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how to abort one month pregnancy at home.
I am 27.please tell me how I avoid one month preganacy at home.which pill I should take so that I aboided that pregancy ....please rply me soon ## hi my name is ria ,i had sex with my partner and i am missing my period now,looks like i am 1month pregnant.Is there any ## I am 27.please tell me how I avoid one month preganacy at home.which pill I should take so that I aboided that pregancy ....please rply me soon ...
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Mon, May 26 '14, 8:44 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 252981
How Long Does Ambien Stay In Ones System
Im in a drug court program and im tested twice weekly. I have been having trouble sleeping, a few months ago I was prescibe ambien but now that Im on the program Iam afraid to take it, I dont want to risk getting a positive test so what Im wondering is how long wil it stay in my system Can anyone help? ## Hi alicia, Ambien has what is called a short half-life, which means it doesn't stay in the system for very long. You didn't mention what strength pills you were taking or whether they are extended release or not, so it is hard to give you an exact answer, but 48 hours after the last dose would be safe to say it would be out of your system. On average, Ambien will remain in your body not much past the 24 to 36 hour mark and certainly no longer than 48 hours. I hope this helps! #... ...
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Mon, May 06 '13, 5:25 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 228770
Hydrocodone- same medicine different dosages will it show up as the same medicine since dosages were different?
My husband got a tooth cut out last week and was prescribed hydrocodone for the pain, he gets a monthly prescription for hydrocodone neways because of a back injury. Since the dosages are different he had a drug test just this Monday so will it show up as one medication or will the different dosages show up as well? He has a prescription for both but I was just wandering. Thanks for the help. ## I wrote a question earlier but I just re -read it and I meant to say miligrams (mg) instead of dosage. He's got 2 prescriptions for hydrocodone but one mg is different from the other so since they are different will it show up as hydrocodone? Or hydrocodone and their mg? He had a drug test on Monday so I was just wandering I'm not worried he's got a prescription for both but I just d... ...
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Tue, Jun 10 '14, 7:04 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 218015
tablet name to avoid pregnancy one month
Hi, sir, ma'am.. Iam from India & My gf is pregnant for one month. Please suggest me the best tablet or injection to avoid pregnancy. ## I did sex with gf last month on 25 nov and my gf period date is 5 dec but she is period not come pliz what z the tablet name ## i am jaynti i did sex with gf last month on 15 of december and her period date is 29 but her period is not come so she is pregnat...4ello pls suggest meee.. Ye meri life ki matter pls help me... Nd suggestions me good teblet for stop her pregnancy. .. Plsss.. Plsss ## Bhai mere bhi yahi hal hai kuch pata cahle to batana plss.... Mere bhaii ## I did sex with gf last month on 23rd jan2014 now she is vomiting last 7days please tell me what should do and which tablet have to give.... ## mera last priod date 30 jan tha bt a... ...
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Tue, May 27 '14, 1:38 AM   9  Subscribe to thread 254062
how to abort one month pregnancy URGENTLY
hi my name is ria ,i had sex with my partner and i am missing my period now,looks like i am 1month pregnant.Is there any way to abort this,please tell me safe pill. thanks ## I have one month 4 days over Please let me know the pill in Canada. ...
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Sun, Dec 01 '13, 8:18 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 256252
My name virendra. I did sex with my wife and after sex i give unwanted 72 tab her she after 15 day she is periods comes and I again after 15 day I again did sex with her and she is periods come after 20 days. Please tell me What I can do for her? ## If I am understanding you correctly, you and your wife had unprotected sex and each time you did, you got her emergency contraception tablets, which have caused her to bleed each time she took them? If so, they are hormonal based tablets and that can be a normal side effect of using them. She may experience irregular bleeding for the next several months. Learn more emergency contraception details here. There is nothing you can do, it will just take time for her body to get back to normal after taking them. If it continues, or if they bleedin... ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Fri, Mar 28 '14, 10:10 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 236185
Yellow round pill w/raised arrow on one side
I found two yellow round pills w/raised arrow or may be an A on one side. In my son't room. Called poison control, no help took it to a phy. no help. anyone out there who can help me find out what this is. Very worried parent!!!!! ## I have removed the incorrect response to avoid confusion, this is actually an 81mg Aspirin tablet. Did you have any other questions? ## it is ecstacy. ## R u positive it is ecstasy?? I found same pill & can't figure out if its asprin, or ecstasy??...I looked on so many sites and I am getting same response's some say asprin? & sum say ecstasy???....well, idk but I never seen any asprin that looks like this, generic or not!!!?!!!.....if u kno for sure which it is please respond....thanx! ## I have the same pill (yellow/beige, a raised arro... ...
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Sat, Feb 15 '14, 12:27 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 191458
bac 3 I'm on methadone for chronic pain, Need ER to help with lortab cough syrup, does methadone show up as morphine on drug test
I need help from the ER with maybe some lortab cough syrup due to being extremely sick with bronchitis but I'm afraid they'll drug test me and see I'm on methadone. I know honesty is the best policy,but I'm in agony and really need something more from ER so can u tell me if the methadone will show up? And if so will it show up as morphine? I have tried being honest with ER about methadone before & they are very rude with no help! ...
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Sat, Jun 21 '14, 12:09 PM   0 
pill with 4357 on one side and 150 on the other
pill with 4357 and two tine triangles and 150 onthe other side ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Ranitidine hydrochloride (150 mg). To view information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## +NO MATTER WHAT I EAT I GET HEARTBURN SO BAD THAT IT BURNS MORE & MORE I CAN CRY. I DO CRY. IT STAYS WITH ME FOR A LONG TIME, I DONT KNOW HOW LONG IT WOULD STAY WITH ME IF I DIDNT TAKE SOMETHING AT THE TIME. IVE NEVER TESTED IT BECAUSE OF SUCH PAIN. WHEN I LIE DOWN, BEND OVER WHILE WORKING IN THE YARD OR SOMETHING. SEX ALWAYS. WHEM I AWAKE IN MORNING. ALL DAY ACTUALLY. EVERY HR. I CUT OFF SWEETS, ALL, EVEN SOME NATURALS FRUITS KILL ME>PEACH,PLUMS WORSE,BANA... ...
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Tue, Jun 10 '14, 9:12 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 194093
how long herion stays in system used one time
On methadone for chroic pain 4 10mgl a day still sufferm so I tried a 50 dollar herion in a 2 day peroid I snorted it YUK! It don't help and made me ill. Serious nasty dirty stuff and I want it out of my system. How long will it take? It was like 7 lines. ...
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Fri, Jul 04 '14, 9:06 PM   0 
yellow square pill g on one side one on the other
It's yellow and square ## IT IS A ONE MILLIGRAM TIME RELEASED XANAX , A POWERFUL BENZODIAZAPENE . ## I am having pain pill withdrawls! Very badly im used to taking about 10 lortab 10's a day and now i cant get any Does anyone know any relief? plz tell me i dont have any money to buy OTC stuff! ## In regards to the G 1 tablet, that identification is correct, but to be more specific it is a 1mg extended release Alprazolam tablet, which is a generic for Xanax, it's not the actual name brand. As a Benzodiazepine, this drug may be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, dizziness and irritability. You can learn more Xanax details here. And in regards to Addicted1981's post, there aren't really any OTC products that are going to help with severe... ...
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Thu, Jun 05 '14, 1:27 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 207446
if i only take one oxycodone how long till im clean
if i only smoked a quarter of a 30 mg oxycodone and i never used before, how long till im clean for a piss test? ...
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Sat, Mar 01 '14, 4:14 PM   0 
How Long Does One Suboxone Strip Stay In Your Urine
took 1 8mg suboxone strip how long does it stay in urine. ## A Suboxone is not an opiate it's an opiate blocker; therefore I wouldn't judge how long a suboxone stays in your system based on how long opiates stay in your system because it's not an opiate. From what I've heard and read and all the websites I checked it seems the average is as little as 4 but as many as 7 days that it stays in your urine but only 3 days in your saliva. 7 days is a lot, it seemed like the average was 5-6 so I would go with that. Although to be honest the best would be not to do it at all especially if you have to worry about it not being in your urine, which kind of implies that you have something going on where you can't have it in your urine. So stay away from it all until you are able... ...
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Thu, Jul 24 '14, 9:40 PM   47  Subscribe to thread 241080
90 pills monthly, Take Oxycodone Daily For Chronic Pain. Not Showing Up In Blood Work Or Urine. Test 2 Months Straight. Cause This to NOT show n lab
I was let go by my physician, him assuming I was selling my med's. I take 4 to 5 oxycodones a day. Didn't show in my urine or blood work on 2 months of lab work. I take my med's. I am now flagged and my records are assuming I wasn't taking the medicine and the Dr. would not prescribe my pain med's until I could get into another Pain Clinic and has assumed I was not taking my med's.. I have never sweared on anything but I will swear to anyone, I take my med's as prescribed to me. Please give me any info you can. This is my character being ruined and I haven't done anything wrong. I did report this to my pharmacy and called the manufacture, "Watson" to report this terrible mistake. ## I am sorry that you've had such a problem, that's awful. ... ...
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Thu, Mar 27 '14, 10:49 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 233178
I Take 80mg Of Methadone Daily For Pain Control It Has Always Showed Up In My Urine And Blood But The Last Two Months Bot Tests Come Negative Any Am F
I am taking 80mg of Methadone daily for pain control. For the past two months it is not showing up in my urine or blood when it always had in the past. I am frightened because now I question what the pharmacy has been giving me. I have felt less relief of my pain over the past two months, but I would have gone into withdrawal if the medicine was not Methadone. help, I need answers. If it isn't showing up it looks as if I am not taking it, which I am. I truly cannot without pain control. Thanks, hoping for some insight> ## Have you been taking it as prescribed? Have you changed anything else, such as taking in higher amounts of fluids, or getting more exercise? All of this, including your own metabolism and overall health, can have an effect on whether or not something is detecte... ...
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Drugs to abort one month pregnancy and how to use them.
Please i need a drug or drugs to terminate a month pregnancy and how to use them safely.i am 22years old and in Nigeria. ## i am 16 year old i leave in nigeria i have lost my first period i am still schooling i want to aborrt my 3 weeks pregnancy myself pls send me name of the drugs. ## i missed my period about 1 month and 10 days ..what will i take to abort it./ ? ## pls answer them na ## need to remove 1 month pregnancy. what are the ideas to abort of 1 month pregnancy ## I'm 5weeks pregnant.I took Gynaecocid,white quinine and apiculux at 4weeks buh I only noticed a blood stain on Monday.I still have sorebreast nd high body temperature every night.Pls I need answers on what to do becos I'm not ready for the baby ## My wife had finished her period on 1st of this month and we ha... ...
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pink oblong pill with 67 on one side and an A on the other
This is probably a prescription medication name please ## The pill you described is Amoxicillin (875 mg), which is used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible microorganisms. If you require further information regarding this pill, then please follow the link below... please post back if you have any more questions or concerns, and I will be happy to help you. ## I found these pills in my boyfriends pants..he has been know to take penicillin(spellcheck) after unprotected sex..does this work the same way to elimnate stds..he told me it was pepto bismol!! ## How often do you take this medication ? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Amoxicillin.
Wed, Jun 19 '13, 11:38 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 194713
How to use manforce tablet for one time only before sex.
Hi... I'm 24 and i'm going to have sex within few weeks and i want to stay for long and satisfy my partner as well. I just want to use it for once. When i masturbate i ejaculate within 3-4 mins. But this time i want it to be so long. Please help me with which tablet should i use and how much time before should i use. ## i want to do sex atleast 15 minutes nd i am 21 yrs old if i masturbate then ejecuated in 2 to 3 minute .so help me which medicine we should take nd how ## name of sex tablet,minimum 15 to 20 mints, ...
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round green pill with 833 on one side and teva on the other
Green round pill with a middle cut with 833 on top half and teva on other side of pill. ## The pill which you are describing is Clonazepam (1 mg); which is a benzodiazepine derivative with highly potent anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, and anxiolytic properties. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## My friend told me to take heroine with a bunch of xanex. Is this a good idea? ## No it's a horrible would be mixing an opiot with an anti-anxiety medicine which would be and upper and a downer. Bad news for the old blood pumper....I'm sure the "buzz" would be good but you could DIE! ## my friend also did the same but only snorted h and on xanex. she passed away. im assuming one... ...
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Thu, Jul 03 '14, 8:35 PM   28  Subscribe to thread 211463
how long will a 10th of h and one perc 30 stay in your system
I did a shot of h on Friday and a perc30 on Sunday was clean 48 days prior how long will it stay in your system? Please I gotta drop for pre trial this week sometime... ...
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