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round blue 224

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I believe 224 is 30 mg immediate release Oxycodone, which is used to treat pain (moderate to severe levels) and is available in a Generic form.

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I have a question about the oxycodone 30 mg. Is it the same as Roxycodone.

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Oxycodone and Roxicodone are the same, the active ingredient is Oxycodone.

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i ne ed the for 30 mg oxycodone hcl

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i need order oxycodone 30 mg i got sirugy on my back and 4 screw and one piece metal there

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What's the difference between oxycodone 224 30mg and A215 30gm.

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The size and the fillers. Both 30mg Oxycodone. Different manufacturers

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where are you located

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the 224 are sickening. I don't see how the gov always this. And more worried that our pharmacist just don't care.

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The 30 mg oxy w. a "224" imprint is by Caraco. The company has been shut down numerous times for quality care issues (including barely having any oxy in them & lousy fillers, among others) & as a result, has lowered their prices significantly.

As most. if not all pharmas order their meds according to price, gonna have to hunt for a brand you can trust from every pharma in town. (I live in a 4 pharma town & have to drive 1+1/2 hrs to find Malinkrot - not its sister brand Qualitest). Good luck to ALL.

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hi,as I read thru all these comments and questions from this forum and others,alot of you,im not saying all,but it reads to me as your coming off as addicts,looking for an answer that best pleases you.what I mean is,i read questions of what you should do if the doctor doesn't give you exactly what you want,or even the pharmacist for that matter.These ppl here you're asking cant do anything about your medical issues and that includes the opiates you're seeking constantly,only your doctor can.Trust me I use to be an addict for 25 years on pills,i asked those same questions when I was bad on it,finally I been off the opiates for a year or so now,and I look at these questions and ask myself.....are ppl this ignorant or stupid,and yes I'm mad at myself for asking these same questions,cause once u finally get off it,in retrospect,you say to urself,wow was I really this stupid as well.please ppl some of you need help with rehab,and I did say some not all,but please get help.

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You are absolutely correct, when they to Rx and can't find M-Box or other thunder type
roxy generics they go nutts. Some not all need mental therapy. When me have major pains like myself, you are not super selective about which type of pain killer works best you just need the relief like yesterday. In all honesty all Oxycodones work as they should just some have fillers like the 224 and the small m box pills don't. As for side effects, some people bodies it effects in different ways then others. I hope this opinion did not rattle anyone's already fragile nerves, if so, Peace Out.

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I had stage 3 BRAIN cancer, had surgery at B'ham but I still have to go to CCI the cancer center every 3-6mths for MRI bcuz I'm on disability, I have 2tumors connected to my left main eye muscle & plus my memory is do bad & my cancer doc said I will go blind n my left eye from tumors... I go thru so much pain from the pressure of the tumors, I'm on METHADONE 10mgs & ROXICODONE 30mgs for pain... My ? Is I live n Hsv. Alabama & I really need sum help if anybody knos where to get the Rs 30mgs 224 imprints filled pls help me out with the pharmacy name... THANK U

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I take oxycodone for pain 30 mg 4 times a day and 10 mg 4 times a day. I had to take a swab and turned up positive for hydrocodone (a minute amount 2 ng/ml). Now I am about to lose my doctor over this. I have taken no hydrocodone products. On the lab paperwork it says hydrocodone is a manufacturing impurity in oxycodone. I need some more info on this please. Don't want to lose my doctor after 8 years. Please help if you can.

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Amen. Take them as directed or get help. The people that produced these meds, KNEW what they were doing!! They're not 'holdin out on you' to just make money off of patients with pain. Trust me... the withdrawals are not worth it. If you just take them as prescribed than you should be able to walk away easier when you no longer have access or the money to spend. There isn't exactly a euphoric feeling you'd be missing out on. I've learned this the hard way - so this is just a heads-up and not meant to sound like a lecture!!

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These meds are taken legit. Sometimes the DEA goes on a power trip and decided to punish chronic pain patients just for being in pain. Some of us need Opiods, and have tried every other drug & therapy with no success. To a lot of us it's the difference between being able to get out of bed in the morning. The stats you see on the news are largely false, even the DEA admitted they don't have a large enough sample size, yet released the unfinished stats to the CDC, which told the DEA to go ahead and start punishing doctors for prescribing these life saving meds. A lot of the paranoia going around is due to parents not locking these meds up, and teenagers, kids getting access to them. They throw stupid little Oxy parties and end up dying from respiratory depression. It ruins pain management for those of us who need it to function. Now doctors are requiring patients to have a safe. Then there are absolute i****s like Dentists who prescribe 100mcg Fentanyl to people who just had their wisdom teeth pulled. Of course that's going to kill people with them not having an opioid tolerance, which leads to more panicked paranoia, and the DEA/CDC make broad sweeping laws which affect those of us who are legitimately in massive chronic pain.

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There's no used to be when it comes to being an addict or not. You will always be an addict, just a recoverying one now. 25 years congrats. I just do 24 hrs at a time. Gob Bless

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I am a cancer patient in my second remission. I have been on oxycodone 30 mg RHO for 4 years now as needed for pain. It is my only pain med. I was recently give the oxycodone blue Amneal. Not only did they not relieve my pain, they made me sick and gave me hives all over my body. I advised my dr and the pharmacy, that if they were going to sell substandard medications i would be changing pharmacies. My dr said that he had never seen this form of oxycodone before and could not find it in his new book of drugs!!!

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Target pharmacies carry 224 Who is manufactured by a sun pharmaceutical company

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Re: gordon (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hahaha...this is a forum for people with questions...the rest of their lives is none of your biz and not everybody is a junkie...some people have a hard time with docs and scripts or even affording a month's worth without insurance so they buy them piece by piece throughout the month. If you're going to be judgemental and give unwarranted advice you should maybe make sure you're educated on the whole thing...rude.

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I got a prescription for Mallinkcrodt 30 mg. oxycodone yesterday at my pharmacy. They usually are good. These pills do not do anything. My back is in really bad pain and I am going thru withdrawal symptoms. I called the pharmacy and was told they are the same brand I always get. I don't think they could have done anything anyway, because it is a controlled med. I called my doctor and he said it was me, that scripts are always the same. He said to come in tomorrow if I was still having problems.

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