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Dilaudid And Subutex
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Cheryl Dunbar Says:
I had a knee surgery yesterday. I have been using subutex to help me taper narcotics. I stopped the subutex 2 weeks before surgery. My doctor prescribed both percocet and oxycontin. I am getting no pain relief. The iv Dilaudid worked in the hospital. Has anyone used Dilaudid by pill at home

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postopprobs Says:
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Hi I recently had a hysterectomy was on IV Dilaudid in the hospital they sent me home with Dilaudid pill form but I feel sick like i haven't taken anything . I don't know what's wrong. Can anyone help?

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pandapocher Says:
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The best way I found to get off suboxone completely was to split my dose up over three times per day and then after a few days drop one off ur daily doses. For instance id take my 8mg strip and section it off into thirds. Take 1/3 in the morning, 1/3 in the afternoon and tge rest an hour or so before bed. Do that for a couple days and then drop the afternoon dose. After doing that for a couple days section it off into 4ths and take one in the am and one in the late afternoon, now ur down to only 4mg a day. Dovthst for a few days then section it off into 8ths and do an eighth in the am, afternoon and night time. Do that for a few days and then drop the afternoon dose. Now ur down to only 2mg per day! At this point u can stop all together and only experience 2 or 3 days of mild but bearable withdrawals or u can see about getting on the butrans weekly patch. Put 2 on the first week, 1.5 the second week, 1 the 3rd week and .5 the fourth week and bingo, ur off without ever feeling withdrawal. Ive done it both ways and have been successful with both, goodluck.

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boogie Says:
ive been on subutex for 2.5 months now I take up to 8mgs a day but have cut down to 2mg in the past 2 weeks I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and some neck and back trouble. I have duiladid 2mg here at home. took my last sub dose yesterday Am and it was prob no moew than 1.5 mg. how much longer until I am able to feel the effects of the opiates. I am in so much pain. Subs DO NOT help my pain what so ever. PLEASE HELP!

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Largichick Says:
This is incorrect. I started Tex Sunday night-1/2 tab, then 1/4 monday am, did a 1/2 D-felt nothing. No high nor relief. Did another 1/2 tab of tex this a.m. and a whole D full 12 hours later and nothing again. This slight amount of subutex is blocking the D completely, its a waste of time to take the D.

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Thepicenterofunk Says:
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That's messed up bro. I'm on 20mg of subutex.. Not what I wanted to hear at all. I have to get off of this stuff.

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Opie Taylor Says:
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I'm on 4 mg dilaudid 4 times a day for a knee injury 6 months ago. I too was dilaudid pump then fentynal pump. They sent me home with 5/325 norco which did nothing for my pain then they switched me to roxicodone which helped but only 2 5 mg tabs every 6 hours. I just had a 3rd surgery April 7 and have been on the dilaudid for 2 weeks now. I also had 15 mg oxy for a shirt period. The dilaudid works wonders for my pain as did the 15 mg oxy but the dilaudid makes me tired as where oxy didn't. If I had a choice I would choose the oxy. The dilaudid is a very potent though and my tolerance to this medication is increasing very quickly. I have to take it as soon as I wake up or feel like crap. If u can get by on something not as strong I highly suggest u do so.

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Bob Says:
Hello. I have had a very badly injured neck for years and have been on many different narcotics to help the pain. Every one of them have had side effects that were hard to deal with. After many Doctors and pain management I have found a fantastic doctor here in CT. He put me on Butrans 20ng patch (Bupernorphine transdermal patch) which was absolutely wonderful for 3 months. The best pain relief to non mood changing ratio of any drug I have been on Including Morphine, Oxycontin, Oxycodone. It was absolutely the best thing I have been on for my neck pain. Now the only bad thing, Approximately 40% of people are allergic to the adhesive that keeps the patch attached to your skin. Of course I was one of the Statistics. It made me itch so bad I wanted to rip my skin off the past two months. I just dealt with it because it worked so well, but eventually I just couldn't take it any more. It is such a shame because the drug worked fantastic. It made my pain manageable without the moods and constipation. I have now been put on Exalgo ER 8mg (Hydromorphone) It has only been a week, but the Exalgo is no where near as good as the Butrans for me. I know everyone is different, but Butrans was fantastic for me and I encourage anyone with pain to give it a try. Obviously if it makes you itch you will have to stop, but it is worth a try. Hopefully an increase in dosage of the Exalgo will help? Right now I am back in horrible pain after 2-3 months of manageable pain. Has any one had any experience with Exalgo? Will it help more once my body gets used to it?

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Dookiefresh Says:
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Yes dilaudid will overpower subutex for the most part cuz its only beuprenorphine and no noloxone. Some of the beuprenorpihine may still be hanging around your receptors but the d will overcome. That is depending how much tex u did. I just did it to day w/half d couple hours after tex and it felt just as good as normal.

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Brian on Sub Says:
I've been on suboxone for about 4 years and then switched to subutex for the past 5 years and there really is no difference like you read on this forum other then the naloxone prevents you from injecting the Bupunorphine (sorry about the spelling) which is the main drug in the Subutex and suboxone that does what people want done which is live a normal life with out chasing that high all day and then finally chasing not going into severe WD's. I was taking 40 10mg Percs a day when I stopped and I HATE Subutex now. It did save my life as my liver was starting to fail as the Tylenol in the Percs were 325mgs per pill so do the math x 40 every day. I have now Been on Sub. For over 9 years and it is a hell of a drug to come off of first off. Second off, I had my Galbladder taken out last year and my Sub doc told me to stop 3 days prior to surgery so I can get pain relief. My surgeon / internal med doctor that was doing the surgery had never even herd of Subutex and we met 1 month prior to surgery and then a week prior and both times that's all I talked about, to make sure he understood that I have a HUGE tolerance to pain meds due to the Sub for 8 years at that time. I even gave him my Sub doc and asked him to call him and please make sure he knows that the ONLY pain med that will work post op is Dilaudid which is true BUT you can't just stop a few days prior! I did it and my dumb ass Surgeon wasn't going to give me any thing but 5mg Percs to take home even after surgery the nurses had to go get my Anastisialogist to help with my pain which was in bearable. I felt like some one had ripped every muscle across my entire stomach and lower chest and I couldn't even breath without screaming. She told the nurse to keep giving me dilaudid until I responded to it, and they ended up giving me enough that would have killed a normal person and even a horse. I'm not making this up and the pain was still their but bearable and no high from all the dilaudid I. My IV like I used to get at the hospital long time ago. Then my dumb ass doc spoke to my wife and he acted like he didn't have a clue what she was talking about when she mentioned the sub. I have been on. So she had to scream at him to get a script to take home of dilaudid which was 2mg 4xs daily and it had a big 40 pills. I went through those in 3 days and was getting relief, so I called his office to get him to give me another script for the pain and he said after my surgery he finally called my sub doc and he had told him he would take back over after this. Which what he meant was I would go back on Sub. After my surgery was healed and I was done with my real pain meds. So he was done with me. I called my sub doc and really cussed out his nurses which I felt bad, I see them every month and for 8 years at thy time so I know them well, but he ended up calling me in 60 10mg Percs which didn't do s***, so I got on the internet and got 60 8mg dilaudid through a source which I do not condone but I had no choice. At the moment, the sources are gone for a bit but I have 3 herniated disks and 2 degenerative disks in my lower neck upper back area from a lot of major accident, as well as a knew that, well you just have to see it for your self. Gnu g is I need surgery on both but I am so scared to even go I to the hospital again and be treated like a dog on the street like I was. Top it off, after I came out of the recovery were they had finally given me enough dilaudid to calm me down, it took the nurse over an hour to get my pills to me there which was suppose to be more dilaudid. My wife had a script for it so she finally left to get it filled and while she was gone the nurse came back and handed me a cup with 2 white round large pills in it, and I asked her was this dilaudid? She just said take that and it will knock out the pain for sure. She have me 2 5 mg Percs. My wife came back and I asked her to get the pack out of the trash and it was what it was so I cussed the nurse out for everything she was worth and then and only then did anyone go Google Subutex. This was 3pm and my surgery was 6am and finally someone is going to figure out what I'm talking about. Then the nurse from recovery cam in to tell,the nurses that were stupid what it took to get me under control. They still never apologized and then told me I could not take my dilaudid I till I left the hospital due to policy even though it was my script my wife had just filled. I opened the bottle and took 2 out and took them. What I'm trying g to do here is get you to take this into your own hands and make sure you have a doc who knows about the drug Subutex and the. For anything to work at all, you really need to be off of it about 1-2 weeks. That's hell, so I suggest which is my plan next time is to get some Percs or something and start taking them about 3 weeks prior to surgery and stop my subutex completely which I am tapering anyway to stop for good but I'm down to 8mg/day which to feel any effect of pain meds from a doctor, you cannot be on more than about 1/2 mg a day. I once was off this crap for 2 ,on this but the WDs are he'll and they get worse after about 2 weeks and continue to get worse at least 1 month but mine got so bad after 2 months I had to get put back on it. My pharmacist who I've known for 20 years told me so writes it can take 6-12 months for your brain to heal and rid itself of all the receptors it has built up over the years and the subutex will not let your brain reduce them while your on it. It just clogs them up like super glue and you keep them all until you stop and then the Wd's start. Until your brain learns how to produce dopamine on its on thru the mu receptors through the endorphins. Please be very careful with subutex or suboxone, take it for a few months and get the hell off. O was told that off you are on it for a year or more +\- that you will go thru hell coming off. It's not normal Wd's either, you actually feel retarded and you cannot get your body to do anything. You can't keep track of time, things to so, work, even pick you feet up. I could not walk up our stairs, it felt like I had 50lb weights on each foot. It's called heavy leg syndrome. Good look and sorry for the truth but it is just that and doctors do not give a shot, they just want there money and to not get involved. I hate my doctor who kept me on this crap. He always told me there was barely any Wd's from it so I could easily stop when I wanted to after a couple years, bulls***. mnow I'm his research pig. He want even see me now either, I see his PA. He knows he screwed up a good decent man. I'm no junkie either. Never was. I own a pretty large construction company which I run it alone so it's hard for me to take 6 months off to hid I. My house but I'm going to stop building and let my wife's salary take care of us which she now makes a Huge salary so it's time. Good luck

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emma71 Says:
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I'm from Australia and have been on suboxone for 2years now.
My question is how do I start dropping the suboxone without having to double dose like the Dr recommended.
I'm currently on 4mg film now and have a big problem dropping down to 2mg as I start feeling very sore.
I know eventually I'll have to do it but would just like some different options from anyone who was on suboxone and has finished the program successfully.
Thanks for your time

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Carolina Says:
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I have been on subutex for 3 years and I am curious about taking four milligram dilaudid. would it be a waste of time?? or will dilaudid override the subutex? just wondering since the subutex has no naloxone like suboxone.

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Scared xo Says:
I am a long term suboxone user, 6yrs. I have to have a painful procedure done, and I am so afraid the iv dilaudid won't work! I dont care about getting high, I just dont want to be in paid during the please

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frankiedynomite Says:
Yes, diluadid is my preferred opiate because it doesn't have acetominophen in it, a liver killer, and is quite effective 8 mg = 60 mgs of morphine. I don't get nauseous or drowsy using hydromorphone and only need 4 mg in the day and 4 at night.

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emma71 Says:
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I am on 4mg of suboxone and slowly dropping down as I was on 16mg for 18mths.Now I want to come of suboxone but have been told that I will need subutex. Can someone please tell me why I can't just finish taking suboxone and not go on subutex.

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big joe Says:
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You got wait 36 hrs to fell anything after doing a sub

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joni Says:
She said subutex not suboxone, which are different. I am also curious, because i would like to get off my pain meds 100mg morphine sulfate 2 times a day and 4 mg dilaudid...Which i have severe pain and would like to get rid of the pain that comes from needing pain meds (addiction) and finally realize how much i need..It would be a help not to take pills because my body craves them..I don't get a good feeling from them any more . I take because of pain and addiction..If i were to go on both i could possibly get off...or get down to a much lesser dose.

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Kerrie Says:
Alexandra, I don't want to be one that goes on about you self administering an IV, but as a RN I have seen so many people get cotton fever and some die from it and most of all you could have strokes caused by injecting the meds because a small blood clot forms which I have seen tons of times but most of all my sister in law passed away that way as soon as she shot up she feel asleep and never woke up cause a blood clot went to her lung. But as for your question you should not take subutex at least 12 hours after taking pain medication. I wish you the best and pray that you just take the Subutex the way you should. And it will be hard cause you get just as addicted to the needle poke. But I wish you the best in life.

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Alexandra Says:
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Will I get sick if I take dilaudid and subutex in the same day. I've never taken subutex before. I inject dilaudid everyday. Sometimes twice or three times a day so I have a high tolerance. I'm just curious if i will get sick if I inject a dilaudid and subutex in the same day. Help please. If you're going to reply with a rant on how im hurting myself blah blah blah and I should stop then don't bother wasting your time. Not to be rude, sorry if I come across that way but im just being honest. Thank you!

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Sheila Says:
Can you tell me and tell me how you did your induction to Suboxone from Dilaudid? How long did you wait from your last dose of Dilaudid until you took the Suboxen). I'm going to start Suboxone Saturday, I hope. A lot nervous and not anticipating the withdrawals. I don't want to go into precipated withdrawal. Thanks!

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Pirate Says:
Howdy. I broke my back after losing my brakes in a semi in 1998. Surgery made things worse. Like many w/ long term chronic pain I have had multiple meds, treatments, etc. The past several years it has been mscontin 2x per day every day and 4mg dilaudid 5x a day as needed. Dilaudid is strong, chemically basically synthetic heroin. The reason the shots in the hospital were so much more effective is dilaudid isn't as active orally. IV/IM delivers the entire dose but a 4mg pill only delivers around 33% of the active med. That is why recreational users use alternate administration methods. Hope that helps some.

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