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Redumed rimsa diet pills capsuel green and white
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want to know the side affects ## Someone uses a green and white small capsule for a diet pill. They get it from another country and it comes in a baggie. Who can I take it to to find out what is in it? ## Please please help me know how to order Redumed? I had an aunt who was going to Mexico for me and bringing it back.... is there another way? ## @Lyn, I've heard of similar diet pills that come from Brazil, does that sound familiar? Many diet pills these days contain phentermine, which can be quite dangerous, so hopefully that's not the main ingredient. I recommend taking the pills to a pharmacy to see if they can do a lab test. I hope this helps to answer your questions! Please post back if you need further assistance. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Phentermine.
Tue, May 28 '13, 2:03 AM
Rx656 capsule
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green and white capsule ## the pill is green and white and has RX656 on it what does it do and what is it ## This is Cephalexin 250mgs, an antibiotic used to fight infections. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Cephalexin.
Sun, Feb 04 '07, 5:16 PM
HELP, capsule half pink with white/pink balls
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i would like to now what is the name of this capsule or what is it for.. pleasee, it's half pink and the other half is transparent with little pink & white ( & maybe some kinda yellowish balls i'm not really sure about the yellow ones maybe they're just white ).. if you could help me identify this capsule i would be really grateful:) ## name on capsule MIRCO, it has white and pink balls inside. capsule is 1/2 clear and 1/2 white ## I'm trying to get the name of antibiotic I was treated with while in the hospital being treated for staph internal and external on my stomache it was darn green and transparent capsulewith pink and white beads visable thru transparent side,i was allergic to it ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Sat, Oct 18 '14, 3:20 PM
Red Capsule L 2 With White Stripe In The Middle
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500 mg of Acetaminophen (generic tylenol) formulated with 65 mg of Caffeine ## Hi Kevin, The only similar pill I can find based on the information you provided, is an extra strength green Excedrin gel cap with a white stripe in the middle. It could possibly be a generic version of Excedrin, or manufactured outside of the U.S. If you're able to, I would consider taking the pill over to your local pharmacy and having it analyzed by their team to see if they can come up with anything. And as a last resort, you could ask them about getting the pills ingredients lab tested and brought back to you. I hope this helps! ...
Updated 2 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Wed, Jan 30 '13, 2:13 AM
Sleeping Capsule
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Green And White Capsule for sleeping ## Are there any markings on the capsule? That's what would enable it to be identified, the colors don't actually mean anything and there are many different products on the market, both over the counter and prescription, that are used as sleep aids. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Apr 17 '12, 1:57 PM
44375 white green or blueish pill oval
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i found a little white green or blueish pill has a number in one side 44375 is it a morphine pill? or what kind of pill is it? ## I've found a pill that is light green and on one side it has the number 44375 on it and on the other side it has a line through it. What is it? ## NO! This is NOT a narcotic, nor any type of prescription medication. Pills marked with a 44 followed by additional numbers are over the counter items. This one contains 2mgs of Loperamide, it is a generic or store brand of Imodium, used to help treat diarrhea. Common side effects can include: nausea, constipation, abdominal pain and drowsiness. You can read more here: Did you have any other questions? ## I found the same pill, except it was a white pill with a capsule shape but its not a capsule just a pill. It... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Morphine.
Thu, Sep 29 '11, 7:38 PM
mylan 4415 capsule
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green and white capsule ## The capsule in description is Flurazepam HCl (15 mg). NOTE: This particular pill is noted to be blue and white in the drug databases. It is used for short-term treatment of patients with insomnia. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
Updated 4 years ago in Flurazepam.
Sat, Jan 08 '11, 12:25 AM
apo 14 pill capsule
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Small light green and white capsule with markings APO 14. I can't find any information on it ## Hello, Maryjane! How are you? I believe the marking you're looking at is APO T4 and the capsule contains 4mgs of Tizanidine, which is a muscle relaxant that's used to alleviate the pain associated with sprains, strains and spasms. Its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 5 months ago in Tizanidine.
Tue, Oct 28 '14, 12:09 PM
librax capsule val
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small green capsule ## DOES LIBRAX COME IN A WHITE CAPSULE? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Librax.
Wed, Dec 28 '11, 1:41 PM
green and white pill with 140 on the green side and KLX on the white side
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green and white capsule with 140 on the green end and KLX on the white end. ## This capsule contains 250mgs of Cephalexin, an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea. Read more: Susten is generally used for women who has some sort of Progesterone Deficiency, this can affect their abiility to get pregnant. Some doctors use it to ensure that you do not develop a deficiency. this site is not medical professionals, so to use it you should follow your doctor or pharmacists instructions. have you tried asking them for more details? Do you have any questions? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Cephalexin.
Fri, Sep 24 '10, 2:49 PM
what kind of capsule
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are prozac capsules green and white with the letters ML-AO7 on them? I have found some in a drawer and don't have a clue what these are. ## the 10 mg. pills are a cap, that is green and yellow with the #'s 876 on them. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Prozac.
Tue, May 02 '06, 9:53 PM
capsule identifier
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Off white capsule with the numbers: 93 typed above the #s3109. They're on both halves of the capsule. I think some sort of pain medicine. Not sure. ## off white capsule; 93 over 3109 ## Purple and Gray Capsule ST-3FE on Purple side 224 / 3850 on Gray side Light brown powder inside ## it's a blue and orange capsule with the letters WRP104 on the orange half and 70 mg on the blue half ## found capsule/pill red and blue with tan band in middle inside is white and solid like markings at all on th outside....maybe nothing at all, but it is strange to my home, and I have g-children. ## DARK GREEN--LIGHT GREEN J2 J2 ## GXP Capule Lt. Beige, Top looks larger that bottom because of the joint where the top and bottom join, but the bottom of the cap looks smaller. My dog chew... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Tylenol.
Sun, Aug 19 '12, 3:50 PM
Dark Green And Light Green Diet Capsule comes in foil wrapper with chinese or japanese letters
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trying to find out the name and source of these diet pills my sister bought from a friend , she said it was in a white box but her friend gave her the pack without the box the where in foil like wrappers in sets of 6 not the hard foil blister ones and the had green chinese or japanese letters or some oriental lettering . please help me find out what the name of these pills is. ## I can't be certain, but they may be Fruta Planta capsules, they are very similar to what you've described and the box is white, with green panels and oriental writing. Learn more herbalism details here. They are supposed to be all natural products, but some of these have been found by the FDA to contain undeclared drug ingredients, so she needs to be careful. Does anyone else recognize these? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Jun 26 '12, 10:59 AM
green pill
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i need help understanding what this pill is i was told it was an oxycoton it is a capsule light green with no markings could someone tell me what t is please i have been looking for hours. ## i have to agree, That is not an oxycontin Under any circumstances you must find out what it is b4 you do antyhing with it good luck ## Kristan is correct. Prescription drugs in the U.S. must ALL have imprints on them to enable them to be identified according to manufacturer, drug, and the dosage. If you have a pill with no markings it would have to be an over the counter medication. ## watson 509 lorcets are light green t ## I got the same pill. Lime green capsule with white powder inside, said to be 15 mg oxycodone. Did you ever figure out what your pill was? Is this a new brand of oxy? Please hel... ...
Updated 3 years ago in OxyContin.
Mon, Mar 05 '12, 12:14 PM
blue oxycodone capsule
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in florida they have blue and green caps and blue and white caps that are all compounded and have no markings that are roxys 30mg. theres so many ppl getting the blues out here that they're having to make em quicker and this is what theyre doing now... compounded caps....depending on the pharmacy they come in clear caps too. ## 5/28/2014 - DAYTONA FLORIDA-Blue and white ROXY 30mg capsules have made people who IV them :sweating,fast heart rate and just an icky feeling. So these are either compounded with something that makes you sick if you IV,and it doesnt matter how you wasnt cotton fever either three seperate people all using seperate methods all got the sweats and fast anxiety type heart rate increase from these. They are around $25 so $5 cheaper than usual "blues... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Jun 01 '14, 5:25 PM
capsule identification
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Yellow and purple capsule with the imprint ST-2 244/3850 ## What capsule is yellow & purple with ST-2 on the yellow half & 224 3850 on the purple half? ## These are over the counter Stacker 2 diet and energy supplements. ## I have found sone light green and white capsules with nothing imprinted on them in my daughters bathroom and was wondering if anyone could identify them for me. Thank you for your help. ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Thu, Sep 03 '09, 11:00 PM
Kang Mei Slimming Capsule
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Hi have heard a lot about these diet pills some apparently not the correct ones and they are a white powder when original is green powder, any more info ## Hi, in fake capsule is white powder! ## @Alison, Just to confirm, I have also read that the Kang Mei Slimming Capsules that contain white powder are indeed fake. I found some information about these capsules along with images of the fake and non fake versions. You can view this information by clicking Here I hope this helps! ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Wed, Jan 30 '13, 1:18 AM
dietilpropiona 75mg white and red
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How can I find dietilpropiona 75mg, this capsule is white and red and the one I don't have the name its white and green little capsule the bottle is from Brazil. ## it there any other pill that really works better than sibutramina please let me know... ## I am looking for the same. My friend had these pills for her weight-loss and they worked. Her Dr. no longer has his offices in the USA due to the economy last fall and moved back to South America. If you have any info about them, please contact me. Thanks. 1: small red/white capsule 2: smaller green/white capsule 3: Comes in 2 white bottles with no name but probably from Brasil. brazilian diet emagrece I think. tarynwilkowski at gmail ## Diethylpropion is commonly sold in the US under the brand name Tenuate, this is a stimulant dru... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Diethylpropion.
Tue, Aug 11 '09, 12:49 PM
Pale yellow and turquoise blue (9542 on the blue) capsule
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capsule pale yellow and turquoise 50/50 colour - on the turquoise hald are the figures 9542 - what is the name and what is it prescribed for ## CAPSULE - Pale yellow and Turquoise blue in colour- the figures 9542 appear on the blue side, written in white. ## The databases that I have access to only list U.S. prescription medications and my general searching hasn't turned up anything that matches this description. Learn more prescription drug details here. Have you tried asking at a local pharmacy? They may be able to help you. Does anyone else recognize this? ## I have a capsule with the numbers 9542 on the blue part, the other side is green, what is the pill please ? Thank You ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Thu, Jun 19 '14, 9:37 AM
Picture Of Methadne Capsule
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does methadone come in capsule form, are they red and white with no numbers? ## No, there is no Methadone in capsule form listed in the U.S. prescription databases that I can find. Learn more Methadone details here. If there were, it would have to have some type of marking, according to U.S. law, to enable its identification. I'll double check my findings, but I find it very unlikely that this is any type of prescription product. What led you to believe it was Methadone? ## Does methadone come in a compound? And are they orange and green? Is there any difference between methadone and compound methadone? ...
Updated 4 months ago in Methadone.
Thu, Nov 06 '14, 3:06 PM

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