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Dontlikethechange Says:
Does anyone know what Watson did or why they changed their formula for Lortab 10/500? It used to be blue and when I picked up my refill today they are now white. I still have a few days of my blue left but I swapped a few so I can try the white. I'm waiting for it to start working and I took it over 2 hours ago. My rx is 1-2 every 3 hours not to exceed 7 in a day. (my pm dr wants me on a stronger med but anything above hydrocodone makes me euphoric and I can't function) The blue color lortab starts to work within 15 mins. I took my first white color lortab 2 hours ago, waited an hour and took the 2nd and nothing. I will wait 30 mins longer and switch back to the blue until I run out. This sucks. I'm a full time law student, disabled, single mom and can't use my dominate arm because the pain level is too high. (My shoulder dislocates every time I move my arm, even after 3 surgeries the last one being a bone transplant to the shoulder.) Sorry about any typos, I am typing with my left hand and don't have the coordination in this arm/hand that I do with my right. Thank you for any information that you can provide me.

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hurting not seeking Says:
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I was told by my Dr that I could take extra acetaminophen, Tylenol and the Norco, that should have the same result as the loratab.

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Dirt Says:
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This is not accurate. The same thing has happened to me, and more than 10 people that I have discussed the same subject with. Something is OBVIOUSLY different.

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cathy deubell Says:
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next month in January can i still get Watson 10/500 or is it going to be 10 /325. . Rite Aid today. and was told that my 10/ 500 is going to be 10 /325 as of the first of January 2014. is it true that all the manufacturers have to make the 10 milligram 325 instead of 500 acetophen .please let me know if it's the law with all the manufacturers not just want some but all of them to start making to tablet what 325 tylenol in them

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concerned Says:
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Changed mine too. Now I just feel sleepy and the pain remains. They did make me feel better, not worse. More stomach upset too. There is more going on thats whats being told. Too bad for those of us that really need them.

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Nana 55 girl Says:
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Thanks for that info on Lortab, I'm about to run out and I was trying to find out what can I get to replace them. I've what you call "Hip Piriformis Syndrome" it very painful.

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Vikki Says:
via mobile no question that there is a difference n between the yellow vs white.on my last appt with my Pain Dr he advised he would have to cut back my meds to 3 a day. He claim/s its the fault of the government. 3 days later I took my son to see his pain dr. I asked him about the new dosage rules and he knew . Nothing about it. Sounds to me like we have 2 levels of pain clinics here in ky.
One can prescribe lower dosages s level 2 can continue to prescribe the amt the patient needs to function.I don't know how to find out if I'm right or not.

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elmerbud Says:
I agree that the Watson 10/500 white ones are different. About a year and a half ago the pharmacy I go to had all of a sudden switched to the whites and I can tell that they do not work as well as the original blue ones, then the strangest thing happened to me, I started receiving my meds from the V.A by mail and low and behold those were the blue Watson's. I don't know what's happening but I don't like it

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delylah Says:
Let me ask you.....Did you swap for a few whites just to try them or did you go to the pharmacy and get a refill. Which one was it. I hate when people lie on the internet. Just tell the truth. It's not like anyone knows who the heck you are.

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Kmans mama Says:
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Ok norcos are garbage!! They took the acetaminophen out of lortab 10/500 n changed to 10/325 n said u can take a half of a Tylenol when u take ur meds....ummmm I take it 4 times a day and that is far more acetaminophen than taking the lortab 10's!!!! Stupid move I have chronic pain from my MS symptoms!! Dumb move DEA everyone doesn't abuse their meds!! Smh

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69 GTO Says:
Yes it's true. But you can get the 10/500 till Jan 31st 2014 starting Feb.1st they will only have 10/325. I get mine at Fred's pharmacy cause I have no insurance and they DO have the lowest prices. Just take 2 of the 325's and 1 tylynol extra srength with it and you will get the same relief as 2 of th 10/500's. GOOD LUCK CAUSE CHRONIC PAIN SUCKS BIG TIME.

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Taz74 Says:
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After the first of the year they are no longer able to give you anything that has more than 325mg of acetaminophen in it. My daughter works at a pharmacy and they had to ship them all back.

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Anita Says:
The hydrocodone is the pain killer. Cutting back on the tylenol isn't as damaging to ones liver. To me that's not the big deal. They have even cut back on what a recommended dosage of Tyenol is now. It used to be 4000mg a day and now it't like 3000 or something. Don't quote me. I know we used to treat a lot of people with tylenol toxicity. Really messes up your liver. A lot of people thought that if you can get it over the counter it must be safe. Not necessarily. Think about it. You start out with hydrocodone 5/500. THen 7.5/500. Then 10/500. The pain relief is in the hydrocodone, not the tylenol really. Plus I'm a nurse, so I had a good rapport with the pharmacists in the area. I did Hospice nursing the last several years before I had to retire. Not trying to be a smart aleck or anything.

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Concerned Says:
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Because of concerns of liver damage from excessive uses of Tylenol, the FDA has made changes to the popular and previously VERY effective drug Norco/Vicodin. The drug is now made with 325 mg of Tylenol instead of 500mg. The drug manufacturers will say that there has been no other changes except for perhaps removing color additives or binders. Their claim is that the drug amount is the same!

I am a retired Registered Nurse and have been on this particular drug for more than 20 years!!! It has ALWAYS been at least somewhat effective for relieving the chronic pain that I've suffered with. I have EXTENSIVE Degenerative Disc Disease, as well as three herniations. The changes in the "new" Norco have rendered almost COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE!!! Instead of "some" pain relief, I now become just frustrated and very sleepy. I don't feel safe even driving on this "newer" version!! If you have the same findings, I strongly urge and suggest you call your pharmacist and ask WHO makes the drug which you are taking. They should have a phone number which you can register a complaint. If ENOUGH people speak up and have the same findings, they may be able to return a very good drug to the market.

I, for one will REFUSE to buy anymore of these particular drugs and will ask for another drug to try instead!!! How sorry I feel for the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDs of patients that will Be prescribed this newer version that TRULY require PAIN relief!!! Especially surgical and chronic pain sufferers!!! SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD if you are having similar experiences!!!!

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kitten Says:
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Ive been using loratab10/500 hydrcodone doc switch to norco 325 says its same . yes or no he said they quit making loratab.

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damn government Says:
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I agree with everyone on this topic. I have been taking the blues since 1995 when I was hit by a train and ejected from my vehicle. After the change my pain was worst during the day and I couldn't hardly get the relief at all. Now they are taking out the tylonol out from my500 down to 325 just ad the Norcos... when will they stay out of our lives!!!!!

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Rae Says:
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Ok, I'm going to drop a bomb here.. And there was a time when I cared how "in trouble" I would get by letting this bit of info out but I'm sick of these pharm companies.. Ok, no the formula of Hydrocodone and APAP has not changed except the lawful regulation of the mg. reduction BUT what the huge bit of info here the new binder formula contains naltrexone hydrochloride.. in low dose.. I'm not going any further.. Look it up and you'll get it..

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Puravidamaestra Says:
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It is the law. If you search it, you can find the notice to pharmaceutical companies, doctors, & pharmacies. The FDA sent out a notice to all of the above that no more than 325 mg of acetaminophen could be in any one med. They had until Jan 14, 2014 to fully make the switch. You can find a copy of a notice that Vicodin sent to drs & pharmacists that had the fda's request, as well as the info about how they were approaching the transition. They were going to begin introducing the new formulas in the fall of 2012 & then work for a full phase out. However, for those claiming that "it's the law" that the remaining meds had to be returned...NOT TRUE! The law simply stated a date in which the new product had to be made & the 500mg discontinued. The pharmacies CAN, however, do whatever they choose...they can send them back, or they can continue filling the scripts until they are out. My pharmacy has chosen the later, & I was able to fill my script one more time yesterday. Well, I assume only one more; thinking they'll be gone by then, yet all the drs are switching the scripts they write so who knows!? As for any dr claiming to NOT KNOW about the change in the law, which has been repeatedly well distributed among med offices, there would really have to be something off for a dr to miss this since 2011!!

For those wanting clarification....this IS def permanent. No more lortab. No more Vicodin as you have known it (has been reformulated) no word on a reformulation for lortabs. Norco it is. Or reformulated Vicodin. There's another name now too, can't remember. I agree there is a difference as well, was from the blue to white & now white to norco, & it's NOT just 175 mg of acetaminophen. As it has been explained to me, it probably is related to the non-active ingredients, the binders, and those in one happen to link up with your chemistry better than another. I swear by the ol watsons but have friends who want nothing to do with them. Some of them prefer percocets, which just make me sleepy. I understand the concerns about liver damage, but come on, 99% of those aren't taking what's prescribed anyway! So, now they just take more 325's. Problem not solved! I don't know at what point the govt's job became to protect us all from ourselves but the reality is~they can't do it. They just can't. But we, and common sense, will be casualties of the efforts of people who feel like the have to "do something" to fix it all...

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CiCi Says:
My script of 7.5 was more expensive, the pharm said it was the government changing the amount of ace/tylenol in it.......are you paying more???? I was not able to get today 01/15/14 as their price jumped $15 more is anyone else having to pay more??

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Dee Says:
Tylenol is Acetaminophen

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damn government Says:
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We all have to band together and complain about this to our governor and Please do so quickly and stay on them before some really gets hurt. With them not taking care of the pain and making us sick it is just going to cause more drug related problems.....

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