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on 10 mg methadone a day - blood pressure has gone up - wants to reduce it - why is she trying detox without me knowing
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Updated 9 months ago in Methadone.
Fri, Apr 18 '14, 3:19 PM
I need to find a liberal pain management doctor in Connecticut who will increase my oxycodone pain medication
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ATTENTION EVERYONE PLEASE HELP ME I desperately need anyones help to find me a new liberal pain management doctor anywhere in Connecticut who will increase my current dose of oxycodone pain medication from 10mg four times a day which im currently prescribed to at least 30mg three times a day without giving me a hassle like I'm some type of drug addict which I'm honestly not even though my current doctor treats me like even though in all honesty my pain level really is bad enough to require such a high dose, anyone please give me any info I need to contact another pain clinic doctor in Connecticut who will probably increase my oxycodone meds without giving me a hard time, ANY INFO WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED PLEASE RESPOND either in this blog or please email me this information ... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Oxycodone.
Fri, Jun 20 '14, 2:29 PM
HELP! Need IL Dr. 4 Pain Medication/Drugs- Sciatic PAIN
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I live in near Aurora,IL. PLEASE SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW A DR. AROUND AURORA, IL OR W/IN 10 MILES OR SO THAT WILL REALIZE I'M NOT JUST TYING TO GET HIGH. I'VE TRIED AT LEAST 7 OR 8 DIFFERENT MEDS. THE NORCO10'S OR EVEN STRONGER (FEWER PER DAY), THAT DOESN'T MESS WITH MY STOMACH (NORCO DOESN'T, IT JUST TAKES AWAY THE PAIN), I'VE TRIED ALL THE OTHER NON NARCOTIC AND THEY DO NOT WORK OR I FEEL LIKE A WACK FROM DRUGS LIKE LYRICA. ***IF YOU CARE TO READ THE REST OF MY STORY****I have been an athlete all my life and just completed 2 Ironman Races 08' & 09' (2.4mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) and 2 months after, no back pain, but extreme nerve/sciatic pain. I've had 7 injections in my spine and surgery, still have SAME pain! My surgeon wants to cut ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Norco.
Sun, Apr 15 '12, 7:56 PM
Can I Still Take Savella If Have High Blood Pressure
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My Dr. put me on Savella for chronic pain & it seemed to work great, only problem is that it caused my blood pressure go sky high. I've been on meds. for my blood pressure since. I've also tried Cymbalta (which didn't work at all). So my question is can I safely take Savella & control my blood pressure too. I have a strong family history of hypertention and heart disease. I am currently on Maloxicam for arthritis but it doesn't help as much as plain asprin. ## Savella contains the active ingredient Milnaciprin, it is an SNRI most commonly used to treat Fibromyalgia. And yes, the elevated blood pressure, as well as heart palpitations, are well-know side effects of it. It can still be used, but you do need to monitor your blood pressure regularly and your doctor ma... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Savella.
Sat, Apr 30 '11, 8:29 AM
doctors in ky
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Im from mi recently moved to corbin ky. I have chronic pain due to nerve damage. My leg and foot goes numb for sometimes weeks at a time. My back often goes out on me and i cant move and my broken tailbone makes it hard for me to sit comfortably. Ive had mri and xrays ive been on 3 norco 10s for eight years so my tolerance to pain meds are high. I havent had my meds in over a month and i spend a lot of my time in bed in chronic pain and very depressed because i cant do things i want with my three children. Does anyone know of a good doctor that will help me with my pain management in corbin,london or surrounding area that will gimme medication that will work? I recently went to what i thought was a doctor. Ended up being a nurse practitioner that can not ptescribe controls, didnt even l... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Norco.
Fri, Oct 03 '14, 7:44 AM
Need help getting off subutex
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Hi guys. I have been on subutex for almost 3 months now. I've got myself down to 4-8 mgs a day. Most days 4. I have a neck injury and need proper pain meds. How long do the withdrawals last? I've got a few lortab 10's to help. Please and thank you !!! ## you want to get your dose as low as you can get it before you jump. i was on subs for 5 yrs & jumoed at taking 8 to 12 mgs a day & i went thru a very rough ride! im now 45 days off subs. my acute w/d lasted around 20-22 days but started easing up around the 16th day. after that its mostly mental like anxiety & depression. you may not w/d that long cause they say the longer someone is on them the longer their w/d will be, just like the higher the dose the worse the w/d. thats why i say if u can lower your dose as ... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Subutex.
Mon, Aug 25 '14, 11:05 PM
percocet detox
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I'm a chronic pain patient due to Fibromyalgi/Chronic Fatigue and Degenerative back & hip disease, for 21 years I've tried all kinds of meds and only narcotics have ever helped.. I'm on Percocet 15 mg, 1 every 4-6 hours, for 6-7 yrs now. . (Long acting meds behave as short acting in my body, so can't take anything long acting...which prevents me from being able to use a breakthrough med). I want desperately to get off the Percocet and detox, hoping I can start over. I've gone up the ranks from APC with Codeine, Lortab, Norco, Vicodin, etc, till I'm now on this high dose of Percocet. I'm not ever zonked out on it, though I think I've hit the max on it, cause I have lots of breakthrough pain. 15 mg is no longer 'enough' for the kind of pain I ha... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Percocet.
Mon, Apr 26 '10, 5:08 PM
scared to death
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I am have been taking 50 mg of losartan (teva green tab) once a day (at night) along w/ my alprozalam. I take .25 mg w/my losarton at night before bed. Which has been fine. (I take my other doses of alprozalam during the day @ different times.) I take the losarton due, to high blood pressure. I started out w/ my blood pressure 188 over 103. I went to the doctor yesterday and it is now at 160 over 90. Still high even w/changes in diet. But he doubled it to 100 mg same company, Teva. I have some side affects i am just getting used to and have been thru many other meds for this with many painful and scary side affects. My problem is i am scared to take my alprozalam w/this high of a dose w/out knowing the affects and don't want to not sleep due to my body being used to it and i am also... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Losartan.
Fri, Oct 25 '13, 12:55 PM
is everyone who takes pain managment treated as if we are drug abuseres
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Back in 2004 I had to have C5-6-7 and all the discs removed and replaced just to get the pain level from a 10 to about a 5.Between surgery and meds I got the pain to a level 3,then "My" pharmacy up and quit carrying those highly addictive oxycontin 80mg 3X a day.It caused me to total my car,Don't ever take those oxys.I paid my pain Dr. to watch out for me.I would never have taken them but thought I could trust my Pain Dr.I went from Nov. 24 to Dec.29 in horrible withdrawls.I'm on MS Contin 60 mg now ,if I can get them.If I try to fill them at pharmacy I am treated like an addict to be shunned.Even in the Hosp. I am treated worst than a dog.Am I the only one constantly being put through withdrawls? ## Hello, Rand! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems you've... ...
Updated 4 days ago in OxyContin.
Sat, Jan 24 '15, 2:20 PM
help for severe migraine pain current medications 100 mcg Duragesic and Vicodin
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I have severe migraines I am currently taking 100 mcg of Duragesic patch changed every 48 hours and 5 10mg Vicodin. I have have bad reactions to preventative medications, chiropractic antidepressants and have built up a tolerance to pain meds. My pain is so severe I can't keep my food down. Does any one know if there is a higher dosage of Duragesic/Fentynal that would help with the pain. I am miserable and so sick I don't want to get up. ## Ask your doctor for vistaril it will cut that nausa down . It is both drugs giving you the nausea but you have to eat something .. Soup.. Canned broth ## Durgesic does come in higher doses. I've heard if 250 mcg. Be aware if you get a terminally ill disease such as cancer, this is what is used to treat it. Nothing stronger. ## I have canc... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Duragesic.
Wed, Aug 28 '13, 10:20 AM
etodolac cause hart
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Can etodolac cause permanent hart issues after taking for two weeks. Never had HBP before alway 120 70. Even had check up 3weeks before going to doc for knee pain. Doc prescribed etodolac. After taking 1 pill daily for two weeks I started to menstrait with some clotting after just getting over period 2weeks prior. I am very reg like clock.I Stopped taking meds. Went back to doc discovered to have very high HBP 150 93. He prescribed HBP meds. Have to take when over 140 90 and once in a wile during the day it does go high I'm 44years old Was always in good health except for little arthritis in knee ## The medication for high blood pressure should be taken all the time, not just when you get a high reading. They will not reach their full effectiveness and lower your blood pressure prop... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Etodolac.
Thu, Aug 15 '13, 1:20 PM
San Antonio Doctors
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Trying to find a doctor in San Antonio, TX who I can Vicodin and soma from my pain doc the one that workers comp sent me to found pot in my urine & got cut off. Had failed back surgery in 2010 suffer from chronic pain. so any one know any docs I can go to willing to pay cash ## You will need your medical records from your previous dr. With them finding marijuana in the tox analysis, I seriously doubt if you will be able to find Pain Management Dr who will accept you as a new patient. And if you manage to find someone, them prescribing you the same meds as you were taking before is highly doubtful. Pain Management Dr are in great demand. Patients who don't go by their Pain Contracts aren't worth the risk. You also won't be able to find any other dr who will prescribe you ... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Vicodin.
Wed, Jul 23 '14, 12:38 PM
Roxycontin Doctors
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I am currently looking for a new pain Dr. In the orange county, Ca area. I am 28 yrs old but been on heavy pain meds for 10 yrs now due to several accidents, surgeries and reconstructions. Last Dr had me on 180 30mg Roxie a month, 360 methadone a month and 60-90 2mg Xanax. I need to find a new Dr ASAP who will have no issues writing that for me every 4 weeks minimum. I actually use to be on much stronger meds and trying to find a local Dr. In OC, Ca somewhere who will happily continue my pain management and not turn me away because of the amount or type of meds I need. Sure do appreciate a speedy response from anyone with a good referral. Looking for a dr who will prescribe a high number of 30s (at least 180), 2mg Xanax (90), 120mg daily methadone and hopefully 15mg Roxie as well (180..... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Oxycodone.
Wed, Nov 19 '14, 1:03 PM
how to make oxycodone
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lost my script and really need my meds due to severe back pain. ## lost my script for percocet and don't want to ask dr for another script. where can I get percocets or make them some how? ## Hi Lily! U would have 2 b a chemist 2 make them. I assume? I've NEVER heard of it. Why can't u just tell your doctor the truth? He can check with the pharmacy 2 c that u didn't get the prescription filled. ## @Lily, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your script. But you can't just go to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients to make oxycodone. Medications like these are made in a high end controlled lab that probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) to put together, by large pharmaceutical companies. Otherwise, I'd imagine you would need to b... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Jun 29 '14, 12:47 PM
doctors in New Mexico
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Looking for a doctor that will prescribe pain meds will my other meds I need lortab or norco. With my hight blood pressure and other med anyone? ## Can anyone help me here? ## Hello, James! How are you? I'm sorry, but due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, you'll need to see a pain management specialist for such medications, if you require them on a long-term ongoing basis. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Do you currently have a PCP that's treating your high blood pressure? If so, having them refer you to a specialist might be the easiest way to find the help you need. Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area? ## ... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Lortab.
Wed, Sep 17 '14, 4:41 PM
metoprolol tab 50 mg er
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When does it start to release the meds? ## Hi, Bill! How are you doing? It will start to release some within a very short time of swallowing it. What are you expecting from it? This is a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions, so you aren't going to experience a radical change immediately. It takes time for these types of medications to reach their full level of efficacy in your body to do their job. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and hair loss. Learn more Metoprolol details here. ## I've been regular metoprolol for almost 7 years. So it will take awhile to kick in? Why do I feel really tried and crappy? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Metoprolol.
Thu, Jun 06 '13, 11:23 AM
need a doctor near jax fl
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i live in kingsland ga 2 miles from fl 25 miles from jax fl i work in fl and have fl insure bcbsfl have suffered with suvere joint pain for over 10 years to the point where i can barely work to provide for my family i was given loratabs 10s for three and a half years untill they stoped working to make work bareable i have mri,s i hurt in my knees hips sholders elbows wrists and back dew to the way i have to walk becouse i cant bend my knees i am begging for a doctor near jax that will give me something better than perc 10 or a scrip of 120 perc 10 im not tring to get high thease pills dont make me high i dont sell my meds i just want to work and play with my kids please help please have compasion please someone must know ## Hi Jimmy, I'm really sorry to hear about the pain your havi... ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Wed, Sep 05 '12, 10:16 AM
need doctor in new Mexico
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Does anyone know of a doc in new mexico?thanks ## Hello, James! How are you? What type of doctor? What condition needs treated? That would better enable someone to make a recommendation for you. Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks! ## I hAve high blood pressure meds. Deities .Ilower siack nerve. Joint and bones hurt . Mild sever pain lL 2 c 4 displacement . Internal doc help with neves been on valium forn10 years bid 10 . ...
Updated 6 months ago in Valium.
Fri, Jul 25 '14, 6:03 PM
Methadone Doctors In South Carolina
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Im looking for a doctor in his own private practice who can provide me methadone monthly in south carolina near myrtle beach, pawleys, georgetown, charleston. I was once on pain meds and wanted to get off and have been buying methadone off the street for 2 years now and want to do it the legal way, I just can't afford it ## The issue here is that Methadone itself is very highly addictive and, with the recent government crackdowns, it has made it very hard for doctors to prescribe it on a take home basis. There are certain amounts that a treatment clinic can give on a take home basis, but they are limited and usually require weekly visits to the clinics and they are only given after you've been under treatment for awhile and have proven you aren't abusing other medications an... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Methadone.
Thu, Dec 15 '11, 2:22 PM
oxycontin 80mg op are going back to oc
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switching back to original form ## Would you care to elaborate? What is your source? ## Yes, we would like more details on this. I just did a search in my sources and haven't found anything with even a hint that they have decided to go back to the original formula. For many of the people that use it for chronic pain that are now experiencing problems, it would be a great boon. ## need help for filling priscription haveing to take3 80 a day have gragalated higher over 13 years lost my incheranece help please my body wont funchen with out the op are not any thing like the oc ## I have suffered from pain due to injuries since the week before my 21st birthday. didn't start taking pain meds til 3rd injury which occured in my early 50's Have suffered long enough and at my age just... ...
Updated 24 days ago in OxyContin.
Sun, Jan 04 '15, 7:35 PM

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