150 Mg. A Day Oxycontin / Oxycodone Habit For 4 Months

Positivehope Says:

Well unfortunately I really messed up and started taking OC twice a day 12 hours a part. I worked my way up to taking 40-60 mg in the morning and 80 mgs at night. i originally started using after severe depression and anxiety and wanting to feel better to fill an emotional void left by a really bad year in my life which led me to start using. No BS here, I wanted to feel better and unfortunately started using and am on week 14 of my addiction.

I have had enough though and am just writing to share my story and experience and will continue to write during my detox. I feel ashamed, nervous, scared, and angry that I began using. It is against everything I knew and knew better.

I finally came to the conclusion that I need to stop and came clean with my wife who is being totally supportive. I am at work but in a few days I go into town and will be evaluated by an ER doc who I have to tell my story to and he will decide wether I need to go to impatient detox or not. It is just the process at this hospital and how it works. I than will either be in inpatient detox or detox locally away from the hospital. My wife is totally supportive and my family doc is being supportive but I am so scared that I wont be strong enough or am already having bad anxiety attacks.

I have 60 mg. a day for the next 3 days and than thats it. Do doctors typically prescribe support medication to help people deal with the anxiety. This will be my first time god help me and my last detoxing and I have gone through tiny biuts of withdrawl in the past with recreational use but this time I used for 14 weeks and worked up to 150 mg a day and am honestly scared sh*tless.

Does anyone have advice what worked for the . I took 2 weeks off work and rented a motel so I could just try to focus in myself and healing my body and mind from my abuse. After I detox I am scheduling therapy to help figure out different coping mechanisms for my pre-existing depression and terrible anxiety I had before using. Please write freely about what worked for everybody or share your experience and wish me luck. Thanks for letting me vent and share and thanks for taking the time to read and care.

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DeeDee Says:

Positivehooe you sound like you have a good game plan. The only this is you should be in an in house facility for 1 month or 2 weeks and then transfer to an outpatient residential facility. If you have medical insurance and a job that is supportive.good luck and God bless you. I am so excited for you

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Positivehope Says:

Thanks Dee. I am not sure I will have the option of an inpatient facility for two weeks but am willing to look into it. I took 2 weeks off from work to deal with the initial onset of the withdrawals and will be following up with local therapy afterwards.

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karen Says:

positive where are you? i know in the dallas ft worth area of texas there are rehab centers that will work with you insurance or not, just look up rehab/detox centers in your area and you should get listings that will at least get you started good luck

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DeeDee Says:

Maybe the quickest is cold turkey but that will suck. Good luck.

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Ty Dollar Sign Says:

I know this is old but why in the heck didn't you try an antidepressant? And what do you mean, recreational use?? You and so many people like you are why people with REAL pain issues are suffering now. Recreational use?? Like it's cannabis or something, please. I'm sorry but this really angers me. Where in the heck were you getting such huge amounts of these pills? You must be very wealthy if you bought them on the street or you had a doctor who was a drug dealer. A drug dealer doctor if he wrote you rx's for these pain meds without tests/proof that you had something to cause such terrible pain to warrant the huge amounts of rx. meds you took.

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ep weirdcalm Says:

Remember one thing and one thing only: ‘The USA Medical Industrial Establishment (MIE)’ created you. They did so, with full knowledge and intent. The last sentence is the definition of malicious (malice), therefore, Oxycontin, opioids in particular, (and many other potentially addictive substances) is the perfect key to lock (block) the brain’s neuro-receptors ability to ‘receive’ pain signals, from the central nervous system (CNS).

Pure evil is the fact that the MIE and prescribers who told you to take the pills were fully aware of all this, but now they are being held responsible. Avoiding blame is an ancient behavior, so the blame is passed down to the patient (user). Pressure from the FDA, CDC, et al. has severely restricted the use of opioids. You (the patient) are lowest and most isolated rung on the ladder, so they blame you. How? They state scripted nonsense how you must have abused (not used properly used).

They believe themselves blameless, at this juncture, so they start all over again. All industries in the USA operate on the ‘for-profit motive.’ The ‘MIE’s, for-profit—business-model’ is no different. Note: you the patient are one of many ‘transactions’ to the MIE, or ideally, many transactions, if you are already very sick, and if you are not very sick; they will find a way to identify new maladies that they can treat you for. They p, then, sell you more products and services. This all ends in death, institutionalization, detoxification or violent life-threatening withdrawals, the latter three they continue to profit from. The first outcome becomes a transaction for another ‘for-profit—business model’, the funeral business.

Never blame yourself. Look up the medical acronym QALY. It should have 3 patient outcomes and newer models have four. This exercise will help you see what they did to you; not what you did to yourself.

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