Belsomra Is Available Now


Has anyone had success? Did the 10 mg work or was 20 mg necessary? Were there any bad effects? Did it work first night or required build-up?

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Hello, zzzzhunt! How are you?

While it has been approved, it was only done so last August, so it's really not been available for a long time, yet and it seems not many people have tried it.

The main issue with its approval is that the FDA considers it to be addictive and has only approved it at dosage levels that the company found to be ineffective. Thus, they don't even know if it's going to work for or help anyone, at this time.

They do, however, off a free 10 day trial for new patients. Its typical side effects may possibly include daytime sleepiness, acting strangely, sleep walking or other sleep actions.

Has anyone taken this, yet?

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I received a 3-pack sample of Belsomra in 15 mg dosage from my doctor. It was effective the first night. No build up required for me and no side effects. However, I haven't been able to find it in any pharmacy in the area. Can you suggest where I could fill a prescription for more in the Irving, TX area?

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I started on the 110 MG pills broken in half because of Nortriptyline but noticed absolutely no effects what so ever at the 5mg level. Starting 10mg Monday so hopefully I will get some relief at that level.

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I got a script of Belsomra filled at Costco. They had the 10 mg in stock. There's coupons on the internet you can fill out, save, & use 12 times. You can do all of this on your phone at the Costco pharmacy. Go to the drug manufacturer's website for the coupon (don't have to print it). The tech will scan the coupon # and u get a huge discount off retail. With my insurance it was 90$ for 30 pills. Without insurance, I believe it's much less. However I can't say it's worked well. Ambien is better for me. Maybe a larger dose (15-20mg) would work better...? May try that one night. So far no side effects noticed.

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I got a prescription for the 10 mg. I tried taking half a pill which did nothing at all. So I got my courage up and took the entire pill and it still did nothing at all. I normally take Ambien but not every night; maybe two or three times a week. I really wanted the Belsomra to work and I'm thinking of trying one and a half tablets. Will keep you posted. It's very expensive , even with the online drug assistance card & my insurance it was still $90

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I usually take ambien, seroquel, klonopin and other meds as my nightly routine. I was given a sample pack of 20mg. I took it without any other meds and fell asleep within an hour! So far I am sold on it!

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When I received sample packs yesterday, it was a student doctor who recommended it. He said it was new. He must have nicely been making a suggestion my doc hadn't thought of. But, it worked awesome at 20mg last night. Is it a controlled substance like Ambien? Thanks.

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The belsomra is working well for me. I'm on the highest does (forget what that is), I have stopped taking ambien so to me it is successful. I think a higher does would prove more effective.

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