium all the time and it's going to lose its effectiveness. Always take 2 days off a week, then a week off a month, then a couple months a year. That way you will never lose the effectiveness.

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GmanzA1day Says:

Re: Jorddy (# 538) Expand Referenced Message

Best in the uk atm are galenka. Prodes from Spain were good for 2 years but recently noticed more white than pale blue ones. Maybe just a batch. Always send samples to wedinos when I get script filled. I've not tried or sent away klonipin yet. Anyone or yourself tried clonazepam from the balkans?

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