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how to increase height ## Cherifer has been known to help increase height in children, but it is not proven to help with adults. Click on the link below for more information about this supplement... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## I took Cherifer when I was thirteen and this seemed to have no effect on my height. Now, I am already seventeen. Still, I am writing a paper about Cherifer and how ot works. And I would really appreciate all the help I can get regarding some infos about cherifer. Thanks a lot! ...
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Sun, Mar 15 '09, 4:33 AM
Cherifer PGM
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chemicals in cherifer PGM ## IM Tasking as cherifier tatangkad kaya ako ng 2 inch in 1 DAy ## be better ## Do I have still a chance to grow better, now that I am already 24 year-old? ## Reynante, the chances of additional growth, even with the addition of medications, at your age, are unfortunately very slim. ## i'm 19 do have a chance to become tall???? ## im a girl and im 13 years old.. i am currently taking this supplement, CHERIFER, since i believe many are using this and says it boosts growth.. do i still have a chance to grow? im 5'3 in height.. and i want to increase at about.. 3 inches more! badly.!!! ## will cherifer make me grow taller i am 22 and 5'5''. also will it have any affect on my birth control. if it works, how soon will i begin to see results? ## ... ...
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Tue, Oct 13 '15, 4:17 AM
cherifer capsule
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indication ## Is Cherifer capsule the multivitaminns with minerals and folic acid a good supplement for growing children? what are the effects of taking this on children? ## Is it still effective to older ones?For him/her to get tall? ## is it realy effective cause i'm using it now .. i'm 16 years old i'm hopping to gain more hieght ## gumagamit ako ng cherryfer pero naninigarilyo akhu...pde bang tanungin khung effective of hindi??? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Folic Acid.
Wed, Dec 05 '12, 12:11 AM
Cherifer Pgm 10 22
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i'm also 17 but theres possibility i will grow even a little my hieght 5' :( ## This is a nutritional supplement that contains a growth factor that is claimed to help a child achieve their maximum growth potential, but it is not actually proven to do so. Additionally, if you are done growing, then no supplement is going to help you grow taller than you are. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Hi :0 Im linne im 15 yrs old im a girl may possibility pa poba ako tumangkad?..nahhiya ksi ako sa heigt ko 152cm or 5'1 lng ako..cguro..gusto ko pa pong tumangkad.. pa kahit mga 5'6 manlang kasi parang medyo bumagal yung pagtangkad ko because lock of rest lging busy sa school laging kulang ang tulog ko.. nag take ako ng cherifer this time sa tingin nyo effective kaya ito? ... ...
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Fri, May 08 '15, 11:26 PM
cherifer pgm 10-22
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height increasing food supplement ## This is a supplement from the Phillipines, there is no scientific proof that it does as claimed. ## can u help me? i want to grow up. my height is only 5'2 ## does Cherifer PGM really increases growth? I am 18 and 5'3 in height.. i really want to grow at least 2 inches..but seems cherifer doeasn't work at all.. please reply..thanks ## How long should i eat the cherifer pills to grow up? when is the best time to eat the medicine and is there any effect? ## my sister bought me a box of cherifer premium instead of pgm, does premium are good for the growth? or just a vitamins.. plz reply me.. tnx ## i take cherifer, because i want to grow more, but it seems it doesnt work! ## when i bought cheriffer pgm.. the girl in the merury drugs says tha... ...
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Thu, Aug 27 '15, 12:26 AM
cherifer pgm 1022
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dark brown capsules, food supplement ## Heys guys i was just wondering if any of you have heard of the vitamin/supplement called CHERIFER. Many of my cousins in the philippines have taken it and i can say many of them are pretty tall for their age. So far i believe there are two forms of cherifer which are the syrup style and the normal capsule dose. The syrup style is only for children under 10 and the capsule they say are for children and teens from 10-22 (called cherifer pgm10-22). So i was wondering if i should take this supplement since its labeled ages 10-22 ( means i got 3 mos left)... ## First of all, being a vitamin supplement it is not proven to do anything, other than supplement deficiencies in certain nutrients. Second, 3 months would not be enough time to do anything, espec... ...
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Fri, Jun 01 '12, 1:08 AM
cherifer for adult
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hi good day, my question is,can i use cherifer for adults?i'm 21 now,turning 22 nxt march. I want to increase my height atleast 2 inches. My height is 5 inches. Thank you for replying soon. ## Hello, Mary! How are you? I'm sorry, but at your age, there is nothing that's going to help you grow taller. Once you are past your normal growth span of adolescence, things are done and no amount of vitamins of any type are going to change it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## hello Im Mildred Im turning 21 this month. I wonder if Cherifer can help make me grow taller by 3 inches? ...
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Sat, Dec 14 '13, 6:18 PM
cherifer pgm price
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How much does it cost? ## 19 pesos lng kapag no zinc 20 pesos with zinc ## sa mercury po bang price yun? ...
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Sun, May 10 '15, 7:26 PM
Cherifer Vitamins
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i'm 20 years old.. can i still take Cherifer Vitamins pgm? and how long can i see the results? please reply a.s.ap.. thank you so much! ## Hi Assir, I myself still takes the vitamin, I've been taking it since i was 18 years old, both of my folks are short 5'3 -5'4 I am 22 right now, and I guess it worked for me since I'm already 5'6, ( grown much taller than my parents.) I guess it doesn't really matter whether you would still drink it or not basing on your age since it is a food supplement, I myself is content with my current height but if I'm gaining height why not? but since I'm already 22 I'm not sure if I'm still gaining height., the reason why I'm still drinking it is because I feel that my sleep is much sound and deep rather than ot... ...
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Sun, Dec 14 '14, 2:35 PM
Cherifer side effect
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ano po ba yung mga nutrients na meron yung cherifer na nag.papadagdag ng weight?. ## Cherifer ay isang nutritional karagdagan, ginagamit sa paggamot o maiwasan ang isang kakulangan sa nutrients ito ay naglalaman ng at ang mga kaugnay na medikal na problema na tulad deficiencies ay maaaring maging sanhi. Kung may taong nag-nawala timbang o kulang sa timbang ay, dahil sa isang kakulangan ng tamang nutrisyon, pagkatapos Inaayos ang problema ay maaaring makatulong sa kanila upang makakuha. Ako nag-magkaroon ng problema ang ilang mga pagsasalin ng iyong katanungan. Ba ito magbigay ng impormasyon na kailangan mo? Kung hindi, paki-post sa likod at ako ay subukan upang matulungan kayo ng karagdagang. ## everyday i take cherifer . im 20 old nw i am a boy my hieght 5'4. my chance vh akung tum... ...
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Tue, Oct 06 '15, 2:17 AM
Cherifer supplement
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At what age is cherifer most effective? ...
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Thu, Jul 17 '14, 2:20 PM
cherifer side effects
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my daughter is 1 year and 9 months old. my nanis giving her a wrong dosage of cherifer (1.2) supposed to be .6. ## They are a multi-vitamin tablet, commonly taken to make sure that someone is getting the right amount of the vital nutrients our bodies need to help prevent illness and disease. The premium ones are intended for adults. Some of the ingredients listed include: Chlorella Growth Factor, Ginseng and Taurine. You can learn more here: And yes, there can be dangers to getting to much of certain nutrients. I am not certain what all the ingredients are in this, so you should stop your daughter's use of them and consult with your doctor, immediately. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Can Cherifer vitamins be brought from the Philippines into the USA? What is the Cust... ...
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Tue, Oct 06 '15, 2:11 AM
side effect of cherifer
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pano po ba tatangkad?ano po ba mga kailangan di na mga kainin para mas effective ang cherifer ## pwede bng inumin ung cherifer sa hapon or gabi?at ano po ba sideeffects nia? ## wat time p0 b dapat inumin ang cherifer pgm. at an0 p0 b ang dpt ndi kainin para magng mas epektib0. at an0 p0 b ung mas mgnda. ung may zinc o wla? pls reply. tnx ## ilang months po ba ang effect ng cherifer pgm? ## this cherifer thing is bugging me out. if you really want to be tall it's only natural. ok this our tips how to grow taller. 1. Eat at regular hours. 2. Don't skip any meal. 3. Don't forget to eat breakfast. Always start the day with a well-rounded meal. 4. Take the time to taste and to chew your food well. 5. Vary your menu. 6. Avoid pastries, sweets, crisps, soda drinks - anything that h... ...
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Mon, Aug 18 '14, 8:58 AM
Cherifer premium capsul
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what is the mg. of cherifer premium capsule and i am37 years old,and i took it 1 capsule a day.ples reply ## Stop taking it as it won't work Well I have never taken this kind of medicines in my life time but I am sure these medicines are just a method of making money and fooling people. ...
Updated 13 days ago.
Sun, Nov 15 '15, 11:13 PM
side effects in cherifer
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side effects of cherrifer vitamins ## I chanced upon your site researching for side effects of Cherifer. You sent me an email asking for my story. I have no story to tell other than I wanted to get answer for my son's research paper. My son is a student nurse in Philippines. I am an RN, myself but have yet to practice. ## im 26 yrs old now, and 5'2 of height. im asking if i can try to drink cherifier at my age now? and what would be the side effects in me? coz, my friend who did took this med. doesnt gain height, but gained weight. if ever can i ask what would i best do to gain height.. thank you... ## I've been taking cherifer PGM for like a week now... I don't know but I noticed i gained an inch. I measured my height before taking it and measured it again just now... I... ...
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Sun, Nov 01 '15, 7:14 AM
cherifer premium capsule
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cherifer premium ## what other medicine shall I use for me grow though i am already 17 ## where i can buy growth enhancer? ## IT IS OK IF I USE THIS CAPSULE I WANT TO GROW MORE IM 24 YEARS NAMAN.. ## sinong specialista na doctor pwd mag ask to take the cherifer premium pra ma check ang blood if it is compatable tnx... ## I'm using cherifer premium for almost 2 months but still no change on my height.... ## kakasimula ko lang ng mag take mg cherifer capsule... hopefully it'll work...(finger cross) anywayzzz... i'm 13 and 5'3 (girl) quite small though... (i'ma lil bit jealous of my classymates'z height hehee) lol ## im already 27 and im taking cherifer premium! do you think it is effective in my age. i must gain 3 cm only. tnx ## cherifer is only a food suplement..... ...
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Thu, Nov 12 '15, 6:52 AM
cherifer primmum capsule
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i want to know if it is working at my age now that im already 25 if i take that cherifer premium pls help e i need ur ans...asap ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Tue, Nov 30 '10, 8:30 PM
cherifer vitamins effect
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I've been using the Cherifer pgm 10-22 for four days, and after 20 minutes of taking it, I get stomach aches. I drink it after eating and the stomach pain is like the pain you experience when you are food poisoned. Am I doing it the right way? ## Hi Celeste, You are not alone, I myself, experiences the same discomfort when drinking Cherifer PGM with Zinc 10-22 , I noticed that the pain intensifies (feeling of like bitter stomach and wanting to throw up), specially if I drink it after having a Meal or drinking milk. I also noticed that my sleep is deep when taking the supplement but I easily wake up or is having some kind of sleep disturbance. and not to mention darker complexion and pimples., but I guess this are the signs that your body is already producing growth hormones, From mo... ...
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Sun, Dec 14 '14, 2:15 PM
What Time To Take Cherifer
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i'd just red that taking cherifer is effective at morning coz it's boost our energy throughout the day . . especially if this cherifer has vit B complex . . . and also drinking milk has a bad reaction when you take cherifer at the same time because calcium in milk is not good with iron . . that's why cherifer is best at morning or if you want you can drink your milk at night before you sleep . . or should i say have some research to make sure :) coz im not sure either . . ## Pwede po bang uminom ng cherifer sa umaga at gabi? ## Pwede po ba ako mag take ng cherifer kahit 21 na ako this month? I wanna grow by 3 inches taller kasi I'm 5flat. And ano ang expected side effects nito? thankyou po. hoping for a reply. ...
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Sat, Dec 14 '13, 6:25 PM
cherifer pgm 10-22 with zinc
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I'm a female 17 years of age and maybe 4'9. I only have 5 months before I become 18 and as far as I know women will stop growing at the age of 18. I am drinking cherifer for 2 weeks now. Will I still grow tall as in 3 inch and above? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, Dec 03 '13, 4:32 AM

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