I Am 4 Months Pregnant And Just Started Taking Methadone For Pain After Being Hooked On Oxycodone And Oxycontin Sense Before Pregnancy.

sweet22 Says:

I just started taking methadone a couple days ago for pain because I was in a pain clinic taking Oxycodone (perks) and Oxycontin (extended release perks) both at 10mg 3x a day but I would take more than prescribed because it didnt help my pain at that amount alone. Then I found out i am pregnant and those meds are category B in the FDA database so its safer to take them while pregnant but I missed one appointment at the pain center that i didnt even know about they made an appointment for me without seeing if i could make it and didnt notify me prior to the appointment day so of course i missed it. Then they kicked me out and said i refused a pill count that i didnt even know i had i mean C'MON thats stupid. but anyway before that happened my doctor put me on this Butrans patch 5 micrograms per hour and you keep it on for a week straight but the Butrans is buprenorphine which is the same med thats in suboxone and subutex. She just stopped all my other meds and put me on just that. of course it was not working at all and it put me in to immediate withdrawals and i told her about it and i was having horrible horrible cramping and everything it was the worst and she had the nerve to lie to me (because I found out) and say that an OBGYN said it was ok to have withdrawals and not to worry about the cramping and that my baby and I would be fine. BULLS*** ask any OB they will tell you that if your hooked on pain meds while pregnant and you go in to withdrawals then you could lose your baby or it could be fatal to your fetus. If something had happened i could have sued her! Then she referred me to the suboxone clinic but suboxone is NOT safe to take while pregnant so i chose methadone and that seemed to be the better choice. Like i said its been about 3 days Ive been taking liquid methadone 20 mgs a day (thats the starting dose for everyone) the first day was awesome because i was in withdrawals when i took it then i went back the next day cuz you have to go everyday and I was extremely sick and still am yesterday i puked like 4 times and have been sooo nauseous all day and today to. I only puked once today but still feeling like s*** and all i want to do is sleep cuz thats what makes me feel better but by the late afternoon, night time my pain is worse but i also still feel the methadone in my body. I am already 4 months pregnant and the 1st 3 months were bad with the morning sickness but before i started the methadone the sickness pretty much subsided.. I am wondering if maybe the 20mgs of methadone is to much or I might need split doses instead. but i also feel like i want to take a perk right now to ease my pain but im worried i might throw up again or something i dk.. the clinic told me that i could continue taking perks if i need to if i feel the withdrawals are still uncomfortable but im pretty sure that im not having those im just nauseous and my pain is back.. i dont know what to do.. any ideas or opinions??

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sweet22! How are you doing? I hope you're feeling better.

Methadone is still a narcotic, so it can also cause some nausea and vomiting, especially when you first start it, while your body is getting used to it. Couple that with the normal nausea that can occur with pregnancy and you kind of have a double whammy to deal with.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Have you consulted an OB Gyn for advice?

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pain mom Says:

Your baby will be addicted and may need to go through withdrawals in the hospital.


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jayjay Says:

I know this is a month old but I just wanted to tell you I had my baby ( now an almost nine year old awesome brilliant little girl) while on methadone. I was on 55 mg and found out I was pregnant at 16 weeks after going to rehab for a very bad H addiction. I'm grateful for the methadone. Would I have used knowing I was pregnant? I'd like to think no but people do it every day. My daughter was born healthy 8 lbs. She did withdrawal but it wasn't so bad. She got "drops" and was in the hospital for two weeks and me and my husband got to stay with her the whole time. I was on 55 mg. There we r girls on 120 mg that I knew and their babies didn't withdrawal. Not all babies do. She has no long term effects and as I said she's awesome. Hope this helps you. Remember the best thing you can do for your child, is give them a healthy mom. Don't let anyone judge you.

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redhead2014 Says:

I hope that you are doing alot better i just had a friend of mine have twin boys she was taking subutex while she was pregnant, the babies did infact go thoough withdrawl but are doing alot better now and am happy to say that she has gotten herself together and isnt taking anything anymore. Wish you the best of luck hang in there... that baby needs you.. p.s DONT TAKE ANY PERKS!!!

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KSweet22 Says:

Thank you. I am doing a lot better now! The methadone works great and is way safer for the baby. Im glad to hear the twins are doing good after that! With anything like that there will be withdrawal but as long as the doctors know what their doing than it will be ok. I am not taking any perks or anything else at all, other than the methadone. I havn't taken anything else sense I started taking the methadone. I'm so happy that they have clinics with medicine like this so people can lead normal lives!

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Leonard Says:

You should not take suboxone after methadone. These dam Dr are really niave! Subutex is what you need. I've been on methadone over 20 yrs, 80mgs day or more, until last weak. My Dr gave me suboxone and it put me in that prewhatever detox. I was literally looking for a gun to shoot myself. It wasn't he most satanic, painfull, and scariest experience anyone could have. I would rather be boiled alive, that's when I found out subutex doesn't have the methadone blockers like suboxone does. My Dr didn't even know, the pharmacist explained it to me. Now part 2, your taking methadone while pregnant? STOP!! NOW!!!! Ween yourself off, methadone withdrawal is worse than any other. Bar none! Longer, too, and you know your baby is going to experience that at your hand! No 2 ways bout it, you need to just cowboy up for your child and have a little pain until it's borne. But don't quit cold turkey, use vicodin or something, but your tossed words like suboxone, Bubrinorfrin, subutex, methadone, oxy, etc..... while your with child! Please, I challenge you to be selfless for your child and get off the garbage just long enough to let God know you can and will be a good mother and not self gratifying selfish, unloving mother. I will pray for your baby, you should do more than that for it. I'm sorry hon, I love everyone, but when children are born addicted to anything I look down real hard on mom!

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Cautious Says:


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Mike Says:

I was getting 150 mg of methadone a day until the dr got busted. now I see a different dr who gave me 6 the next month, then gave me 4. I had been getting these since 04 because I was in a real bad rock truck accident. I was taking 5 three x a day now it 4. I'm out in 12 to 13 days. Can anyone help me find a new doctor? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank U.

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Chucko Says:

See your baby doc..i dont think the methadone is a good choice either.

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Linda Gail Says:

I was in hospital and they brought so many women in that has a drug problem they put them on methadone then when baby was born had to detox them mom went home but babies had to stay.

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Debi Says:

For the safety of your unborn baby, if you continue taking the meth.your baby will be born addicted. Ever see a baby go thru withdrawals? It's sad Sad as hell. Try to get off meds and just stay in bed for the rest of your pregnancy. Then help your pain. Your baby is so at risk, becoming addict with the pain meds. Just put your baby first.

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AnotherMoralMary Says:

Are you a medical professional? dispensing advice like yours is the BEST WAY TO KILL BOTH THE PATIENT AND BABY IN UTERO. Methadone has been long established as THE SAFEST PROTOCOL FOR MOTHER AND CHILD .Unless you are familiar with the unique prenatal challenges of the opiate addicted mother dispensing moral outrage speaks to the lack of intelligence and sensitivity.This Forum is for drug awareness and advice not moral castigation.disrespectfully submitted for your consideration.

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Jenni Says:

I was a IV drug user for over five years... I grew the balls to stop. Sorry if this seems harsh, but you should've thought about a birth control method if you were on any drug, legally prescribed or bought from the streets. I understand and feel your pain, but I don't sympathize for anyone but your poor child. Now your kid may be born with a number of serious mental or physical problems, not to mention an addiction. Either way the baby has to go through a horrible withdraw. So its simple, stop doing drugs. You can say what you want, but maybe it'll sink in when you're in the nicu watching your child tremble and cry in pain like a homeless junkie on a street corner begging for change.

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Deb Says:

When I was pregnant, I was originally on a fentanyl patch 100 for pain issues, and when I found out I was pregnant and told the Dr, he stopped the fentanyl right away, gave me 100 Tylenol#4 (60 MGS of codeine vs the Tylenol#3, which is 30 of codeine) with a refill. He told me it was just until I could get to a high risk obgyn, and that it being fairly weak probably wouldn't help much with my pain, but would keep me from going into withdrawaluntil I could get in with the on he sent me too. Anyway, I found out that this ob office worked with a pain management specialist, and they chose oxycodone, started 15 mg i.r. 6x day, then a week later bumped it up to 20s. During my last month they gave me 30s because of the increase in blood dilutes medications. My baby was born fine. I had told the pediatrician I picked out ahead of time what was happening, and she kept an eye on my girl for a few days for any signs of withdrawal. I gotta tell ya, I was so scared, and wanted to wean off my meds and do bed rest, but was told that an active, medicated mother was better for baby than an unmedicated, bedridden mother. Anyway, my baby was fine, but the pediatrician had explained to me that if she did show signs of withdrawal, it was very simple and safe to treat, and would only require (at most) a couple extra days in the hospital. And that was only ly if she had problems. I was taking 180mg/ day towards the end, and baby showed no withdrawal... Go see a high risk obgyn and have them do your pain meds.

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Tori Says:

Why the he'll would u take methadone while pregnant?...shame on u...that baby will go through he'll...u make me sick

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Ruby Says:

She is putting her baby first! I work at dacco a rehab an methadone saves a lot of people's lives An allows them to live healthy An soon taper off of the methadone. If you e never went through addiction you can't judge. I was addicted to my pain meds after a very bad accident I'm 8yrs clean An now an addiction Counsler / MA. She's doing the right thing. Withdraw can kill an unborn baby.

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fay Says:

dnt take Salomon it's synthetic Hermione my nepew Is a Heroion,addict now he's on saboxoin takes zanax with it and he like on Heroion bad drug,try to detox slow,yse benadryl to sleep it's hard but u want a clean baby and a clean mom pkz try methadone is bad to again Givin to heroion,addicts or addicts watch intervention on TV it keeps me safe n clean nt abuse my pain meds I hate being on thm but thy tried tht methadone my lord I was out like a bad drug addict I gt off it went back on oxycodone,

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Ty Dollar Sign Says:

What kind of terrible pain could you possibly be in if you're still of child bearing age? I see so many young people claiming terrible pain and how they became addicted to opiates because of their pain. Even young married couples, what are the odds that 2 young people both have terrible pain so much so that they both go to pain management. I'm sorry, but unless you have some terrible disease or have just had a serious car accident or something I just don't get how you could be in that much pain.

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