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How To Take Althea Pills

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Althea Pills
pde po ba sakin ang pills na to. kahit virgin pa po ako?gusto ko po ksing kuminis meron po ksi akong tigyawat eh ## bakit dumarami ang varicose veins ko sa binti? epekto ba ng althea? ## Hello po. I am worried kase my period hasn't come yet. it's 5th day sa Free Pill ko. Pero ndi po ako nag delayed ng pag inom. My cycle starts sunday and ends saturday. Possible ba mabuntis ako? ## ask ko lng po 4years na kaming mag kalive in,,every 3months ako mag karun ng menstration...last menstration ko feb.tas after 3months ngayong may 2...isang beses lng ako nag ka mens..anu kayang pills ang kelangan kong gamitin.. ## ndi ka po buntis..., just w8 for your period lang within 7 days..., aq kc tuwing 6th day aq ngkakaroon. worried din aq dati kc 5th day na wala pa rin qng period pro ngkaroon a... ...
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Althea Pills..
hi...may anak po ako na 9 months..and until now breastfeeding pa din ako sa kanya..pero nag a-alternate naman ako ng formula milk...pero until now wala pa din ako period..nag iisip kasi ako kung maaari na ba ako mag take ng pills kahit hindi pa ako nagka-ka-period..??? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sun, Nov 11 '12, 8:59 AM   0 
how to change to althea pills
Im using lady pill for almost 6 months and i really gain weight. I want to switch to althea. How will i start?lady has 28 tablets while althea only 21. ## Hello, Shane! How are you? Just do a smooth switch, unless your doctor has instructed otherwise. You'd just start the Althea tablets on the same day that you'd start a new pack of the Lady pills, then the week of your period, you just don't take any. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 2 months ago.
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althea pills proper intake
Hi . I am a user of Althea more than 8mos already. and this november i got confused. i forgot when was the last day i took the last pill. I am confused if it is Saturday or sunday? so hindi ko alam when shall i take another pack? if Saturday was the last day i am supposed to take it ng sunday? but if sunday, i am supposed to take it ng monday. para hindi na ako maconfuse i am thinking of taking the first pill ng Sunday. para rin makasabay ako sa chart na nasa pill. please advise sisses. thanks ## Hello, Poision Ivy! How are you? Sorry about the confusion. Most of these typically start on a Sunday and, since you take a full 7 days each week, you'd also start the new pack on a Sunday. IE: You should make sure to take a full 7 days off of the active tablets and start the new pack on th... ...
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Althea 21 Pills
ok lng po bng uminom ako ng althea pills kahit n ligate n po ako, kc po , 36 years old n po ako d po b msama para skn e2 alam k po ksi n nkagaganda ng kutis at nkakapayat ang athea pills ok lng po bng mag take ako n2. salamat po. sa yahoo mail k n lng po kayo skn mag reply , thank you po ulit.wag nyo n pong i post s wall k ... ## Sorry, ngunit ako nagkakaproblema sa pagkuha ng isang wastong translationg ng iyong post. Bibig contraceptive tabletas dapat ay dadalhin sa isang beses araw-araw, araw-araw, upang protektahan ka laban sa pagbubuntis. Kung ikaw ay hindi tiyak tungkol sa kanilang paggamit at kaligtasan, dapat mong hilingin sa iyong doktor ang anumang mga tanong na mayroon ka. Maaari silang maging sanhi ng epekto, tulad ng pagkahilo, sakit ng ulo, pagbabago timbang at iregular reg... ...
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How To Take Micropil Pills
Is it ok if i changed pills every month? my first 4 months i took althea pill but i felt that it makes me dry, then i changed to nordette for 3 months but i felt frequently headache, and now Im taking micropill. Is there any effect about it? ## You may experience some more side effects by changing frequently, because of the different hormone levels that are in them, but that's about all, unless your doctor has said otherwise. However, due to that fact, you should settle on one as soon as you can get one that works well for you, without causing problems and not keep switching. Our bodies really don't like the constantly fluctuating hormone levels. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Can I take althea pills already?
Hello po. Im only 17 years old but turning 18 on july . Gusto ko lang po itanong if pwede ba ako mag take ng althea pills? Ang dami ko po saking pimples. And I heard nakakaganda daw sya ng skin ? :) Please answer po, thanks ...
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Tue, Mar 11 '14, 8:30 PM   0 
althea oral pills
i would like to ask my friend had an intercourse with her boyfriend and she take althea pills 1 day after their intercourse is it possible that she would get pregnant...and today is her 7 day pill free...and she hasnt experience her menstruation ## hi.. di pa ba nagkaron yung friend mo? pareho kami e. nagtake ako 1day after the intercourse and hindi pa ko nagkakaron pang-5th day ko na sa 7days tablet-free. pls reply ...
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Sun, Dec 02 '12, 12:40 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 236972
when to start althea pills
i started taking Althea pills on Aug. 3 my last mens was July 24,2013 at the same time we use condom on the 3rd of august and always have contact using condom, till now no mens yet im affraid coz my mens always comes every 20th of the month, any chance of getting pregnant? ## Hello, Belinda! How are you? Have you checked for pregnancy, yet? Regardless of the precautions used, there is always a slight chance of still getting pregnant, if you're engaging in intercourse. Doubling up on the methods used means the chances of that being the problem aren't very high, but better to check and reassure yourself. If you're not pregnant, the delay in your period could be caused by any one of many different factors, from taking the Althea to your just being worried about it and stressing... ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Mon, Nov 18 '13, 6:10 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 251440
Yaz or Althea pills?
Hi i just want to know if yaz and althea pills have the same effect? which one is better? i've tried yaz pills before and my mens became regular but know im having problems with my menstrual cycle again because i had hormal imbalance and have stopped taking yaz for a year already and i visited my OB and asked me to take althea pills. ## HI, Ann! Yes, they are both hormonal contraceptives that prevent pregnancy and can help regulate your cycle. Has any testing been done to see which hormones are imbalanced? ## HI I WOULD LIKE TO ASK PO BECAUSE I AM A USER OF ALTHEA FOR ABOUT 2 MOS. AFTER MY LAST TAKING OF ALTHEA NAGKA MENS PO AKO FROM JAN.14 UNTIL NOW MAY SPOTTING PA RIN PO IS IT EFFECT PO BA UN NG ALTHEA? PLS. TELL ME WHAT WILL I DO PARA MAPREVENT PO UNG BLEEDING. THANKS ...
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althea pills - effect
Hi! Ilang days po ba bago mag effect yong pills? Nkaka 12 tabs plng kc ako and had an unsafe intercourse... ...
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Sun, Mar 02 '14, 1:07 PM   0 
althea pills missed 1
Hi i had miss one pill and have intercouse but able to cope up the next day. 2 tablet po ang natake ko sa ika 2nd day.. may high possibility poh ba mapregnant? ...
Updated 6 months ago.
Mon, Oct 14 '13, 12:31 AM   0 
Althea Pills questio
ok bng mg take ng pills khet virgin pa?.. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Sep 12 '12, 8:43 AM   0 
Althea Pills - Spotting
gumagamit ako Althea Pills kasi may hormonal imbalance po ako at daming pimples. ask lang po ako, normal lang po ba yun na nagspospoting tapos mejo lumalaki yung breast na may konting pain? ## I'm sorry, but I can't get a proper translation of exactly what you're asking. Can you please post back and clarify? Perhaps use all English, if you can? I'm not trying to be rude, but the mixed languages, such as this, are very hard to understand if you aren't familiar with them. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. ## HI. i took my 1st pill of althea on the 11th day after my menstruation, just want to ask, what would be its effect? ## Hi just wanna ask if my menstruation comes on the 5th day in tablet free and continue till 8th day do I have to take again the pill even... ...
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Men Taking Althea Pills
hi, im a 20 year old gay guy. is it okay for me to take althea pills? what would be the side effects of taking it...? thank you... ## hi, i think marami namng gays na nag ttake ng pills and is happy with the effect ksi nga nag bibigay xa ng female hormones. But I remember wn i was in nursing school our prof told us a story about sa ka kilala nyang gay working sa parlor.. happy xa sa effect ng pills ksi nga kuminis ang skin nya at lumalaki dw ung breast nya hangang sa may lumabas na na discharge ayon nag pa check xa at nasa 1st stage na xa ng cancer.. so i dnt know wt happened nxt kasi matagal na un eh many years ago. ## Prostate Cancer Another effect of estrogen on men is an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. The prostate, a small gland found anterior to the rectum, is part o... ...
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Wed, Oct 02 '13, 10:28 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 227746
althea pills for my skin
i have an acne sinse i was 12 years old and now im 22 years old, and i have also a irregular menstruation, i want also to have a bigger boobs it is advisable to use althea pills for my skin and mens thank you ## is it true that althea pills can clean up pimples and can in light my skin? ## How much is althea pill? ...
Updated 11 months ago in Skin Care.
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althea pills for 2 years
Ive been taking althea pills for 2 years because of my PCOS and naging regular ang menstruation ko. Until this time n napaaga ng 1 week ang dating ng mens ko ano po kaya ang implication nun? ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Mon, Nov 11 '13, 8:34 AM   0 
hello po.. i have one baby, 6 months plang po. i just wanna ask po sna kung pwede po ako magswitch to althea. trust lady pills po kce gamit ko kya lng po masyado po ako nhyang tumaba po ako maxado wla na po korte ktawan ko help me nman po how to solve my problem. kht anong pills po.. pls reply.. and magkno po ang pills.. gusto ko po kce psok pa dn sa budget. thanks ## exluton pills po gamit ko ngayon hnd po hiyang skin nakaron po ako na mraming pimples sa likod at mukha! anu pong dapat kung ipalit? ## pls. reply my question ## it is best to consult an OB for them to provide you with the best pills ...
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Althea pills for pimples
hi can i take althea pills without really prescription of a dermatologists? because i was told by a doctor that for the cases of me having pimples, i can take althea when i reached 18, .. so if incase that i still have pimples and i reached 18, can i still take this pills even without the prescriptions of a dermatologist doctor? is it good for our health??? taking pills??? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Sat, Nov 05 '11, 4:04 AM   0 
althea pills first timer
hi, Im lea, first time ko po ng take ng althea pills i take it on my first day.naubos na poh ung 21days na pills..tpos nasa free pills na poh ako na 7 days...Dinugo po ako nong augst 7 natapos nong august 9 spotting nalang..tpos sabi kase sa instruction pag free pills kana na 7 days dyan possible na darating yong regla mo..pero ngaun wla pa kase eh..ano po effect non?possible ba na delay lang sa next week pa 2nd pack na kase ako..pls reply ## hi, im Lyn 1st time ko po mag take ng althea pills..uminom po aq,nung 1st day ng menstruation q,.an prob. q po is.until now dinudugo prin po aq.e pang 9 days na po..normal lng po b un or itgil ko po an paginom? plz. help me po..tnx ## pareho tayo.. nagkaron ka na ba? na-delay lang ba mens mo?? nagstart ka ba ng new pack kahit di ka pa nagkaron? ## ... ...
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