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San Antonio Doctors
Trying to find a doctor in San Antonio, TX who I can Vicodin and soma from my pain doc the one that workers comp sent me to found pot in my urine & got cut off. Had failed back surgery in 2010 suffer from chronic pain. so any one know any docs I can go to willing to pay cash ## You will need your medical records from your previous dr. With them finding marijuana in the tox analysis, I seriously doubt if you will be able to find Pain Management Dr who will accept you as a new patient. And if you manage to find someone, them prescribing you the same meds as you were taking before is highly doubtful. Pain Management Dr are in great demand. Patients who don't go by their Pain Contracts aren't worth the risk. You also won't be able to find any other dr who will prescribe you ... ...
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Roxycontin Doctors
I am currently looking for a new pain Dr. In the orange county, Ca area. I am 28 yrs old but been on heavy pain meds for 10 yrs now due to several accidents, surgeries and reconstructions. Last Dr had me on 180 30mg Roxie a month, 360 methadone a month and 60-90 2mg Xanax. I need to find a new Dr ASAP who will have no issues writing that for me every 4 weeks minimum. I actually use to be on much stronger meds and trying to find a local Dr. In OC, Ca somewhere who will happily continue my pain management and not turn me away because of the amount or type of meds I need. Sure do appreciate a speedy response from anyone with a good referral. Looking for a dr who will prescribe a high number of 30s (at least 180), 2mg Xanax (90), 120mg daily methadone and hopefully 15mg Roxie as well (180..... ...
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Sun, Aug 24 '14, 3:27 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 270937
how to make oxycodone
lost my script and really need my meds due to severe back pain. ## lost my script for percocet and don't want to ask dr for another script. where can I get percocets or make them some how? ## Hi Lily! U would have 2 b a chemist 2 make them. I assume? I've NEVER heard of it. Why can't u just tell your doctor the truth? He can check with the pharmacy 2 c that u didn't get the prescription filled. ## @Lily, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your script. But you can't just go to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients to make oxycodone. Medications like these are made in a high end controlled lab that probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) to put together, by large pharmaceutical companies. Otherwise, I'd imagine you would need to b... ...
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doctors in New Mexico
Looking for a doctor that will prescribe pain meds will my other meds I need lortab or norco. With my hight blood pressure and other med anyone? ## Can anyone help me here? ## Hello, James! How are you? I'm sorry, but due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, you'll need to see a pain management specialist for such medications, if you require them on a long-term ongoing basis. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Do you currently have a PCP that's treating your high blood pressure? If so, having them refer you to a specialist might be the easiest way to find the help you need. Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area? ## ... ...
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metoprolol tab 50 mg er
When does it start to release the meds? ## Hi, Bill! How are you doing? It will start to release some within a very short time of swallowing it. What are you expecting from it? This is a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions, so you aren't going to experience a radical change immediately. It takes time for these types of medications to reach their full level of efficacy in your body to do their job. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and hair loss. Learn more Metoprolol details here. ## I've been regular metoprolol for almost 7 years. So it will take awhile to kick in? Why do I feel really tried and crappy? ...
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need a doctor near jax fl
i live in kingsland ga 2 miles from fl 25 miles from jax fl i work in fl and have fl insure bcbsfl have suffered with suvere joint pain for over 10 years to the point where i can barely work to provide for my family i was given loratabs 10s for three and a half years untill they stoped working to make work bareable i have mri,s i hurt in my knees hips sholders elbows wrists and back dew to the way i have to walk becouse i cant bend my knees i am begging for a doctor near jax that will give me something better than perc 10 or a scrip of 120 perc 10 im not tring to get high thease pills dont make me high i dont sell my meds i just want to work and play with my kids please help please have compasion please someone must know ## Hi Jimmy, I'm really sorry to hear about the pain your havi... ...
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need doctor in new Mexico
Does anyone know of a doc in new mexico?thanks ## Hello, James! How are you? What type of doctor? What condition needs treated? That would better enable someone to make a recommendation for you. Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks! ## I hAve high blood pressure meds. Deities .Ilower siack nerve. Joint and bones hurt . Mild sever pain lL 2 c 4 displacement . Internal doc help with neves been on valium forn10 years bid 10 . ...
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Methadone Doctors In South Carolina
Im looking for a doctor in his own private practice who can provide me methadone monthly in south carolina near myrtle beach, pawleys, georgetown, charleston. I was once on pain meds and wanted to get off and have been buying methadone off the street for 2 years now and want to do it the legal way, I just can't afford it ## The issue here is that Methadone itself is very highly addictive and, with the recent government crackdowns, it has made it very hard for doctors to prescribe it on a take home basis. There are certain amounts that a treatment clinic can give on a take home basis, but they are limited and usually require weekly visits to the clinics and they are only given after you've been under treatment for awhile and have proven you aren't abusing other medications an... ...
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oxycontin 80mg op are going back to oc
switching back to original form ## Would you care to elaborate? What is your source? ## Yes, we would like more details on this. I just did a search in my sources and haven't found anything with even a hint that they have decided to go back to the original formula. For many of the people that use it for chronic pain that are now experiencing problems, it would be a great boon. ## need help for filling priscription haveing to take3 80 a day have gragalated higher over 13 years lost my incheranece help please my body wont funchen with out the op are not any thing like the oc ## I have suffered from pain due to injuries since the week before my 21st birthday. didn't start taking pain meds til 3rd injury which occured in my early 50's Have suffered long enough and at my age just... ...
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I take percocet 10/325 3 times a day and Opana 10mg twice but am not getting relief needed
I take the perc 10 and opana 10ER..along with steroid injections every few months and I am not getting the relief I hoped for. My pain doc has been great so far and has adjusted my meds several times. I want to ask for stronger meds.. I work 10 hr days and I'm starting to struggle more and more. I want to ask for higher dosages, but I don't want him to get a bad impression of me. What is the best way to ask this?... Thanks ## Actually, the best way to go about it would be to bring up the subject of your pain levels, how you're getting less relief than you expected and let him suggest any changes to your medications. If he doesn't follow your train of thought, then it may be necessary to ask, but if he's a pain specialist he should be thinking on the right track. Whil... ...
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Methodone to Morphine Drug Transition
My doc has changed my pain meds. I am taking 90 mgs. a day, and have been for 6 months. It doesn't work anymore. (Nerve damage from 5 failed back surgers and scarring from healing attempts.) He put me on 100mgs of MS Contin twice a day. I NEED to know what if anything I need to know about the transition. Scared as it a high dose. ## email me i have a question ## you're suppossed to get 100 mg of morphine to every 10 mg of methadone which means you should get 900 mg a day. Same thing happened to my wife. You need300 mg every 8 hours ## Pip is actually very accurate, Methadone is much stronger than Morphine and, if you've been taking 90mgs of the Methadone a day, you will need 337.5mgs of Morphine in a day to be at an equivalent dose. A twice daily dosing would require around ... ...
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dilaudid and food - can i take on empty stomach?
I have a dilaudid prescription, but lost the insert. Other pain meds must be taken with food or risk nausea - will Dilaudid do this as well? Thanks ## It is a very strong narcotic, so there is a high likelihood that it will cause nausea, just as other narcotics do. ## Can you take 40 mgs dilaudid 8 hrs after 32 mgs suboxone? ...
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Doctors who prescribe Methodone in Rockford, Il
I am looking for Doctors who can prescribe Methodone in Rockford, Illinois 10 mg pills for back pain and foot pain with neuropathy. In 2010 I had stage four colon cancer. I had an operation and took chemo for a year and half. I am now cancer free but the chemos left me with so much pain and neuropathy I cant funfunction without pain meds. I was taking 8 5mg Norco and 2 50mg Kadian a day. But i had to stop the Kadian due to breathing problems i also have COPD. Reciently my pain managment Dr decreased my Norco to 5 10mg a day. And i am in pain. I know there are people that sell the Methodone on the street but i can't go that route. After what i have read about this medicine i would like to see if it will help me i am not looking for a high just relief, but my pain Dr doesn't presc... ...
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prescribing doctors of oxycodone in abingdon, va
I recently moved to Abingdon, Va, and I have degenerative disc disease. Pain under control with 15 mg -30 mg oxycodone and cervical epidurals. Cannot find a prescribing doctor in this area. Please help. Have had to fly out to Colorado 3 times to get meds and procedures. ## What type of doctor have you been seeing? Some new laws went into place at the beginning of the year and due to very high rates of drug abuse and bad prescribing practices, they are being very strictly enforced, especially on the east cost. Thus, you are most likely going to have to see a pain management specialist to continue receiving such controlled substances. Learn more pain management details here. The legal changes don't allow general practitioners to prescribed such medications for long-term use anymore, e... ...
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Stopping Simvastatin. Are the side effects worth it???
I am on Simvastatin 20 and continually worry about side effects to liver and other organs. I am getting severe leg pains and feel tired all the time with no energy along with a few other things that I am not sure about. I have only been on them for 3 months. Had a chol level of 6.4. I am 63 years old. Other meds I take are Oroxine for thyroid and Coversyl for High BP. I have been halving the tablets some times and other times not taking them at all. My heart has been checked and is fine. This medication REALLY worries me. My hubby has also just been put onthem.Any ideas or suggestions would help. Has anyone heard of Arginine supplement instead of taking chol medication ???????? ## Hi Shannon, According to WebMD, arginine is good for lowering cholesterol. However, there currently is no d... ...
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On methadone clinic but would like to use a private dr
Hello, I've been on methadone for 6 yrs.. Using a clinic in town. I pay close to 500$ a month but I have insurance.. I would like to find a private dr that takes bcbs and stop the clinic.. My husband is tired of paying for it and doesn't realize that stopping cold turkey isn't an option... I'd like to eventually maybe get on suboxone or something else but I'm on too high of a dose right now.. So If anyone can help me find a dr that will help me I'd be so greatful.. I'm scared to try pain mgmt because I don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to get meds from both the clinic and a dr... Please help!!!! ## I guess I should've made it clear that I live In mobile al... ## Hello, Chas! How are you doing? I'm sorry, but under the current laws, this ca... ...
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How many hydrcodone 5/325 are equal to hydrocodone 7.5/750
I have had RA since I was nine. I've been on EVERY RA medication you can think of . I've had hips replaced and revised as well as knee replacements and spine surgery. It's been tough but I'm a fighter. There is such a stigma for pain meds and I do understand why, it's just some of us use these medications as a way to actually live a semi normal productive life, and NOT for a "high" Anyway because of such a stigma I'm trying to wean off some of my pain meds but it's hard. QUESTION:...I am usually given the 7.5/750 pills but a doctor on call for my rheumatologist this week gave me the 5/325. IS THERE A BIG DIFFERENCE? The 5/325 (he didn't feel right giving me what my real dr. generally prescribes me)pill is small, white, oval, has the number 126 on ... ...
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need help finding a doctor for chronic back neckand migraines
Need help finding a doctor that will prescibe soma for my chronic migrains lower back painand was born with herniated discs fused together in neck and for something stronger then norco 10/325 please also broke my back been in 7 car wrecks have 2 hernias and rotar cuff is messed up any info would be greatly appreciated went to an awesome orthepedic doctor but she moved to ky and does not.take my indiana medicaid. ## Medicaid drs have greatly reduced the meds they given patients for chronic pain. And many won't prescribe anything strong. Medicaid Providers who prescribe high numbers of controlled substances can lose the ability to treat Medicaid and Medicare patients. Call your Medicaid Health Plan and see what drs are on your plan. Also most state Medicaids have stop paying... ...
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Help find a Doctor in Chicago Suburbs Prescribes Vicodin and refills
My primary Dr only allows 1 pill 5mg - twice per day for a year. I need doulble that to control back pain. ## I need Pain killers for a lower back slipped disc and current doctor only offers one 5 mg pill twice daily that does nothing. I am in Western Sububrbs of Chicago (Naperville/Whaton) and looking for a NEW DOCTOR that will offer higher doses or alternate prescription medication ## Have either one of you considered seeing a pain management specialist? The issue here is that you've both been seeing primary care doctors, who aren't specially trained in the handling of such issues and thus, they may not feel comfortable doing so. ## I need to find a dr in Chicago who will prescribe pain meds. Would anyone have any answers ## Has anyone found a good pain clinic in the Chicago s... ...
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Have all medical records with me - Neurologist, Rheumatologist, Physiatrist, Pain Management doctors, Hospital Records, Osteopathic doctor, primary care physician, MRI's, CT Scan, two different Sleep Centers, and three years pharmacy records, Have multitude pain issues that have resulted in severe chronic pain. Still I can"t find someone here to help me!!!!Can anyone help me to find a doctor/pain specialist to prescribe the medication I need? Not even a high dosage. I have learned to tolerate a lot of my pain but I do need Percocet 10mg/325 four times a day. Without my meds since September. Took all my strength and concentration to write this. Please respond ASAP, as I need help now. Will travel to get the help I need, but do not want to be treated as a drug addict.Thank you. ##... ...
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