5 Months Pregnant And No Previous Heart Conditions

Chan Says:

I was told at 5months of pregnancy my babies's heart was beating too fast and I was rushed from my doctor's office to the er. I was told digoxin would bring my baby's heart back to normal and I would be discharged that same day or the next. Many tubes of blood were taken until I asked why because I was starting to feel tired and I was told several doctors were over me and wanted their own blood so I asked if they could share and I thought I fell asleep for a nap but I later woke up a day later the nurse informed and I was also hooked to many cords including a catheter. I was told that something went wrong and the medicine went to my heart and also sped my unborn's baby's heart even faster and now I am being prep for an emergency cesarean. I felt like I was on a muscle relaxer and I was only able to lift my head up and down and from my hips down was twice the side and my skin looked like I was inflated including my toes sticking off my feet. A bag of blood was also brought in and given to me. I inquired of the blood and was told it was my type. I was told I may never walk again. I had to learn how to walk and write again. I noticed after I started turning off the iv machine I would feel alittle stronger. So after my cesarean, I turned the iv off every night and practice rolling side to side and eventually walking the circumference of the bed but I would become winded like I just ran the mile so I would slowly but surely slide back in bed. My baby was downstairs in the newborn intensive care unit and I learned he was being directly administered that drug every 12 hours. I knew I had to get discharged and then get down there to figure out how to get my baby discharged because at this point I learned this was a research hospital which was advertised as one of the best. I should have checked the fatality rate now that I am thinking before admission but anywhoo I was able to move faster in a wheel chair and used this and a walker until I could gain control of my legs. When asked to write my baby's name for his birth certificate, I began writing scribble scrabble and was then I learned I needed to learn how to write again. This was four years ago and I am not understanding why I still have the internal of the symptoms which include: a fast hard beating heart except for when I am laying down, exhaustion, loss of appetite, dizziness when standing, a leaky bladder, brief daily numbness in legs/arms, and a greasy throat. I remember being given medications after discharged including pepcid ac but I would like to know if it is too late to request the antidote for digoxin I just learned exists or does my internal symptoms sound like permanent damage?

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