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oralcon contraceptive pills-missed periods
2 Replies RSS
Hi. Last month of December I saw my periods twice a month and the second one wasn't normal as usual and on the first week of January I went to check and the nurse told me its hormonal balancing and also gave me the oralcon pills. I have been taking everyday as instructed and now am on the red pills but I haven't seen my periods till today and only few days left for the month to end. Does this mean am pregnant? ## I have used oralcon but never the red pills. I used it because I had my period for 4 months straight. But oral con tales 3 to 6 months to leave your system so it might just be an irregular. ## Hi there I always get my period on the 4th red pill and it usually falls on a Monday,I don't know if I miscounted or if I skipped of my white pills but yesterday I drank my 4t...
Updated 16 minutes ago.
Possibly pregnant
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Took a pill during week 3 around five hours late, and this Saturday, I had brown discharge with some light pink. Is this implantation bleeding? However, I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. Is there any chance I could be pregnant as a result of the late pill? (False negative) ## If two tests came back negative, it is not likely that you are pregnant. But only a medical professional can confirm this. Usually, you have to be more than 12 hours for it to be considered a late pill, and 24 hours, before it is considered a missed pill, according to FDA information. The discharge and spotting can be normal side effects of taking hormonal contraceptives, or taking a pill a bit late. Has there been any change, yet? Did you get your full period?
Updated 3 hours ago in Tri-Previfem.
Depo Trust Injectable first time
53 Replies RSS
i take the first shot of depotrust in the first day of my period, is it really normal to have a spotting? and on the second day still thesame, im worried whats happening, im a first timer using depotrust... pls reply ## Yes, it can be normal to have spotting and experience such irregular bleeding when you take any form of hormonal contraceptive, especially if you are new to taking it, so your body isn't used to it. Learn more contraceptive details here. have things improve yet? ## i take my first shot of depotrust on the first day of my period (march 12, 2013) and until now i'm still bleeding. When will it stop? I had my regular period before, i was advised by my doctor to have injected by depotrust to stop my menstrual period because of my submucous myoma. But i think it didn...
Updated 1 day ago.
pwede ko bang gamitin daphne pills kahit tapos na ang regla ko?
61 Replies RSS
na-reseta sakin daphne pills kahit di pa ko dinadatnan april yung una kong dalaw tapos 2 months na di pa ako dinadatnan kaya stop ako tapos po ngayon august 1-3 dinatnan na ko pero hindi ako agad nabili ng daphne pills ask ko sana if pwede ko gamitin daphne ngayon?kahit wala na ko period? ## Ang mga Daphne tabletas ay isang oral contraceptive tableta.Dapat ay kinuha nila araw-araw, humigit-kumulang 24 na oras hiwalay, ang bawat araw, upang protektahan ka laban sa pagbubuntis. Tulad ng sa simula ang mga ito, kapag ikaw ay menstruating, oo, maaari mong simulan ang mga ito, sa anumang oras, gayunpaman, ikaw ay gumawa ng mga ito para sa 7 araw sa isang hilera, bago ikaw ay protektado mula sa pagbubuntis. Kaya, para sa unang linggo, ikaw ay kailangan upang gamitin ang ilang mga iba pang para...
Updated 1 day ago.
Switching from minastrin to mibelas
11 Replies RSS
I've been taking minastrin for about four years now. I was forced to switch over to the generic brand, mibelas. I haven't started mibelas yet but I will be in a few days. I'm worried because I don't want my periods to be affected or anything like that. I haven't really seen any positive reviews on mibelas so I'm pretty skeptical. Is there anyone here who has made the switch to the generic brand and can offer me some advice on if you've had any changes with periods or just in general? Thanks! ## Don't switch, it's horrible! I just made the switch too and wish i hadn't. I'm one month in and miserable. Depression, acne, moodiness, bloating, you name it. Don't switch if you can avoid it. ## Are you going to switch to a new birth control then? ...
Updated 1 day ago in Mibelas 24 Fe.
I Had Sex With My Boyfriend After Periods End Nxt 12day We Our Doubt Is The Sperm Might Went Inside Vagina Can U Help Us Out How To Stop Pregnancy Ple
19 Replies RSS
I Had Sex With My Boyfriend After Periods End Nxt 12day We Our Doubt Is The Sperm Might Went Inside Vagina Can U Help Us Out How To Stop Pregnancy Please Reply Back Immediately Its 2months Missed Test But Negative 4 3times Now What Do? plz tell me now what can i do for my periods, i can not went to pregnant right now..... ## I Had Sex With My Boyfriend After Periods End Nxt 12day We Our Doubt Is The Sperm Might Went Inside Vagina Can U Help Us Out How To Stop Pregnancy Please Reply Back Immediately, plz tell me now what can i do for my periods, i can not went to pregnant right now..... ## i had sex with my boy friend .now iam in doubt that the sperm went inside...what i want to do to check and to stop pregnancy.............. ## I HAD SEX WITH MY BOY FRIEND BEFORE 33 DAYS AGO , TILL NOW ...
Updated 1 day ago in Jadelle.
3weeks delayed
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Hello po ask ko lang kung buntis naba ako kasi 3weeks na ako delayed tas nag pt naman ako negative naman sya until now wala pa ako last week may spotting ako akala ko na binat lang ako kasi strees taz yung nanibago sigoro ako sa oras ng tulog at gising ko pls advise po kung buntis naba ako o hindi kasi ayaw ko pa sundan yung babay ko ## 3weeks na po akong delayed. 6times na ako nag pt. Negative naman po yong result. Nakakaramdam ako ng cramps sa puaon ko at swollen at tender yong dibdib ko possible po kayang buntis ako. Bale ng under go din po kase ako ng medication para sa scar sa baga 2weeks ago. Anu po dapat ko gawin.
Updated 1 day ago in Ella.
Trust Lady Pills
166 Replies RSS
i am using trust lady pills for 8 months. however, in my last month of usage, instead of taking up only 21 beige pills, i mistakenly took 25 beige pills, which means i had an excess of 4 beige pills.. if only i had taken the 7 white pills properly, my expected menstruation should be around june 12 to 14, but until now june 15, i have no menstruation yet.. is that a usual effect of exceed intake of 4 beige pills? ## Yes, taking the active pills for a longer period of time, will delay your menstrual cycle, that is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, that is how some women use birth control to skip their menstrual cycle, at times when it would be inconvenient to have it. There is really no harm in it and you should, once again, start your cycle, after taking the white, inactive tablets ...
Updated 1 day ago.
took nordette but experienced no side effects
4 Replies RSS
I have read that when you take nordette you will experience side effects like nausea and breast tenderness. My partner and i did It, then 2 days after i learned about nordette and used it as ecp. I followed the instruction, 4 pills and then another 4pills exactly 12 hrs later. It has been seven days since i took the second batch, but i haven't had any of the sideeffects. Is that okay? Or does that mean it didn't work? ## Hi! Don't worry about it. I've taken Nordette a couple of times. There were times that I had horrible symptoms (nausea, vomiting, acne) but other times that I felt nothing but got my period after taking it. ## I had my period on oct 20 and I had intercourse with my bf on oct 31. It was my fertile day and after 2 days, Nov. 2 i took nordette 4 pills at 8p...
Updated 1 day ago in Nordette.
When will bleeding stop on lo loestrin fe 28?
2 Replies RSS
I started loestrin fe 28 before my period was due. In about the end of the second/beginning of the third week, I started bleeding heavy then it has lightened up but it's been almost two weeks now. Can someone PLEASE tell me if this is normal, when it will stop and if I can do anything to make it stop sooner. Thanks! ## Hello, Marie! How are you? Yes, irregular bleeding can occur for about the first 3 months, until your body gets used to the hormonal changes that are caused by these oral contraceptives. There's really nothing you can do to stop it, it will just have to stop on its own. If it gets to be very heavy, or doesn't stop after a few months, then you should check with your doctor as this may not be the right one for you to take. The FDA lists other side effects as pos...
Updated 1 day ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
is it possible to get pregnant while on jadelle
7 Replies RSS
I started spotting 3 months after having jadelle inserted. It continued for 1 month and have stopped for 2 weeks now. I sometimes have strong stomach cramps and my body temperature has risen. Could I be pregnant? Pls help me. I am confused. ## I am 30 yrs old, I inserted Janelle 2 yrs ago. Then on the last day of my period I had intercourse. It was on the 2nd of august 2016. From that day on I didn't see my period again and now I'm not feeling myself. I'm vomiting, loosing weight, lacking appetite. Does that mean I'm pregnant? Plz help. ## The only way to know for sure is by having yourself checked for pregnancy, though it isn't very likely that you are, given that you have the Jadelle implant. Some women stop having periods, when using contraceptives, the U.S. FDA l...
Updated 2 days ago in Jadelle.
not getting periods after taking deviry and ipill
19 Replies RSS
I took 2 ipills last month and deviry for 10 days this month to get my periods , I've also got pollycystic ovaries , its been 13 days since my last deviry tablet but I have not got my periods yet , is it hormonal imbalance or can it be pregnancy ? Can I start taking deviry again to get my periods ? ## Have you taken a test to see if you're pregnant, or not? That's really the only way to get an answer to that question. While both of the medications you mentioned are hormone based drugs, they will not do anything if you are already pregnant. The iPill is an emergency contraceptive, but it only works to prevent fertilization in the first 3 to 5 days, after you have unprotected sex. Neither it, nor the Deviry will terminate an existing pregnancy. Since you also suffer from PCOS,...
Updated 2 days ago.
Early Periods
5 Replies RSS
m boy friend is coming , last my periods was on 24 march , is their any possible way so that my periods come early 2 or 3 days. ## If you are using birth control tablets, you can easily be control of when you get it, simply by starting the inactive pills early, or by skipping your period entirely, by just starting a new pack of active pills. It is perfectly safe to do so. However, if you aren't using them, then I am afraid there really isn't anything you can do, biology will have its way, even if it's inconvenient for you. Are there any other questions? ## Hai my marriage on 13feb and my periods will start on 12feb i dont want to use premolatin for postponing i want early periods so plz suggest me which medicine is used to get early periods ## I had sex with my bf, without p...
Updated 3 days ago.
Oralcon Contraceptive Pills
31 Replies RSS
Am using oralcon for the first time. I just wanted to know when will I have my periods because I am now taking the red pill, am on the 3rd pill, but still nothing. Am now worried, can I be pregnant? ## Usually when you first start taking birth control, it's contraceptive effects generally don't take full effect until the first couple weeks or month after you begin treatment. Although I think this long time frame/waiting period may vary according to the brand. I'm not sure if your doctor or gynecologist also mentioned this, but irregular periods and missed periods are common side effects associated with these types of medications. This is largely due to the fluctuation in hormone levels, which ultimately have a direct impact on your menstrual cycles. Have you taken a pregnanc...
Updated 3 days ago.
I Had Unprotected Sex With My Boyfriend But Was Not Sure If Sperm Entered Vagina
46 Replies RSS
WAS INTIMATE WITH MY BOYFRIEND AND I AM NOT SURE IF SPERM ENTERED TO MY VAGINA OR NOT. I TOOK A PLAN B PILL. AFTER 7 DAYS OF HAVING THE PILL, STILL I WAS NOT GETTING MY PEROID. CAN I BE SURE THAT SPERM DID NOT ENTER MY VAGINA? ## me and my boy friend both are virgin we never had sex before my regular periods started on sunday i.e 14th of this month it ill usually be for 5 days we planned to have sex..i e on 21 which is 3dr day after my periods...but we stopped it just with rubbing each others with ours...the liquid substance was more from my side...his penis din't even reach mine half a inch also he also said he din't ejaculate any thing nor any thing came out of his penis but for a safer side i took i pill around 5 pm on monday but this happened around 2 or 3 p m on sunday .......
Updated 3 days ago.
how to change from daphne pill to marvelon pill
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Hi... Before I used daphne contraceptive pill po nun ngpa breastfeed ako.. Ee dna po ko ngpapadede. Nagtanong ako sa center if anu pwede ko ipalit na pills and they recommend marvelon pill.. So I started to take marvelon pill nun tue. Lang because i have ments, and na pansin ko po na d tumulpy yun ments ko.. Spot.. Then wed. Ganun pa din po spot lang.. What can I do po? I'm asking for your help po.
Updated 4 days ago.
oralcon contraceptive pill side effects
23 Replies RSS
What side effects have others experienced and how long do the side effects last for? ## Hi, Rassie! How are you? The side effects, if they occur, can start within a few days and last 2 to 3 months, since these are hormonal based contraceptives. They may include nausea, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding/spotting, headaches and weight changes. However, you may not experience any of them, some people do and some people don't. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Hi there. I've been using Oralcon for about two weeks now. And my breast are painful to the touch and heavy. I've also noticed that they're big. I wanna know how long is this going to last? ## Hi, Ive been on oralcon for the past three months and have gained a significant amount of wieght since then. I hove ...
Updated 4 days ago in Nikki.
Continuous Bleeding?
2 Replies RSS
I started taking Sprintec on December 26th and I have been bleeding since. It's very frustrating because pads are not cheap (at least the good ones) and I am using box after box. It's not heavy bleeding- but it is constant. My fiance and I haven't been able to have any type of intercourse. My bleeding is the heaviest right after I take my pill and I experience painful cramps. I want to stop taking this medication and last night and tonight I did not take my pill....will this stop the bleeding if I cease my use of Sprintec? I'm also kind of a "herbal" woman. I truly do not believe in medication. So could my body be rejecting it due to not having any type of pill in my system for years? Thank you ## Hello, Mele! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem tha...
Updated 4 days ago in Sprintec.
want to fall pregnant but have been using nur isterate as contraceptive.
150 Replies RSS
How long does it take for nur isterate wear off because i would really like to become pregnant soon. I have been using the injection since May 2011 to Nov 2011. should i take pills instead so that my cycle can return faster or what? i desperately need advise on this regard because i want to have a baby. ## Have you consulted your doctor? From the time you stop the injections, you should probably allow a few months for your body to return to normal, before you try to become pregnant. It will greatly help your chances of getting pregnant and of carry a healthy baby to term. ## I've been using nur isterate for 3 years then stoped using it few months ago about for 4 months then went for another injection 2 months back, now i want to fall pregnant but i've been expiriencing some vagi...
Updated 5 days ago in Folic Acid.
can lime and lipton tea prevents pregnancy
8 Replies RSS
Please I need to knw if I take lime and lipton,will it prevent me frm getting pregnant? Does it have an after effect in future,cos I wouldn't want to have complications when I want to get pregnant in future.thanks ## Can lipton tea prevent someone not to get pregant ## Can taking Lipton yellow label and Lipton lime prevent someone from getting pregnant? Please I want to know because I take it always and now am married and I want to start making babies but I still take them so I want to know. ## No, neither of this will prevent pregnancy, either alone or combined. I'm very sorry of the confusion, there are a lot of myths regarding how to prevent pregnancy. If you want to prevent pregnancy, then please see your doctor to discover the best contraceptive method for you to use that i...
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