Alko 1 Tablet - Alprazolam

ACE Says:

White round pill with T, score line and N on one side, and a correction tick type of symbol on the other side.

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David Says:

I don't know if this is the exact pill you're describing, but I was able to locate a round white pill with T N over a score line and 1 underneath it on one side and on the back is some sort of greater than symbol ">".

This particular pill turned out to be a 1mg Trandolapril tablet, used for high blood pressure.

For verification, the manufacturer is reportedly Cobalt Laboratories and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 16252-0541.

If anything, I hope this at least helps narrow down prospective pill ID's. Please post back if you find out more information.

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Claire Says:

I'm looking for information on Alko-1. It's a round, white, scored tablet. No markings. Is this Alprazolam?

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cajun Says:

Re: Claire (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

yes alko 1 is an indian made alprazolam, I am not sure of the quality though

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Ace Says:

I received Alko 1 today, but never heard of the Alko brand.

Please let me know what this is? It is supposed to be Alprazolam but I have received crap before.

If you have any info please help me out.

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Reg Says:

Re: Ace (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

And were they any good?? This make etc as I have & its says so that it’s alprazolam 1mg..

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Re: Ace (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I just got my rx with these as well. What was your experience with them?

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Adam Says:

Re: MONKEY (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I received my refill too. What did you think? They are from india. So alarm bells.

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Adam Says:

I've taken them, they are from India and contain alprazolam but .3 at best. But they're less expensive.

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aido97 Says:

These Alko-1 tablets are all over Dublin at the moment. I've been taking them and had a U/A in the hospital the other day and I showed positive for morphine. I've never taken morphine in my life. Could they be cut with it?

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Deb Says:

Re: Ace (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I have these and they seem to be as good as other xanex I’ve taken. Not sure if their a full milligram but I’m am fine with these.

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Brybs Says:

Re: MONKEY NUTS (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I wish someone would reply to this. My normal brand is out of stock. I prefer Pfizer. I doubt this will be even close but is it maybe as good as Generic?

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Kb Says:

Re: Brybs (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Get these all the time in India. 100% real. They are fully effective and contain full alprazolam. I have getting these in India since 2011 and they work great.

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pat Says:

I filled a prescription for alprazolam from an Indian pharmaceutical company, but what I received was ALKO-1. What are your concerns if any?

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Daisy Says:

Re: Adam (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Alprosalam is the generic name for Xanax, not an ingredient. I have taken both.

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Kljm26 Says:

Re: Kb (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Are you sure they're good? I just received some today and I’m nervous about taking them.

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Kiki Says:

Re: Kljm26 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Just got my rx in today. They were supposed to be 2 mg alko brand but they're only 1 mg. They're ok, not the best.

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KLJM26 Says:

What about clonazepam 2mg having the other name Capam-2 MD? I also had the Alko-1 which was alprazolam but I can’t find anything on the name capam-2 md for clonazepam 2mg. Anyone else take or receive these?

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Pamela Says:

Re: Kljm26 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Kljm, I've been taking them for over a month. They work, for me and are harmless. But, I wouldn't take more than 2, unless, you are already used to taking Xanax. I hope this has helped you.

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KLJM26 Says:

Re: Pamela (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Have you ever heard of capam-2 md? I filled a prescription for clonazepam 2mg and that’s what it says on the back of the blister pack. When I look up alko-1 it comes up as Xanax but I cannot find anything on capam-2 md for the clonazepam. I’m just wondering if you or anyone else has heard of this?

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John Says:

Re: Claire (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Where can I fill my rx with these tablets and for how much per 100?

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Pj Says:

Re: pat (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Does not work for me.

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Ken Says:

Re: Chinaman (# 242) Expand Referenced Message

Yep, the Ksalols are Beautiful. Plus when I had them tested monthly since last October there hasn't been any secondary contents like Etizolam, both purely Alprazolam only.

Stay Safe Y'all

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Hellagone Says:

Re: StephenG87 (# 88) Expand Referenced Message

I have the same exact one my mind saying January 6th 2025

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Chinaman Says:

Re: Ken (# 241) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I agree and find both to be good quality.

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Ken Says:

Re: Lilmikey420247 (# 239) Expand Referenced Message

The only genuine Alprazolam on the street at the moment (multiple testing) are the R-Lams by ARAN Pharmaceuticals and the Ksalols.

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Lilmikey420247 Says:

Re: HateFakeDrugs (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

It's pure Etozlam...has no taste and chalky. Real alprazolam is hard to abuse and tastes like Xanax is supposed to taste like...another reason I knew they were Etozlam.

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Lilmikey420247 Says:

If dosnt have the printed date and manufactured place n time..then it's not alprazolam it's pure Etozlam... Etozlam has o taste. Like bland chalk..same as the alko-1 I got the other day..all 90 were Etozlam

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Bb Says:

Re: GLF89d1 (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

They don't contain morphine I got them tested. Just alorazolam as active ingredient. Not as strong as 1 mg. But definitely alprazolam, no morphine. You must be taking something else laced with it or whoever has failed for other things.

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Chinaman Says:

Re: Mehr (# 236) Expand Referenced Message

See my comment below, their crap, used to be good,

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Mehr Says:

Re: Irish jay (# 63) Expand Referenced Message

I’m having a totally different experience. I just found them after hours of online searching anyway. I got #30 of 1mg, I was trying to be as smart as I could without lab etc. I took a little then 1: nothing (btw tasteless more like a chalk and after 7 years taking Xanax I know how they should taste).

In short day 2 I took a higher dose. Yes I know I have some tolerance but I have my 2mg bars and 1 of them make sleepy but I felt absolutely nothing out of Alprazolam Alko-1.

I believe they are really weak and if you get them from an online pharmacy like I did probably I just got some bad fillers as xanax. I'm trying to find out more info from others but at the moment I don’t recommend them.

Comes in a package of #10 look very nice packaging everything except it doesn’t work.

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