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can i take 40 mg belsomra with 8 mg hydromorphone tablets

Can I take 40mg belsomra with 150mcg fentanyl transdermal patch? And with that pain med I also take 8mg hydromorphone two times daily....I've suffered from insomnia forever since my mid twenties and just dealt with it until my mid thirties...I'm on klonopin but since I'm very ill and bc of being on 80mg oxycontin from only being on 10 mg vicodin I blame pharma company's for aiding in having a high tolerance and being medically addicted. I have lupus and lupus blood clotting disease (world's biggest blood clot survivor), interstitial cystitis, ulcerative colitis with throat to rectum yeast infection, regurgitating, stage 3 kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, & also took out my large colon - all of it with no bag :). ANYWAY I beg of you to let me know if I can ta...

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Belsomra is available now

Has anyone had success? Did the 10 mg work or was 20 mg necessary? Were there any bad effects? Did it work first night or required build-up? ## Hello, zzzzhunt! How are you? While it has been approved, it was only done so last August, so it's really not been available for a long time, yet and it seems not many people have tried it. The main issue with its approval is that the FDA considers it to be addictive and has only approved it at dosage levels that the company found to be ineffective. Thus, they don't even know if it's going to work for or help anyone, at this time. They do, however, off a free 10 day trial for new patients. Its typical side effects may possibly include daytime sleepiness, acting strangely, sleep walking or other sleep actions. Has anyone taken this, y...

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Agonizing night with Belsomra

I took my first dose of Belsomra 10mg last night. I was awake all night. I had shaking and twitching all over. My legs were the worst, but I could also feel my stomach quivering! It was the most miserable and frightening experience. I'm glad I was given samples. ## Wow! I am very sorry about what happened to you, that's terrible. Belsomra side effects are listed as possibly including daytime sleepiness, sleep walking, dizziness, depression, and abnormal dreams. DailyMed does warn about some possible nausea, but given how miserable you were, and the fact that you didn't sleep, it doesn't seem that your response to it was typical. Are you on any other medications? ## Yeah, I'm one of those people that Dr's look at and say, "Oh my, what have I gotten myself into...

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green round pill 33 93 33 333green pill

small light green round tablet. numbers 33 333 stamped on one side, and one line on the other side. ## The pill I have is sm round color of mint green. It has 33 on one side. No other markings front or back. ## It is belsomra. A prescription sleeping pill like lunesta Small, round, mint green, 33 on one side, other side blank

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Belsomra onset maintenance

It's available now. Theres coupons available, docs have samples. Some may need 20 mg. Personally, it appears to work better for sleep maintenence than sleep onset, doesn't seem to help w/ falling asleep, but does w/ staying asleep, may help to combine w/ something sedating like antihistamine, maybe trazadone or possibly short acting zolpidem (ambien) before bedtime. Webmd forum has reviews. Appetite reduced, taste may be affected. ## Yes, it's available, but it will take awhile, before it is more commonly used/prescribed. Belsomra works by acting on Orexin, which is one of the wakefulness promoting neurotransmitters. So, it is a unique medication that may work well for some people, when other medications have failed. It's possible side effects, as listed by the FDA, may ...

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How long does Belsomra stay in your system

I am prescribed Belsomra 10 mg. 1 per night. Sometimes if I feel I can sleep without using it I may skip a night or few. I hope to be trying to get another job in future where I will be drug tested. Even with my Dr.'s prescription and I inform them I will not be able to be hired if I show positive. I am taking this med due to a spinal fusion problem and pain wakes me up. This sleep aid works best for me even if I wake up due to pain. I get up move around a bit lay back down and can fall back to sleep. Thank you. ## How long does Belsorma 20mg stay in your system? This is for personal reasons, not for trying pass a drug test. How soon can I drive? ## This is not what they are looking for in a urine test. They only look for opioids, amphetamines, and marijuana (THC).

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white round pill with 335 and a four sided bubble logo

I found this pill in my house and want to know what it is and maybe find out who's it is. It has an odd four sided bubble looking logo with the numbers 335 below it. It's small round and white. Back side of pill is blank and there is no scoring. ## Hello, Jacob! How are you? Is it a white, round tablet? I think you may be looking at one of the logos used by Merck, Sharp and Dohme. If so, they list this tablet as being a 20mg Belsomra tablet. The FDA lists this medication as being used to help regulate sleep cycles. Its typical side effects may possibly include abnormal dreams, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, discouragement and trouble concentrating.

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Belsomra availability

When will drs be able to start prescribing Belsomra to patients? Can you give a more exact date? ## When is the exact date that Belsomra will be released? ## Hello, Cherly! How are you? I'm sorry, I wish I had a precise date to give you, but the manufacturer's website only states that it will be available in early 2015. Belsomra is a new medication for adults that have trouble falling or staying asleep. Typical side effects are listed as possibly including memory loss, anxiety, temporary leg weakness and abnormal thoughts or behavior. Does anyone else know more?

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