After 6 Days Of Taking Neo Penotran I Have Experienced Bleeding And The 7th Day Am Back With Yellowish Green Discharge Again Havent Gone

worried Says:

I have been treated with BV earlier this year, and my bf and I had contact 3 weeks ago. after a few days, I noticed my vagina got itchy and I had some grayish discharge, and I just observed and wait what it is till I got my period. After my period I now observed a yellow discharge but I don't feel itchy anymore. I went to my OB gyne and she diagnosed it with chlamydia, but I never had undergone any lab tests with her, and she just said it's chlamydia because my bf is an american :(. She prescribed Doxin for 10 days and I started taking it. I went to another doctor. The OB told me it's a BV so I had to take neo penotran for 7 days, and then I told her that i'm taking doxin as well. Now on my 7th day of taking neo penotran and 8th day of taking doxin, I noticed that there's blood(not heavy bleeding) on my underwear. I finished taking neo penotran, and still there's blood, and i am now on my last day of taking Doxin, I have noticed the yellow discharge is not gone and there's blood, and I feel some light pain in my lower belly. I am not sure what to do and what is this. please help

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Macy Says:

i have a foul vaginal odor. what is the best medicine? pls help

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Verwon Says:

For both Worried and Macy, medical tests need to be performed to determine what's causing the problem and to enable you to take the proper medication for it.

Learn more vaginitis details here.

These types of symptoms could be caused by anything from Gonorrhea to severe yeast infections, but only medical tests are going to be able to help you determine which.

Have either of you found any remedy yet?

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Dinesh Says:

You read the book UROPATHY written by Martin Lara USA. YOU WILL FIND SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM., I am 80 years old URINE THERAPIST practicing in Mumbai, India. In Feb. 2013, a cancer patient on death bed was cured by me. He agreed to be treated by me because he had no other option. Today he is alive.

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bably Says:

ma 40urs ki hun aur unmarried b mujy bhot bleeding hote ha doc ne trapic Mf during periods suggest kiaur kuch farq nhi huwa after periods mujy yellowish fluid qur thoda thoda blood beata ha tab tak jab next date ate ha mujy ap suggest karen ma kya kro after4 months mare whadi b hone wali ha

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Ashley Says:

Last menstrual cycle q po nung December 23 tapos my ngyri po sa min nung bf q nung jan1..till now d pa rin po aqoh ngkaregla..then pkramdam q lumalaki ung Dede qoh at parang lgi po aqong walang ganang kumain is there any possible na preggy ba aqoh? Ayq pong pregnant. I'm not ready for this.. bang dapat gawin?

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Big Daddy Says:

What a blessing that u cured her I'm very bad an Suboxin an zanexes like 10 bars a day plus. Any suggestions

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