How Long Does Belsomra Stay In Your System


I am prescribed Belsomra 10 mg. 1 per night. Sometimes if I feel I can sleep without using it I may skip a night or few. I hope to be trying to get another job in future where I will be drug tested. Even with my Dr.'s prescription and I inform them I will not be able to be hired if I show positive. I am taking this med due to a spinal fusion problem and pain wakes me up. This sleep aid works best for me even if I wake up due to pain. I get up move around a bit lay back down and can fall back to sleep. Thank you.

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How long does Belsorma 20mg stay in your system? This is for personal reasons, not for trying pass a drug test. How soon can I drive?

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This is not what they are looking for in a urine test. They only look for opioids, amphetamines, and marijuana (THC).

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