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Which Generic Adderall 30mg IR is best in 2022?

Hello, I've been taking TEVA for the past 9 years since it's the only one that has had any benefit since CorePharma has been unavailable. Zydus doesn't work and Barr never worked. What's the most effective manufacturer these days and which retailers make it available? I've been taking 30mg IR generic Adderall. Thanks in advance. ## Yes I miss CorePharma, they were a great generic. Teva USED to be good but my most recent two fills have been Teva and this is ridiculously poor quality… I’ve fallen asleep multiple times during the day. There are also many bad reviews online for the last few months about Teva. It seems like a sudden dramatic drop for them. Sugar pill? What happened, Teva?!!!!.. Prior to this, I liked Lannett but now Walgreens doesn’t hav...

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Adderall on backorder

I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled? ## I live in Southern NH. I can't find a pharmacy anywhere around here that can get Adderall in any dose from Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals. My psychiatrist was apparently completely unaware of this situation when he wrote the prescription earlier today, 10/18/2011. I run out in 4 days but am on a very low dose (5mg twice a day) so I may be able to wean off of it safely by cutting back to 5mg once a day, then nothing. I wonder how many people taking higher doses are goint to have major problems with withdrawal...

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Camber generic Adderall IR

Camber's new generic for Adderall IR 15mg is no good. Prior to it I got 10mg Adderall from CVS and it worked great! Just got a fill from Kroger since CVS was out of stock. The brand is from Camber and not only does it not work, it makes me feel unwell, sleepy and super irritated. It’s crazy how companies are able to differentiate in their generics like they do. This Camber brand just makes me want to go to sleep but I feel so unwell it’s hard to. I can’t focus at all on anything but how sick I feel. Don’t take this new stuff people and if you have what did you think? ## Generic medication can vary up to 20% in strength from the name brand, so one could be 20% weaker and another 20% stronger than name brand, so that’s a huge difference. Please complain t...

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Aurobindo Adderall

The worst. Don't get it filled ## 100% agreed!!!! I have been on Adderall generic IR since January 2014. Always filled @ CVS. All previous scripts were manufactured by TEVA. (Large football shaped, orange, sweet tasting & 30mg.) They worked great!!!! Until this past Wednesday (Aug 19th, 2014) I went to pick up my script as usual and didn't think anything of it until the next morning when I had to take one. It wasn't the same shape or taste. (This one was round, orange and a chalky bitter taste.) So I took my usual dosage and Bam Nothing happened, I was like WTF!!!! So I looked at the bottle and this new script was manufactured by Aurobindo. This pill does nothing! I've taken 4 pills total and am calling the pharmacy ASAP.... If you hear this pharmaceutical company...

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aurolife adderall pic and my thoughts

I just got these today. Normally get barr. I can tell these are a bit more mellow compared to how barr will kick in. It's only been 1 day so I will see how it goes. So far I am not a huge fan, but I do like the fact that I didn't get a nicotine craving like I do when Barr first kicks in. ## I'm curious now, as to whether or not anyone else gets nicotine cravings from this medication? How are you going on this generic? The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nervousness, insomnia, appetite loss, and irritability. ## I'm quite sure Aurolife is the same as Aurobindo. Their Adderall is trash. It causes body numbness, racing thoughts, dissociation, and other serious side effects in many people who for year...

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Doctor that prescribes Adderall, Suboxone and Clonazepam in Birmingham AL

I have been on adderall 30 mg 3x's day for years for SEVERE OVERACTIVE ADHD, klonopin 2mg 3x's day for impulse d/o, anxiety, nervous d/o, Suboxone 8mg 2x's day for 8 years for opiate addition at first but now for chronic pain I recently have to change doctors because my doctorretired I am looking for 1 in our am birmingham alabamao that since and I am looking for 1 in our am birmingham alabama ## Have you had any luck finding a Dr for all that or who prescribes that in bham, al? I'm in the same boat and trying to find one as well. If so plz email me at {edited for privacy}. Thanks so much!!!! ## My doctor recently passed away and I hv not bn able to find a Dr that will write my Adderall or Xanax and I hv bn on both these meds since I was 14 now 38 and I hv no idea what I...

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Ascent pharma Adderall

I have been waiting for my D-Amphetamine 20mg to be filled for two weeks now and finally today an hour ago I got a call from Walgreens saying my Rx was ready for pickup! At the pharmacy the only thing I noticed was the price difference of $12 to now $20 for my script. No big deal at least I got it! Now Walgreens usually has only Lannett pharma here in Florida and today my pills were different. They are round peach color with the imprint T 375 by Ascent pharmaceutical, inc... ? I never heard of them, are they any good? I just took two and I will come back to let you know and any info I'd appreciate! Thanks. ## Come back, we wanna hear! ## How did you find the Ascent brand to be? ## Walgreens called me after two weeks of waiting for my script to get filled saying that my script is fil...

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Aurobindo vs sandoz Adderall

Sandoz version of generic Adderall 20mg is the same garbage Adderall generic Aurobindo. I mean exactly the same pill! They stamp a different name on the outside of the bottle, but its all made at that awful Aurobindo cheap/ fake pharmaceutical company, These pharmaceutical companies think they are so smart! You can put whatever name on the outside of the bottle you want... it's still going to be garbage. ## Hello, Christine! How are you? I'm sorry that you are so unhappy with this medication. As to the pills, under law, the U.S. FDA requires every company to use a unique imprint to enable identification of manufactured products in case of emergency. Thus, the imprints are not repeated from one company to another. However, the manufacturer listed on the label by your pharmacy cou...

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Adderall Generics Thread

Hey guys. Most of us are probably in the same boat--our Adderall doesn't work and it's horrible and we can't function well and it's bull**** and we all know that, but there are other threads/forums to vent frustration. We need a thread with the basics to help us all get going again or to know what to avoid (even though that seems like all of them these days, ha.) PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING: 1. MANUFACTURER OF YOUR RECENT ADDERALL PRESCRIPTION 2. XR OR IR? HOW MANY MG? COLOR/SHAPE/IMPRINT? (if possible) 3. ***PHARMACY NAME*** AND MONTH/YEAR OF SCRIPT 4. YOUR LOCATION (if you are comfortable with that) 5. SIDE EFFECTS/SYMPTOMS. GOOD? BAD? Generally speaking, chain pharmacies use the same manufacturer at all of their locations throughout the country and that will make it eas...

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Adderall manufactured by Teva not working

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA? ## You'd have to report any complaints to the FDA, at 888-INFO-FDA. However, there may not actually be anything to report. They do allow generic medications to differ from the name brands, in the amount of the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%. This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window. For most people, these differences don't cause any problems, but if someone is sensitive to medications, it means that one with a slightly ...

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Difference Between Adderall And Amphetamine Salts

I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADD and have been prescribed Amphetamine Salts (Generic for Adderall) for a few months now. The initial dosage was one 10mg tablet/ three times a day and recently my Doctor upped the dosage to one 30mg tablet/ twice a day. I know that overall this has been very beneficial for me but I cant help but wonder if the generic brand (IR Amphetamine Salts) has less of the active ingredient, and more unnecessary side effects(irritability, fatigue). I know that while the active ingredients are likely to be the same, the "fillers" usually are not and even the active ingredients can vary up to 10%. I also know that everybody reacts differently depending on their bodies' make-up as well as the drugs and I have always reacted sensitively to any kind of ...

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Teva Adderall 30 mg

Certain types of 30 mg adderall (mainly the big, pink & as of recent orange round ones cut with a cross imprint), tend to not work as well 4 me as the 1's I always used to get orange oval-shaped 1's that read 30 & split in the middle; & kinda tasted like candy). This time I was filled em & the Pharm. Tech said the Manuf. is TEVA. Haven't pk.'d em up yet..wondering which they were. Been searching 4 an image online but so far no luck. ## I don't have an image to post for you, due to copyright reasons. However, I can provide you the markings and description of the 30mg mixed amphetamine salts tablet that is manufactured by Teva. It is oval, an orangish peach color and has b over 974 on one side, with a 30 on the other. Is there anything else I can help w...

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Adderall 30mg Which Generic Brand Is Better

Is the round pink 30 mg Adderall generic name Sandoz/Eon with the markings of CDR 136 on one side more or less effective than the oval orange 30 mg Adderall generic name Barr/Teva with the markings of b974 on one side and 30 on the other side? What is the most effective/potent Adderall that is generic and 30 mg? ## Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each of these brands, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's quite possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug & same dosage); mostly due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves. Have you taken either one of them yet? I'd probably suggest giving them e...

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30mg Dextroamp-Amphetamin (Alvogen)

I am relatively new to the Adderall treatment process. This is my 3rd month trying to find the right dosage. Initially, my Dr put me on 20mg XR but I couldn't really tell that I took anything. We then moved to 20mg IR twice-day. CVS gave me (20mg Amphetamine Salts by Sandoz). We made some progress with this move but still didn't get me to where I wanted to be. Now, I'm on 30mg IR twice-day but CVS gave me (Dextroamp-Amphetamin by Alvogen). Yes, the Rx is spelled just like that. Makes me wonder what they really gave me?? Also, I can't find a lot of information on this particular Rx from the manufacturer. I don't think it's equivalent to the Sandoz version but in my opinion, CVS should be giving me meds from the same manufacturer to get an accurate baseline on whet...

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Actavis generic Adderall not as effective

For convenience I had my script for 30 mg Adderall filled @ target instead CVS. When I opened the bottle I immediately noticed it was physically different but was not concerned because Drug stores switch generics for several reasons such as cost and availability. After taking my first dose I noticed after 2-3 hrs. that I was not getting any noticeable or same response that I was accustomed to for my ADHD (combined) and depression! So I took a closer look at the pill and noticed it looked smaller and it had a #28 on it. This and the fact I was not getting the usual response (been taking for 20 yrs.) disturbed me enough to call Target to double check w/them to make sure that it might have been a mistake. Target said that they had switched recently but assured me it was the identical medic...

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Did Mallinckrodt generic Adderall change? (strong taste and smell)

I have been taking Adderall for many years and I've never noticed a smell or taste. However, my most recent Rx (same generic manufacturer as normal, Mallinckrodt) has a *very* strong smell, like a multi-vitamin, and terribly disgusting taste. I even took it back into the pharmacy to make sure I wasn't losing my mind, she agreed but couldn't figure out why. They are the white, Dextroamp-Amphetamin 15 mg tab. Has anyone else had this issue? ## I am not sure because I refuse to take that one. They’re SUPER weak compared to Teva. ## they don't change the drug - they reformulate the drug ... ## Can you elaborate because I noticed that 20s and for the record I'm prescribed currently Vyvanse but sometimes switch back to Adderall and the 20s seem to work better than th...

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Mallinckrodt Adderall IR is horrible

I am not sure how Mallinckrodt's generic products (quality) are in general, but if you take generic Adderall IR, it is horrible! Very weak, lack of efficacy. ## Hello, Brian! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem you had with them. What are the markings on them? Sometimes the manufacturer listed on the bottle is a licensed distributor. But the imprint would enable me to double check. This is a stimulant, so it may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia and anorexia. ## I take Mallinckrodt adderall IR 20mg now: white pill, octagon shape with M inside a square on the other side. It's Ok now because I took one poster's advice. I cleansed my body using the liquid laxative from the Dollar Tree, this is the method I used, you...

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Adderall Coupon

I badly need help with getting my 30 mg extended relief adderall. My insurance will not pay for it. It is a capsule, I take one every morning. I am out so I can not give you the #'s it is a gold and tan color. I have been on it for year's and can not think or concentrate without it. Can you please help me out, are refer me to someone that can? Thank you very much, Linda ## Your insurance won't even cover the generic version? I know there are some that will not cover the name brand, however, most will cover the generic, if it's available and the name brand if your doctor denotes on the prescription that it is medically necessary. Have you looked into either of these options, yet? The reason I am asking is because the normal prescription assistance programs are geared towa...

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Anyone try Rhodes generic Adderall?

I've tried and used Teva/Barr, Lannett, Core pharma, AURO (worst imo), and now just got Rhodes. Not sure if RHODES is making me spacey, sleepy, anxious and low energy, bloated, headache. All are often indications that the active ingredients are meh. There are so many manufacturers out nowadays, it's a revolving door and it's adding to the already difficult challenges many people have experienced since the pandemic. Lordy. Rhodes? Anyone? ## How are you doing taking the product from Rhodes, now? Has there been any change? The FDA considers all generic medications to be therapeutically equivalent. They warn that Adderall carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, anorexia, mood changes, and anxiety. Ref: Adderall Informmatio...

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Adderall Xr Generic r-3061

Are these suppose to have the beads inside them or is it powder form? Theyre orange 30mg capsuls with R-3061 on them. Took one and immediately fell asleep? ## There doesn't appear to be any photos of this pill online, however, I did come across posts from others stating that this particular capsule imprinted with "R 3061" does in fact have beads. I do find it odd how it put you sleep, considering that one of the side effects of this drug is insomnia. Did you take anything else with it? ## I really don't have any information for you on this, there is not listing of the capsules denoting how they are put together, I'm sorry. Learn more Adderall details here. Are these a different generic than what you had been taking? ## Hi Anon -- the strangest thing I have experience...

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