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Antibiotics and birth control started my cycle early
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I started on amoxicillin March 15, 2017 for a 10 day course. I then started my cycle March 19, 2017 (just two weeks after my last cycle). It has not been heavy, just a very light bleeding. However today makes the 12th day. Is this normal?Also, should i start a new pack of birth control being that i am on my inactive days. I am taking birth control Tricylen-Lo. I just want to stop the bleeding already. Please help me!
Updated 2 hours ago in Amoxicillin.
norflox tz allergy
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After taking Norflox TZ for treating a stomach infection, suddenly I observed severe red patches on my chest and also itching and swelling of my genitalia skin/scrotum. Is it because of Norfloxacin or is it because of the Tinidazole? ## Whenever I took Norflox TZ for treating a stomach infection, i got red spots on my body leads to itching and my lips appeared like they burn and become black. Can you advise me subsitute for this. What I have observed that I am elergic to Ofloxin and Ornidazole. Is there any good medicine for Stomach infection. I take Norfox 400 and Dependale M for infection and these two medicine do not cause any elergy but sometimes if these two medicine do not work, I need to take Norflox TZ. Can you help and advise me some alternate medicine so as to get immediate re...
Updated 3 hours ago in Norfloxacin.
Side Effects Of Daphne Pills
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its almost 2 years ive been using trust or lady pill. Until last MAY 19 2011 i decided to change it into DAPNE PILLS. Until now its end of JUNE 2011 wla pa rin ako nagkakaroon ng MESTRATION, i try to do PT but its NEGATIVE. Is it a normal side effect of using this pill? How can i start a new one, diba we have to take a pill on the first day of our mentruation? Pls help.. ## Oo, maaari itong normal, kapag pagkuha ng kapanganakan control, upang hindi magkaroon ng isang panregla panahon, kahit na hindi ka buntis. Sila naglalaman ng hormones at ito ay kilala upang gawin ito sa ilang mga tao. Sigurado ka pagkuha ng tuwid aktibong tabletas o mayroong isang linggo kung saan ikaw ay pagkuha ng hindi aktibo tablets o walang tablets? Dahil, kung patuloy na ikaw ay paglaan ng hormonal tablets, pag...
Updated 4 hours ago in Tao.
deriphyllin is an antibiotic
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Deriphyllin syrup is an antibitic? Want to know thus medicine is an antibiotic or not! ## No, this is not an antibiotic, it is used to help treat some types of breathing issues. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Has your doctor prescribed this for? What issue is being treated?
Updated 9 hours ago.
Uti medication
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My doctor prescribed me 100mg 4x a day nitrofurantoin for 3 days. I finished taking them but my diarrhea didn't stop. And I have really bad acid reflux (rumbling of the tummy) how long will this medication last in my body? I finished drinking the meds last thursday at 3am, its now saturday here in my countrt. Thank you. ## Those can be normal side effects of this medication, as reported by the NIH. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and non-allergic skin rash. How are you doing? Has there been any change?
Updated 11 hours ago in Nitrofurantoin.
what is sporidex af used for
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Does clavam 625 contain sporidex ## This medication is listed as containing Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid, it is an antibiotic that is used to treat or prevent bacterial infections. Its typical side effects are listed by the NIH as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Is there anything else I an help with?
Updated 11 hours ago in Amoxicillin.
Augmenten antibiotic excretion rate
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How long does the antibiotic Augmentin remain in your blood stream? I need to know for a research study.
Updated 17 hours ago in Augmentin.
amoxicillin dosage for 4 year old
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She weighs 41 lbs and has an abscess on her gums ## Hello, Maria! How is the little lady? What dosage has her dentist instructed her to take? The dosage can vary, depending on the type and severity of the infection. Does she have a bad tooth? You should follow their instructions, as provided, to properly eradicate the infection. This medication may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. ## My granddaughter was given amoxicillin 400mg/5ml susp. and I was informed that she should take 10 ml twice a day. She is 4 years old and weighs 42lbs. Is this dosage correct for her? Thank you.
Updated 21 hours ago in Amoxicillin.
betamox during pregnancy
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My cousin took betamox last night around 3AM in the morning. She started bleeding and she is only 8 weeks pregnant, could something be wrong with her baby? ## Hello, Motso! If she's bleeding, she needs to see a doctor immediately, both her life and the life of the baby could be in danger. Betamox contains the active ingredient Amoxicillin, it's just an antibiotic that's used to treat infections. While she shouldn't take it, unless her doctor tells her that it's okay, it won't usually cause such bleeding. Learn more Betamox details here. Its normal side effects may include nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Does she have a doctor she can see? ## I am 7 weeks pregnant and I experienced a small amount of blood. My doctor gave me betamox. Will it...
Updated 1 day ago in Amoxicillin.
What Is Teva 3147
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I am not sure what this medicine is.It may not be compatible with my physical condition. ## The pill which you are describing marked TEVA 3147 is Cephalexin (500 mg); an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections. Adverse effects from Cefalexin can include: diarrhea, dizziness, agitation, headache, indigestion, joint pain, stomach pain (usually mild) and tiredness. The drug can also cause yellowing of the eyes or skin; red, blistered, swollen or peeling skin; unusual bruising or bleeding; decreased urination; severe cramps and confusion. An allergic reaction to this medicine is unlikely. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling, or trouble breathing. To view more information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questio...
Updated 1 day ago in Cephalexin.
Brintillex (trintillex)
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I have been on Trintillex for several years now. I do not have any side effects. I did have headaches and dry mouth in the first several months. This medication changed my life for the better, I am me again. I recently became quite sick with what I'm hoping is a cold. I did have to start an antibiotic/antifungal medication today with a cyst that ruptured. What my question is, what can I take to help my cold. Itchy dry eyes, itchy throat, dry cough, sneezing and itchy/painful ear.
Updated 1 day ago.
Vaginal pain after taking long term Bactrim
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I took low dose Bactrim for 5 weeks for a UTI. While on it I started having vaginal burning. Called Dr about it who advised me to stop taking it. That was almost 4 weeks ago and still having vaginal pain and burning. Vulva is all red and inflamed. Very little itching. Tested negative for yeast and bacteria. Can't understand why it's gotten worse when I've been off the drug for 4 weeks! ## Are you on any other medications? Are you actively engaging in intercourse? Do you frequently take tub baths, or use a hot tub? There are various reasons why this could occur, according to FDA and NIH reports. Are you diabetic? Do you have any other diagnosed medical conditions?
Updated 1 day ago in Bactrim.
Nitrofur Macr 100 Mg/ how long does it take?
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About how long does it normally take before you start feeling the effects? I am using it to treat a urinary tract infection. ## Hi Jane, It's hard to say how long it can take for you to "feel" the effects of a drug, as every drug can effect each individual differently. If you're curious about what the proper dosage should be for a UTI and how long you should be taking it for, then the information below will be very helpful in that regard: "The recommended nitrofurantoin dosage for treating UTIs in adults is 50 to 100 mg four times daily, continued for at least three days after the infection has cleared. For uncomplicated infections, the lower amount is usually recommended. For long-term treatment to prevent UTIs in adults, a dose of 50 or 100 mg once daily at bedtime...
Updated 1 day ago in Nitrofurantoin.
apo sulfatrim efficacy
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How long does it take for this medication to work? I have been diagnosed with prostatitis. ## How long have been told to take it? The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Has there been any change?
Updated 1 day ago in Sulfatrim.
moxikind cv 625 side effects
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Hi, I have an in infection of gum my doctor said there's some pus in my gum so he applied an injection then cleaned and prescribed Moxileb-CV 625,500 mg. 1 capsule twice a day after food. I am little bit anxious please advise me. Thanks ## This is an an antibiotic that is used to treat various types of bacterial infections. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Why are you feeling anxious?
Updated 1 day ago.
lots of pain n feel like vomiting and hard to breath.
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I took penetrex n it has been havey bleeding two weeks ago with lots of pain without stopping for a minute n feel like vomiting .And con't even sleep sometimes its hard to breath and move can i have any medicine to control the pain? because of havy bleeding day by day am becoming weaker n weaker,so any food and fruit can help me out? pleas help me out..and after i take the penetrex i lost my weigh 5kg its that any serious that i have lost the weigh? ## I was prenant for two month and i took penetrex and it has been havey bleeding for two weeks with lots of pain n feel like vomiting and the pain does not stop even for a minutes and sometimes it takes hard to breathe too..Because of pain i can't even sleep or turn around ,and also day by day i became weaker and weaker a...
Updated 1 day ago in Penetrex.
how long do side effects of nitrofurantoin mono mac last
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I have a rash all over my body after a 10-day course of nitrofurantoin mono macro. The rash started the day after I finished the antibiotic. How long can I expect it to last as the itching is driving me crazy!! ## Hello, Sharon! How are you doing? If it's an itchy rash, then that's most likely from an allergic reaction, the rash that antibiotics can cause as a side effect is specifically called a non-allergic rash, because it just causes a topical skin rash, with no itching or hives. Learn more Nitrofurantoin details here. Have you consulted your doctor? An allergic rash may require proper medical treatment and you will most likely not be able to take this antibiotic again, in the future. ## I'm 28 yrs old and was prescribed macrobid 100mg for a bad bladder infection yesterd...
Updated 1 day ago in Nitrofurantoin.
antibiotics and false positives
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MY SON WAS TESTED AND CAME BACK POSITIVE FOR OPIATES WHEN TAKING CEFUROXIME. IS THIS POSSIBLE? IT RUNS IN THE PEINCILLIN FAMILY, BUT EVERYONE SAYS IT ISN'T AN OPIATE. THIS WOULD BE THE ONLY DRUG THAT COULD HAVE TESTED POSITIVE AS AN OPIATE. Please HElP! ## Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm really concerned about a mouth swab that came back positive for most of the things on there. I have been in and out of the hospital with kidney stones and they gave me all kinds of IV meds
Updated 1 day ago in Cefuroxime.
Clindamycin and Clotrimazole
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I have to under go a pap smear test on Feb 4th, 2017. My gynecologist prescribed clindamycin and clotrimazole for me to take till Feb 3rd, 2017. Is it advisable? ## I'm taking both for teeth abscesses (clindamycin) (2) 150mg 3 x's a day approx 6-9 months. This brand was labeled RX892 & was replaced with the RX692. Not only did my teeth infection returned I also developed a severe sinus infection. My Dr added Clotrimazole 10mg Lozg (1) lozenge 5 x's a day for 7 days. I have the same request as the post I am responding to. No one answered the question is it safe? FYI - since my last refill was the RX892 thanx be to God my teeth and mouth/sinus infection has begun clearing back up, only after my 2 dose of the RX892 clindamycin. Why is there no information re: this particula...
Updated 2 days ago in Clindamycin.
For How Long Does One Have To Take The Ilvitrim Pills And What Are Effects When Yuo Stop Taking Them
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i have been recently found out that im HIV positive and was given a months supply of Ivitrim tablets and vitamin B Strong Complex pills. what happens if the supply is finished and what other healthy pills that i have to take and for how long because i was told that my Cd4 count is 370. what is the way forward for me. What do i have to do for a longer life ## Ilvitrim contains Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, in many countries it is sold under the brand name Bactrim, it is an antibiotic and is used to help treat or prevent infections, because they can be very dangerous if you are HIV positive. As to when they are finished, that really depends on your treatment plan, which you should discuss with your doctor. Do you have a regular physician that you are now seeing for this? They should ...
Updated 2 days ago in Sulfamethoxazole.

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