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Looking for similar ingredient in vitacirc b
I was taken matanx an it became to expensive so my doc prescribed me vitacirc b an that's only a few dollars different, so I'm in a search for something new since vitacirc b is not available anymore. I have the ingredient which are L- methylfolte calcium ( asMetafolina) 3 mg Pyridoxal 5-phosphate 35mg Methyl cobalamin 2mg If anyone can help please send me info ## Hello, Joyce! How are you? Many of these ones with the higher amounts of B vitamins in them require a doctor's prescription, so you can't just grab them off the shelf. Have you tried asking your pharmacist? They should know what else is available. I'll also do some research and post back, when I have information for you. ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Fri, May 30 '14, 12:49 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 265572
feeling very much thirsty after taking ATEN 25
Hi, My name is Dk, 35 years old, I am experiencing high BP since last 4 years. initially it was 140/100 in 2008..Now it is around 155/105 with pulse rate 105... Recently, the Doctor has prescribed Aten 25 (once in a day for 10 days), but few hour after taking Aten 25, I feel very much thirsty and I feel my mouth very dry. Is this normal effect of Aten 25 or I need to consult the Doctor. ## Atenolol is a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and it can cause this dry mouth, as a side effect. If your doctor keeps you on the Atenolol, this side effect usually wears off in a few weeks, after your body adjusts to the medication. Learn more Atenolol details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Fri, Sep 28 '12, 10:51 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 236311
Taking medroxyprogesterone for over 15 years
Hi, I've had abnormal periods since I was a teenager. At age 18 my gynecologist put me on provera/medroxyprogesterone, I've taken it every first 10 days of every month since then, and I am now 35 years old and still on this medicine. My doctor keeps telling me that I need to stay on it, to prevent uterine cancer, it runs in my family and if I don't take this medicine I won't get a period. My concern is the effect this medicine will have on my body after all these years of taking it. I keep reading that this medicine may increase my risk of breast and ovarian cancer. What do I do???? ## Hello, Judy! How are you? Wow! That's very unusual, most doctors will have you take it for awhile, then stop to see if your natural cycle kicks in. There's really no way for your d... ...
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Mon, Aug 25 '14, 11:15 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 269806
who knows a doctor who can prescribe Methadone
Hi my name is sam. I live in the boston area. I am on a methadone clinic but I am on it for pain. I am desperate for a doctor who will prescribe methadone privately or will make a referral to a pain clinic. So far I can't find anyone. I have had a chronic pain issue for twenty years. Thank you so much. ## Hi Sam, I was able to locate quite a few doctors in the Boston, MA area that are known for prescribing Methadone and other related medications. I posted below only 4 of them, because there were too many to choose from; but I can post a larger list if none of these doctors are the right fit for you: Nancy Beth Sobel, M.D. 35 Beacon Street, #5 Boston, MA 2108 (617)680-6476 Michelle J. Sia, D.O. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 85 East Concord Street, 6th Floor Boston, MA 2113 ... ...
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Tue, Jul 23 '13, 9:08 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 237173
Verschlechterung meiner Parkinsonkrankheit.
Gegen meiner Parkinsonkrankheit nehme ich neuerdings AZILECT 1mg zusätzlich 1 mal täglich zu meiner bisherigen Medikation die da wäre : Alle 3 hrs. Stalevo 250 mg , Sifrol 0,35mg und im Falle einer schnellen Hilfe bei Bedarf Madopar LT afgelöst in Wasser zum trinken . trotzalledem geht es mir zunehmend schlechter , d.h. krumme Haltug , schlurfender Gang und Krämpfe in den Oberschenkel .Meine Frage ist diese Medikamentierung richtig ? ...
Updated 10 months ago in Azilect.
Sun, Dec 01 '13, 10:15 PM   0 
Fentanyl Can I Just Go Cold Turkey When Quitting
My doctor has had me on the 100 fentanyl patch for 1 year now. He is going to take me off it. Can you just stop taking it with out side effects or withdrawls. Please tell me the proper way to get off this patch. Please help me, I have the doctor appointment tomorrow and want to know what to say. So far it sounds like his plan is just to take me off cold turkey. I am scared of withdrawls I am a mom of 5 kids and need to be ok. Please help. ## No, it is not safe to go cold turkey. I have had a doctor tell me that no one has ever died from withdrawal. Fentanyl withdrawal can slow or even stop your breathing. I have been on a 350 mcg dose of fentanyl patcheds every 48 hours for 10+ years. I was in a serious car accident w/ligament & tendon injury, then they thought chronic pain/arthriti... ...
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Thu, Sep 25 '14, 3:32 PM   72  Subscribe to thread 226833
Levothyroxine100mg is no longer working for me ?
Hi, my100mg levothyroxine tablets are no longer working for me.I have been taking these for 2 years with a gradual spiralling weight gain. I am now tipping 12 stone instead of a normal 10 stones. I break out in hot sweats and have severe insomnia.. 6 days ago, I just collapsed and spent the day in bed instead. I have not taken levothyroxine since. Instead I am taking, high dose multi vitamins, sea kelp and selenium, I eat natural porridge for breakfast and high proteins of chicken and beef and green vegetables. I eat cheese in moderation and natural fruit juice but no bread. Am I doing the right things here ? Thank you for your time. ## HI, Margriet! Sorry about the issues that you're having. However, I'm curious as to how old you are? If you've over 35, these same symptoms ... ...
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Tue, Aug 12 '14, 2:04 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 249677
looking for best combination of BP & renal medicine
Hi, I am 35.2 yr male & suffering from kidney diesease(creatine level 1.6,urea 33) due to that got high BP since yr sep-2007.Till then I am continue on medications. I was well in control with medicines Lasix 40Mg(1-0-0) ,Telsartan R5(1-0-1), Metstamlo 50/5(1-0-1) from sep2007 to june2010.Later, in yr 2012, Telsartan R5 replaced with Telma R5 and metstamlo stopped and instead Febuget 40 started for uric acid control. In june 2013 during routine check up got potassium level high (>6), then doc advised to stop Telma R5 as well. Now with 2nd doc (nephrology) option I am taking Stamlo Beta(1-0-1), moxovas(0-1-0), Febuget 40(0-0-1),Acigerd DSR(1-0-1),Ketostril(2-2-2). But I am fearing on the side effect of tab Stamlo Beta and also dosage is twice a day. Stamlo Beta is a combination of... ...
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Thu, Sep 19 '13, 2:14 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 251783
is phendimetrazine harmful to take if you have mac
I have taken Adderol for ADD and it wasn't helping much so my doctor started me on Phendimerazine Tartrate. 35 mg. I never take more than 2 or 3 daily, sometimes none and often just 2 in the mornings. I have dry macular degeneration and high risk for dry macular degeneration, am 75 years old. So far my eyesight has stabelized quite well.quite well. started taking I also have chronic fatigue, no heart problems, no nerviousness or other symptoms that would point to eye damage or other symptoms related to ajphetimine useage. I often go without it if I don't have a lot that has to be accomplished and need the extra energy., because it becomes less affective if I take it every day. I have never taken more than 4 in a day(seldom that) or 2 at a time, early morning. On an early morning... ...
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Mon, Oct 27 '08, 10:01 AM   0 
Need a doctor in Arkansas Missouri for chronic pain
I originally wrote on 3/16/14 looking for a pain doctor in north central Arkansas or southern Missouri...I live in Mountain Home, AR & am willing to drive to Springfield MO or as far south as Little Rock AR, as far west as Fayetteville or as far east as Jonesboro. I moved from California to Arkansas to be with my sister a year ago & am still unable to find a doctor here who will prescribe the meds I was taking in CA, which were 60 mg MSContin twice daily, 350 mg Soma three times daily, and 1-2 10 mg oxycodone every 4 hrs, plus a 3rd one 45 minutes later if I really needed it. It is like the twilight zone here in AR; every doctor thinks you're a drug addict even though I have all my surgery records, films, discharge instructions (I'd been in a nursing home for 2 yrs befor... ...
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Fri, Aug 29 '14, 1:08 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 262687
any chance to get pregnant when taking crimson tablet
My period was not regular. So as per dr's advice i am taking crimson 35tab. Is there any chance to get pregnant when taking crimson tab? ## Hi viji, Based on my research, the medication Krimson contains cyproterone acetate + ethinyl estradiol. To my knowledge, Krimson prevents ovulation and thickens the cervical mucus which means you most likely won't be able to conceive while taking this medication. It is often used to treat PCOD (Polycystic ovary syndrome), severe acne, and hursuitism in women... as well as androgenetic alopecia in some women. I recommend that you speak with your doctor if you're trying to conceive, he/she should be able to prescribe something to help you ovulate and become pregnant. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Ethinyl-Estradiol Deta... ...
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Wed, Jul 31 '13, 9:40 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 249832
what time should be take the cherifer pgm effectively
best time to take the cherifer pgm ## Did your doctor provide any instructions? Cherifer PGM contains: Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 200 mg, Zn (elemental) 15 mg, taurine 200 mg, vit A 2,756 iu, vit D 400 iu, thiamine HCl 1.95 mg, riboflavin 1.95 mg, niacinamide 35 mg, pyridoxine HCl 3 mg, cyanocobalamin 3 mcg, folic acid 250 mcg, vit C 100 mg, Fe 17 mg, Ca phosphate 150 mg, Mg oxide 7.5 mg and copper sulfate 1 mg. So it is a multivitamin supplement. Some people experience some nausea when taking it, so you may want to take it a little while before eating. Due to the energy boost that vitamins can also give, it is usually best to take it in the morning, rather than at night. ## how many times do i have to take cherifer pgm a day?? ## I dont know :) ## once a day only on other site ## i ... ...
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Sat, Oct 11 '14, 1:07 PM   85  Subscribe to thread 210779
Ecosprin Gold 20 is it safe for patients of hypokenasia
i suffer for global hypokenasia with severe AR, mild TR, dilated aoritic root, dilated LV/LH and EF 30-35%. is ecosprin gold 20 safe for me. ## my mother takes every day ecosprin gold every day. I am afraid it going to have side effects on long term usage. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Thu, Sep 20 '12, 1:05 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 229648
methadone can work if you are trying to get high forget it
I have been on methadone for ten years for pain I take ten mgs and 350 of them a month now I do not have insurance I can not afford to go to the de can top give me somewhere to go that I can get them or a prescription to get them so I can get some of my life back ## Have you considered contacting some of the manufacturers directly to see if they can offer patient assistance programs? Here are two of the main manufacturers: 1. Roxane Laboratories: 1809 Wilson Road Columbus, OH 43228-8601 (614) 276-4000 (click on contact us at the top right) 2. Mallinckrodt (now Coviden) 675 McDonnell Blvd. Hazelwood, MO 63042 (314) 654-2000 I hope this information helps and wish you the best! ## If you don't mind me asking, what state are you currently in? I could ... ...
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Wed, Nov 02 '11, 1:47 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 203653
I Am Taking Ecosprin Av 75 Since Last 8 Months Should Continue
I Am Taking Ecosprin Av 75 Since Last 8 Months Should Continue, i am 59 years old. My Total cholesterol HDL Direct is 40mg%, LDL 35.86%, LDL/HDL ratio 0.90%. I takes Losacar H one tablet daily since last four years. my BP Remains 130/80. Please advice should I continue Ecosprin Av 75. ## I AM 32 WEEKS PREGNENT SHALL I CONTINUE ECOSPRIN 75 TILL 34 WEEKS IS IT SAFE???? ...
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Why Do You Kill A Prescription If Only Get Few On Schedule 2 Drug In Louisiana
I would like to know the laws on a Physician in Louisiana being able to Fax a Prescription to a Pharmacy for a Schedule II drug. I gave a neighbor a ride to her Dr.'s appt. and she needed to fill her scripts however she was a few days early so her Medicaid Coverage stated that it would not be covered until 4 or 5 days later. With this knowledge she chose to simple pay for 25 of them and by law "Kill" that original Script and therefore losing 35 out of the 60 prescribed! The Pharmacy stated that her Dr. could fax the remaining of the script and when the Medicaid Fill date came around she could then have the remaining tablets filled. "I FIND THIS ODD DUE TO THE LAWS THAT GOVERN CONTROLLED MEDS SCHED. II ESPECIALLY. IF ANYONE KNOWS LA. LAWS ON THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW..THANK... ...
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find doctors who will perscribe me 30mg oxycodone for my back pain near 21227
I have really bad back pain and I live near Baltimore. I am looking for a doctor who will prescribe me 30mg oxycodone. I would need 3 a day 1 every 8 hours that's about 90 a month. I have insurance or would pay cash if I need to. thank you ## I have hepatitis c. I hurt from my neck all the way down to my knees my back hurts so bad I sit up on the side of me bed to sleep for maybe 3 hours or less because I have to get up and down all night my abdominal shirts me my muscle and joints and my liver area hurts I shark all the time I'm depressed all the time. I hurt all over all the time sometimes I feel like I'm die and my just 35yrs old and can't get no help anywhete ## I also recently relocated from N.Y. to Baltimore and can't resume my pain meds, it's ridiculous fo... ...
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Looking for manufacturer information on prescriptions to get help with costs.
I am out of work with no insurance of any kind. I cannot afford my medications & was hoping you could help me find the manufacturer of my Roxycodone/Oxycodone so I can see if they can help me with the cost - the problem is the only thing listed on my bottle for the manufacturer is SN ... I have no idea who that could be?? Can you help me at all. I also take Opana ER 5MG tab & looking for that manufacturer which again only has the initials of EN ... I'm so lost & cannot find help of any kind - my pain specialist office is pretty much useless - rude & make a big deal of having to do anything outside of the normal office visit of 5 minutes that I get charged $350 for!!! No one else taking patients around me so I am stuck with them for now & have to do all the leg wo... ...
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PLEASE, need help/advice about taking large dose of medrol to prepare for CAT scan.. only few hours left!
I am a 35 year old man. I desperately need some advice. Hopefully from someone who's been through this. I have a CAT scan tomorrow and I had an allergic reaction to contrast iodine. One side of my face became swollen. I told my doctor and they prescribed Medrol(the generic) for me to take to prepare my body from having an allergic reaction. I'm supposed to take 8 tablets(4mg each) 12 hours and then another 8 two hours before injection. I'm really terrified of taking so many and the side effects it might have on my body. I'm aware of the side effects, but to take such a heavy does scares me. The pharmacist, nurse and doctor tell me that it's a standard dosage for what I need and that It might be rough on my stomach and get me wired/jittery for a couple of days. The &#... ...
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i work my day shift an for 126 hydrocodones makes me sleepy and have chronic back pain would 7 5 325 help
For chronic back pain, I been taking. 126 hydrocodone which makes me sleepy, ware. M 357 didnot. Would. 7.325 be as good as. M 357? My point is, 7.325 strong? ## Hello, London! How are you? How long have you been taking the ones with the 126 marking? They do have a lower amount of Acetaminophen in them, than the others that you were taking. Thus, your tiredness could actually be due to some slight withdrawal effects, since they aren't as potent and it may take a couple weeks for your body to adjust. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. However, if it is causing you a severe problem, then please consult your doctor as you may need a dosage adjustment. Is... ...
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