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I have been taking Tecta for a year or so ! I just visited the health canada site and they advise that this drug should not be prescribed for longer then 6 to 8 weeks? Why was I not advised of that from my doctor..Lately I have been experiencing heart palpitations.
I remember being on a drug prepulsit and having the same symptoms and then finding out that this drug was linked to heart problems ..I am determined to find another solution to my acid problem does anybody have any solutions besides drugs ??? Thanks,

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HI, Aurele! How are you?

Yes, these medications are only intended for short term use. Studies have shown that long term use can cause an increased risk of hip fractures.

As to solutions that don't involve drugs, it really depends what you were taking it to treat. I can be more helpful if you can post back with more details.

If you were taking it to treat heartburn your non-drug related options can be different than if you had a severe ulcer or gastritis.

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I take Tecta sporadically with my Advil to protect my stomach. As of late I took one dose of 40mg and have had a metallic taste in my mouth, numbness and tingling in my mouth,hands and feet. I am quite clumsy and have fallen 3 times in 24hrs. I am hoping this feeling ends soon. I went to the doctor yesterday to rule out stroke and blood sugar problems he says it is most often caused from a medication.

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Yes, these drugs can cause these sorts of problems because reducing acid in the stomach can reduce the absorption of nutrients like magnesium that regulate heart rhythms. It can also increase risk of heart disease by reducing the production of a substance called nitric oxide, that regulates blood pressure.

Reducing acid is not a long-term strategy for heartburn. Our stomachs are supposed to be acidic. See more on the Omeprazole side effects page to see more consequences of taking these drugs long term.


Kerri Knox, RN
San Francisco, CA, United States

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I went thru a six hour operation for complex ablation. They told me to take tacta for 50 days. I have been experiencing really bad palpitations. I went off the tacta and within two days they stopped and have not recurred. I had stayed on the tacta longer than 50 days because i suffer from Gerds, it worked great. I asked both my doctor and pharmacy if any of my meds were causing palpitations and they said NO. Just shows you have to be your own health advocate

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Hi_ I have been diagnosed with hiatal hernia. Has been on lansaloc for one year. What implications might this have?

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