Adderall Vs Ritalin For Children

judy Says:

I do not believe my grandson who is in kindergarten is adhd but his dr. is putting him on 10 mil. of adderall. What exactly is this drug? My daughter was adhd and was on ritalin.

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Julz Says:

Im 20 years old, and at the age four I was diagnosed with ADHD; I think it was the worse thing to ever happen to me. I was put on one of the strongest forms of ADHD medication, Dextiadrin. Now, at twenty, my eyesight is horrible off the medication, my metabolism has more or less entirly shut down every time i didnt take any stimulant...Its horrible. I find if i just eat health my hyper activity which i do have, isn't all too bad.

I don't know. I think its wrong to do that to kids. At a young age you ID is meeting its Ego. So, your personality isnt close to being finilazed for ever.

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Angie Says:

My son was also put on adderall in KIind. It was the best thing that could have happened for him. He was struggling academically, socially and mentally. I also at that time did not believe. I worked for a Clinic with 92 health pro's which all at the time also dismissed those children and adults as it all being in their head. Believe me when I say I broke down and cried but when the school and my son's Ped. D.r. convinced me to read up and investigate the disease I Then realized when I was on-line one day taking a ADHD questionare that I was answering yes to almost all the Q's. Please take the time and do the same you will be suprised at what you find. As I did. What is worse is Throwing a child into the mix with Adhd and them never being treated medically or pschologically. Because the two reallly go hand in hand for them to be the successful brilliant children we know they are deep down. My son has went from failing grades & relationships to feeling confident and pulling straight A's and making more friends. Since one of my other son's has also been diagnosed and treated and had the same wonderful outcome. Do know that it is usually hereditary. And with Adderall there will be a significant appetite loss so make sure tooffer a lot of healthy foods frequently even if you have to push sometimes. You may ask the dr about Concerta my son has since changed after 3yrs of Adderall and his appetite seems to be a lot better. Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderall are all Stimulants. They all are actually Ritalin -Just are different Pharm. names so my Dr and pharmacist tell me. Good Luck and I hope you are inlightened as I was. (after time)

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Jules Says:

I have ADD and I'm on Adderall, My kindergartner may have ADHD. I would hold off as long as you can and get second opinions. Try to find other ways to control his behavior rather then going straight to these types of drugs. Contact me if you want to. I made a decision to NOT put my son on any meds right now. I am not against the idea possibly in the future but I'm trying other ways right now.

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Paul Says:

Have you heard of AddieUP? It is an herbal stimulant formula that does not contain harsh amphetamines. It actually provides the nutrients to help the ADHD brain make more of the neurotransmitters it lacks, as well as Ginkgo Biloba to improve circulation and Huperzine A to aid memory. AddieUP is available without a prescription and is inexpensive. It was created by a doctor who has had ADHD and hates the effects of Adderall. AddieUP lets you sleep well and eat, which are very important for long-term health.

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Trish Says:

Unless your grandson is partially retarded,or has severe problem remebering or learning things,I would NEVER give a child that young adderall period!!!!

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Vashay Says:

I have a question. When you said "actually they are all Ritalin", did you mean to say that all of your children are on Ritalin, or were you saying that Concerta, and adderall were all Ritalin? Ritalin and Concerta are both a methnphetidate (Concerta being a longer dose form of Ritalin) is and adderall is a mixture of amphetamine salts. Yes they are all stimulants but two different forms of them, trust me I know I've been proscribed Concerta and all it did was make me more tired we're as adderall actually keeps me awake and functioning. I mean no insult or harm, just wasn't sure what you meant.

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LTJ Says:

Actually Julz, your most immediate problem appears to be your striking inability to write (or even spell) properly in English. You might find that having better language skills in the use of English, the national language of the USA, Great Britain, Australia and many other nations, would enable you to gain a better and more nuanced understanding of your medical situation and the various treatment options available.

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James Says:

Sounds like my sons story; he is now 26.. He started meds of this type for ADHD and continued until High School.. As a 11th grader he asked to stop because he felt they made him tired and less cognizant of his surroundings.. In college, he used his occasionally for exams and long study periods.. At 23 years he stopped them altogether.

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ja mart Says:

Intellectually challenged or intellectually disabled,..please refrain from using retarded to describe slow mental aptitude. My young adult son is on the autism spectrum and I'm considering adderall. I am discussing this at his next psych. appointment. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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