15mg Oxycodonr And 15mg Morphine Taken Together

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I have been taking 30mg of oxycodone 4 times a day for two years for my broken back. Just need to know if taking 15mg of oxycodone and 15mg morphine sulfate is save and if it would just increase the oxycodone feeling. Please help can find answer anywhere. Thankyou

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Verwon Says:

Trying to increase the Oxycodone 'feeling is what often leads to addiction and you should really watch that habit.

For pain relief, Morphine is effective, however, it is not as strong as Oxycodone.

It can, however, cause the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.



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goldwingman Says:

I Take 2x100mg oxycontain a day.
I Take 2x 30mg oxycodone a night
I Take 3x 5mg Valium a day
I Take 1x 30mg serapax a night
I Take 6x1000mg fish oil a day
I Take 1x sachet Questran Lite each night
I have been on these med,s for over 15 year,s now and im still OK.

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madone Says:

Your information given is partially wrong! Morphine is far superior to oxycodone as in the strength of the drug but oxycodone is much more active orally. You are partially correct with your answer but via IV 15mg of oxycodone would be needed to be around the same as 10mg of morphine. It is only down to morphine poor oral bio that makes oxycodone stronger to some people orally but not everyone finds oxy stronger than morphine.

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minoguesque Says:

Incorrect, madone. Oxycodone hydrochloride is around 2.5 times stronger than morphine sulphate or hydrochloride. Verwon's links should help you there. Whereas my breakthrough/rescue dosage of oxycodone is 35mg prn, the others I regularly use are (although the dosages are NOT absolutely equianalgesic as according to the published tables) Sevredol morphine sulphate 80mg - one each 50, 20 & 10mg - hydromorphone hydrochloride either 10.4 or 13mg; dipipanone and cyclizine tablets 10/30mg THREE prn; dextromoramide (Palfium) tabs 10mg also THREE prn; and diamorphine hydrochloride tabs 10mg FOUR prn. These dosages owe much to the bioavailability of the drug and delivery system as well as duration of action and the accepted equivalence as published. Morphine salts tend to last 6 hours whereas almost all of the others have a DOA of four hours or less. Pethidine, aka meperidine, has the shortest action of all but is a drug not to be used regularly as it is by far the most toxic opioid on the market with most unwanted side effects when taken regularly. It is best reserved for the most acute situations when analgesia is required for only a short period. It is still the preferred drug for the pain of childbirth but nowadays very little else except some post-operative situations.
As for the "feeling" referred to, which I take to mean the pleasant 'warm fuzziness' associated with the use of opiates and opioids, oxycodone is not nearly as sedating as morphine. When you are, as I am! oxycodone tolerant! the first tolerance to disappear is sedation. Morphine can remain sedative for years when used in rotation as my rescue meds are. When I first took OxyContin, a 40mg tablet had me gouching and nodding within 45 mins of eating it. After no more than two weeks' daily use, twelve hourly, that kind of (very pleasant) sedation disappeared. I still feel nice for an hour or so after it kicks in (though dosage is rather higher now) but morphine sedated strongly because I use it in my rotation only for two weeks out of every eight.
I would research the factors influencing prescribed dosages and absolute equivalence if I were you. Safety with opioid usage goes hand in hand with your opioid tolerance. Wikipedia has an article which defines what doctors accept as being 'opioid tolerant' and 'opiate naïve' and with oxycodone that is reached when the patient takes 40mg daily, with morphine 60mg daily.
I hope that is as relevant to the original question and madone's reply as I think it is!

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charles Says:

can oxycodone and morphine sulphate be taken together or mix together for better result or will one over ride the other. i've been on 30mg of oxy and now on 20mg quick acting and 30 mg long acting but would like to be using both to better result and my doctor says one doesnt agree with the other . is he full of it thank you

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