Xanex And Tramadol Before Knowing I Was Pregnant

ashley Says:

i was on 100 mg if that a day of tramadol and up to a xanex a night i found out i 4 weeks pregnant and just stopped will the baby be ok

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Ashley! How are you? Congrats on the pregnancy!

On this, you really need to talk to your doctor, when you're pregnant it can be hard to know what may have an effect or what might not.

However, both of these medications have been known to cause fetal risk, so that makes it even more urgent that you discuss it with your doctor. In many cases, very early on, the damage may not be significant or permanent, but only your doctor can check and let you know for sure.

Learn more Tramadol details here.

Learn more Xanax details here.

Do you already have an OB Gyn?

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ashley Says:

Yes thank you. I think i am going to be ok. No egave me a real answer so i just stopped them hoping it will be ok.

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