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Heroin 4-5 Hrs After Suboxone??

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Aileryn Says:
Any1 know if it's okay to shoot up heroin say 4-5 hrs AFTER having taken my first dose - 6 decidedly inadequate mgs - of suboxone?

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Verwon Says:
In reality, it's never okay to shoot up heroin.

However, to answer your question, doing it within hours of having used Suboxone is probably futile and dangerous, since the Buprenorphine is a very potent narcotic and the Naloxone is used to neutralize other narcotics.


Have you considered talking to a doctor to get help?

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Lola Says:
Verwons answer to this is 100% incorrect. Sigh, I wish, before people answer someones' question they would know what the hell they are talking about. When a question arises, esp one concerning your health &/or something as serious as withdrawals, my first tip would be to research, research & research. The internet is a good place for this. just consider where the inormation or knowledge is coming from, what is,if any,a potential agenda & don't believe every tom, dick & Verwon...Whether it be suboxone or subutex you must wait 12-24 hours since your last vike,oxy,shot etc. Sometimes you have to wait as long as 36 hrs to take either sub after methadone. If you take either subs before you are in withdrawal you risk going into something called precipitated withdrawal which is painful, nightmarish & excruciating. How can one be perfectly safe & know EXACTLY when (between the 12 to 24 hr period)they are in appropriate withdrawal to take suboxone or subutex? Type in COWS on the internet, it stands for clinical opiate withdrawal scale, upon examination of said scale you will then be able to properly gage your level of withdrawal & are then able to take your first dose of either sub. If you have suboxone you must wait(& again COWS wil help you determine this)to take it until you are in moderate to severe withdrawal. If you are in possesion of subutex(COWS once again shall help determine this)you must wait until you are in mild to moderate withdrawal. And, once more just to reiterate,whether mild or severe withdrawal symptoms, do not take either until 12-24 hrs since your last opiate. Very common out there/here,all around the internet is all the disinformation when it comes to the taking of the subs & the harm(or harmless)it may or may not cause before or after opiate intake. I have said this before & I hope I dont have to keep saying this too much longer...All the above info I have given in this reply is absolutely correct. However, let me comment on this sort of ill informed hysteria about people using vicodin, oxys,roxys,heroin etc. after they have dosed with suboxone or subutex. This is not unsafe, harmful or dangerous nor will it cause you to go into precipitated withdrawal(only the OTHER way around). You could (if so desired) take a few pills or shoot up some heroin even an hour after doing either sub. Now because the bupe in both has filled in so may receptors it would be difficult to get high esp the high that you would like or are used to getting. as a very general rule it usually takes at least 24 hrs, 36 is better, to really feel your opiate D.O.C. in any strong, enjoyable way.

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srtdpe Says:
I took 8mg suboxone 32 hours ago just did a bag of decent dope and feeling it . 4 hours per mg of suboxone is definitley an accurate gauge to use.

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cell187 Says:
I usually wait 5 or6 hours after taking sub to shoot h the rush is weaker but you can get high if u wait 6 hrs

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srtdpe Says:
Basically you said the same thing 24-36 hours like i said 4 hours per mg so 8 mg suboxone =32 hrs

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Shlax Says:
Hi I am tryin to kick H. I am taking suboxone and am on tasc. My question is if I'm taking suboxone and then smoke H. About 30-45 min later I know I won't feel the high but will the H. Show up on a drug test? I'm doing this to try and releve the stress of quiting. I know it's not smart but mentally it is helping I'm not having any bad reactions from doing this I'm just worried about showing up dirty on my drug testing. Does anyone have any legit knowledge that ill be dirty or clean if I'm smoking after I take my 8mg suboxone dose?

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Austin Says:
Suboxone has naxolone in it which is suposto block the heroin from u getting high nothing else. U will piss dirty the same as with out suboxone

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mmmvvvv Says:

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I have taken suboxone in the past to get off roxys. I bought 3 8Mg strips. I took 1 the first day the second i cut 1in half and did half the second day and half the 3rd day. I did the same thing day 4 and by day 5 i no longer needed the last half. I stayed clean a couple months and went back to the opiates. This time i switched to hydromorphone (dilaudid). Ive bren back on them for over a year. Now i bought 2 strips and 2 pills. I did my last 2 pills last night, woke up early for a job interview and took a whole strip. After my interview, i went to town and boight another k8 (dilaudid). NOTE. i took the suboxone around 9 or 930 am. Anyways, i come home and wait and wait some more deeply regreting taking the suboxone because i wanted that k8 in my veins soooo bad. Finally, at about quarter to 5, just a few minutes ago, i couldnt take it anymore, hence "addicted", so i put 1/2 of my little peice of heaven into my spoon, drawed it up and did it. I got a rush, although not as strong as usual, it worked. I am 130 lbs, 5'5" and the suboxone has been in my system for roughly 8 hours. I dont know if my experience can give anyone clarity, but i dont feel sick and i DO feel the opiates. Im struggling with my addiction because its hard work finding pills sometimes. I know i will get off them...again, but living in THE pill mill state, its only a matter of time before i will be back to playin arm darts after i get clean. Btw F%#k FLORIDA! moving to Florida is what got me addicted in the first place, and yes i, know i should relocate but unless your putting money in my pocket, i think you should leave those opinions to yourselves. Thank you, and i hope this helps someone.

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A bit Addicted Says:
I started 8mg of suboxone 24 hours ago and had another 18 hours ago. It gave me severe head aches, insomnia(due to head aches) but generally helped my mild w/drawls. I have been banging Dilaudid 8mg x 2 every 4 hours for 6 months. Pain is real the introduction to my body is addictive behavior but I'll deal with that soon enough. Any way my question is My doc gave me a new script for Dillies do to head aches and I want to bang a couple, due to hours since sub was administered above is 17 hours ago and counting enough time to get off. Thanks

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dont be Says:
Suboxone's half life is AT LEAST 24 hours, 24 hours is generally how long the half life is for someone with a fast metabolism. You need to wait at least a full day and a half since your last dose of suboxone (unless it was under 1mg or so) in order to feel anything from your gear of choice

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badger Says:
My fiance is on subutex and im preaty certin hes using herion aswell and i dont no wot to do coz if i aproach him with wat i think hes goes crazy and diverts the argument to me and calls me horrible names coz im the one thats accusing him.. I really dont no wot to do i have never been on drugs myself so i dont no alot about it

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A bit Addicted Says:
Badger, it is kinda useless to use any opiates(heroin, opiates) while taking Suboxone as it contains a drug, I believe it naproxlene(spelling?) which eliminates the ability to get high. Even if you use a ton of heroin the naproxlene blocks a persons ability to get high. So if he is using heroin he would be wasting his money. Additionally it takes about a day and a half to completely get the naproxlene out of his system therefore if he is using heroin he is not getting high or wasting his money if he is or he has stopped taking the suboxone over a day and a half ago. Hope this helps.

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craig H Says:
ive been on suboxone 16MG for a few months but stopped to use H again,last night i took suboxone about 5-6 hrs after H went into withdrawl,i want to know if after the suboxone is in system if i still feel bad can i top up with H

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A bit Addicted Says:
If you plan on using H again then yes. It will help with the withdrawls. (lessen/ease). H is a fast acting medication(system) short half life. If I were you I do more H because it will be a while before you feel better but you will feel better with a little more H.

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Tone Says:
Look I've been taking suboxone since January 09. I was a bad heroin addict and had been clean for about 6 months and believe or not stopped to grab a soda at a bodega on my way home one night and found 3 subs wrapped in cigarette cellophane. Now I don't know about anywhere else but in Philly suboxone are easy as dope to get there hundreds and hundreds of doctors who prescribe them. Now after you pay the $150 to see the doc every month welfare charges you $1 for 90 8mg subs, which can be filled every 25 days. There is a specific corner (Kensington Ave. & Sommerset street) right under the el where junkies sell Em 25/8...Lol 24/7 I was just trying to emphasize how available they are. Anyway I found them and knew a lot about em because that's how I would kick in the past or if for whatever reason didn't save 2 bags for the morning I always kept a few of them as backup. They are $10 all day on the streets and will keep you well longer then a bag. So that night I took one and I was f***in mangled! BENT! TWISTED! STR8 F***ED UP! To the point I was nodding but still didn't sleep that night but got up for work the next day and felt like a million bucks like I slept all night. After work took another one and since I started doing oxys/dope and would stop I'm a f***in minute man when clean and can't bust for s*** when I'm high (go figure) well I took one after work went to my girls and f***ed the s*** outa her for like 45mins not expecting to bust.... When I tell you I BUST ALLLLLLL OVER HER I MEAN I COVERED HER and it felt so good then I paused and said DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? So I continued to take em and maintained the same high and distance in the bed without having to take more. So that was then this is now. A few times I would get bored and not take em for a few days even went a week cold turkey and the worst withdrawal I got was restless legs and trouble sleeping which ain't s*** compared to dope. Now to your issue I have also gotten bored stopped for a few days and then shot dope for a couple weeks then right before I lost control started subs again. I've tapered myself I've done a ton of my own experiments. Never was prescribed them and for the past two years have been buying scripts of them off ppl and selling them so not only do they not cost me nothing I make more money a week on subs then I do at work and my job pays good. I always past drug tests because unless the test for em specifically then they don't show up. They are a favorite of ppl in recovery house because most are to cheap to buy the sub test strip. Now u e been on and off doing this really bangin ass dope (DIE HARD to at Argyle & R Ontario) which is as good as it was 6 months ago which is odd. Now I'll take a half of sub at 2:30 when I get to work (passed their initial drug test at a hospital to get this job all while taking subs) then I go grab a bag on my 6:30 lunch and I'm bent EVERY TIME! I am very hyper with a high metabolism. 29 yrs old 6ft2 160 been that height and weight since high school. Now today (MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SUBOXONE FRIENDS.!) I took a half when I got around 7 another half around 12 and I snorted a 30mg adderal so I ended up taking another half because some pills broke and I don't sell broken ones... So..... 12mgs of buep and 6of nalx.... Now it's 11:50 and I'm bout to bang a bag of die hard. Now I'm not bragging just stating facts so that people will stop giving false info because everybody's biological clock is different. I've NEVER got sick from taking them to close together. Now I'm gonna wake up early cuz I got s*** to do probely around 7 and pop a sub under my tongue AND GARUNTEE I'LL BE FINE. How do I know? What tomorrow morning could be different? I'm not being honest? Well I wouldn't waste my time with lies all I'm trying to get people to understand is DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! I've been doing this for almost 4 years so I'm pretty confident I know my body and that some warning label on suboxone either doesn't apply to everyone or maybe I'm special... And I'm pretty sure I'm no different then any of you...

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drock Says:
I relaps on h after taking subs now I am worrying I am going to od I do not feel high will I be ok

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drock Says:
I relaps on h after taking subs today now I am worrying I am going to od I do not feel high will I be ok

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Tone Says:
I've shot dope 2 hrs after taking half of a 8mg sub so I say yes but I've heard of ppl getting sick 24-48hrs after doing a sub so everyone is different.... Get on at your own risk!

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Fuji Says:
Yeah, you will have the heroin in your system. It just won't bind to your receptors. That's the part that makes you feel it.

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