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(2) 15mg Oxycodone's Vs. (1) 30mg Oxycodone
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JP_Beach Says:
My doctor prescribed me (60) 30mg. Oxycodone's. But my pharmacist gave me (120) 15 mg. pills as a substitute. My question is will (2) 15 mg. pills have the same effect as (1) 30 mg. pill?

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PFunks Says:
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This person claims to be DEA haha he can't even spell posision did he mean poison or position? Man he needs a chalked up roxi 30mg to the dome sauce haha jealous pussy.

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Lt Akers Says:
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Your not the dea and even If you are you aren't doctors soo mind your business. who are you to say who is in pain or not? I'm 26yrs old and take 6 30mg oxycodone IR a day. I was in Iraq protecting your ass. And got hit by a IED 2 of my fellow soldiers died. And I was thrown 60ft in the air. I broke my back in 3 places and will never be the same. The pills are the only thing that makes life livable now. And i still have to deal with s*** from dumb f**** like you from time to time. I don't have cancer and I dare you to say I dont need my meds. I hope you feel real good making it hard on pain patients to get the meds they need. I earned a purple heart for my service. And guess what I still work a full time job even know I'm (doped up) as u say. I think I've proven you wrong forward and backwards up and down.. The least you can do is apologize to us pain patients for your rude, Obnoxious outlandish insensitive comments and ridiculous views on drugs.

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ValLah Says:

Semi-proper spelling, grammar, and less slang may have rendered you more believable, at least to a few i****s...lmao!

Why are you so bitter? Did your doctor lick the red off of your lollipop or should I say stop your prescription of narcotics because you're a fake?  Hello, NEWS FLASH, it does not take cancer to have debilitating pain... And when you have it you'll drink poison if that's what it takes to alleviate just a small amount.

Here's a bit advice... Try walking in ones shoes before you pass judgement. Hopefully, that won't be what it takes, real pain will lead you to lows you never knew existed and to a life you no longer want to exist. Believe it or not... it's a last resort for most of us.

I hope you have a pain-free day!!

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Myly Says:
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So...say you're a doctor (this is hypothetical, though the situation and injuries are real) and two patients come in after a car accident. One person has a dislocated shoulder, a concussion, a torn trapezius, and two herniated disks in their neck. The other has a broken nose, a concussion and their leg is broken in two places which would get infected. Both have to stay for an extended period of time in the hospital and multiple surgeries ahead of them. Are you proposing in this situation to send both of these patients with nothing but NSAIDs and Tylenol?

People forget that extreme pain can cause major problems including fever, dangerously elevated blood pressure, elevated pulse, dehydration, and shock which can cause death.

I believed similarly to Roxanne before the accident, although not quite to her extreme. At the young age of 25, I have discovered that pain meds have an extremely place in medical care. They make what could have been a fatal or bedridden condition 100 years ago, (due to shock or other complications) something that not only you can live through, but actually have a life afterwards.

There are always people that abuse what is in front of them, just take alcohol as a HUGE example- prohibition obviously didn't work! But pain medication cannot be banned because some abuse it. Perhaps there should be limits on amounts prescribed at one time, or tried along with holistic approaches of pain management, or stricter guidelines on when doctors can prescribe what. But drugs such as oxycodone are critical tools in preserving patients' lives.

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V MAN Says:
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As a Man with Real Chronic pain,fusion surgeries in my neck that failed to help,and several shattered discs in my back. Well it sickens me that so many i****s abuse pain medicine. I wish I never had to take pain medicine but I have no choice. All of you out there abusing have no regard for those of us whom are literally suffering. Also I spent 6 years defending our country in the Army and to think men like myself would sacrifice our lives to protect a bunch of addicts makes me even sicker..Find GOD. And realize there are people out here that NEED pain medicine just to somewhat function. Whats wrong with you people?

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ArielLV Says:
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Maybe! Just maybe you should have a chronic disease and go through surgery after surgery and go through almost every medicine and not be able to find anything that works except what YOU are putting down. Yes there are people who abuse it and then there are people who really are in pain and can't and shouldn't live with the pain. I wish more then any thing they would find something all natural that truly helps with pain. But from now on we all get to sit here and be judged.

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the source Says:
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Please stay in Florida...and don't beat your kids to hard for spoiling milk!

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anonomono Says:
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First of all impersonating a federal law enforcement officer is a federal offense. Secondly people take meds for legitimate reasons as well. Thirdly the DEA is cracking down on rogue pharmacies and pill mills not patients who are legally and rightfully prescribed opiates. Fourthly a position with the DEA requires a bachelor's degree which by your spelling you definitely do not have. Its actually spelled possession. Bye bye

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jjjj Says:
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No one under the age of 35 should be prescribed pain meds? So a 29year old who has worked at the same job for 10 years, through a pregnancy that resulted in 2months+ bed rest due to a herniated disk, ruptured disk, fibromyalgia, scoliosis (in two spots, which, alone isn't too bad but with rapid disk degeneration since teens, PROBLEM!), etc., should just suffer & BECOME a lazy, non-contributing citizen, be forced to quit their job (again, of 10years, which is more than most 40somethings can say), because people generalize age, gender, health complications & want to lump drug addicts & true sufferers together? While pregnant, tramadol worked wonders, & then after 2seizures in less than a week, well, I hope I shouldn't have to explain why that was no longer an option.

As a matter of fact, this stigma & assumption of peoples age being related to why they take any medications is what's wrong with "the systen". I read these many times & have never commented until now. To preach that there are legitimate reasons to be on pain meds, then (I assume, based on your high level of expertise??) Put an age limit on it, is ridiculous. Now, with another herniated disk & pinched nerve in my neck, I'm in an enormous amout of pain. This is AFTER my incompetent, unprofessional, reckless PCP had me on 8-10 10mg percocets a day + 75 mg fentynol patches every 48 hours YEARS ago, which I went to another doc, REQUESTED to have my meds decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, & eventually down to NOTHING for nearly 2years, until this,& i do not want to& will not be put on a bunch of pain meds for intention is to FIX the problem ASAP, but, as i mentioned, i cannot just drop my jobs, children, bills& life & FORCE a neurosurgeon to operate TODAY..

I have 2daughters to raise, my STATE GOV job at a law firm, as well as 2businesses I own, and have to type for. I'd been "dealing with" the lower back pain, NO meds, & some days, I'd be stuck in bed unable to move, but, it beats the hell out of being "drugged up", just for the pain to still break through.

The (longwinded, drawn out, which I apologize for) point is that sometimes, people (regardless of age, for that matter u might as well say all women/men are abusing it with that logic) are in legitimate pain & in order to take care of themselves, their family, work, pay their bills (& taxes, to support the "addicts", welfare recipiants, etc.) until a solution is found/is possible. The age comment is just as inaccurate, disrespectful & ridiculous as saying "we, the dea, KNOW everyone on pain meds is abusing them& no more than junkies& were gonna make sure EVERYONE suffers"

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steve Says:
via mobile
You out to be ashamed of YOURSELF!!! There are many if us that pain meds have truly improved our quality of life.people w/ sciatic pinched nerves bulging disc osteo arthritis need these types of meds to improve the quality of life at least in my case 70 to 80%
.Like my pcp told me when I was on that damned fentanyl patch he said its an opiod and dishonest or non-sincere people will always find a way to abuse their meds.which in one hand I can see what he is saying but IF you are legit about your pain then all you want is to find a way to lead as normal life as pissible.It means the differance of being able to actually go to walmart for everything you need not speed shopping as fast as you can because your back and legs are burning numb and next step you find yourself dragging your leg just to get through not only shopping but standing in line in one spot waiting to check out it is a painful situation that has almost brought me to tears and before legit pain meds i had to stop shopping go back to the car and have my wife or someone else complete my shopping.I am sure there are worthless piece of crap junkies that use whatever method they can to feel (high) but those people conducting themselves in that manner are just living on borrowed time..There are a HUGE amount of people that are legit play by the rules and pain meds have truly given people productive lives.The proof is in the x-ray and MRI reports.If you go to a legit PM doctor or clinic those doctors do not write any narcotics unless you have recent records and MRIs that warrant the treatment.I am not speaking of the cash only pill mills that popped up in rural america especially in the south like Florida,kentucky,west va,and other states that have not made the news.So,DEA or not there are many abusers out there I am sure but there are many people out there 40-80 that depend on their meds so they can go to the store,or go to their kids baseball games,or go with their boys scout overnight camp outs.You dont sound like a DEA agent because a true legit one knows all these facts and are not so aggresive.I imagine there are older DEA agents that need meds perscribed by their PM doctor or for that matter a family doctor can write them to as long as you are legit and not an abuser. So,in closing you really need to think about the naive DUMB crap that you write because as long as there is severe chronic pain that can be proved by an MRI there will always be pain meds.see,I dont want pain meds that take away all my pain because you always want to know what your body is doing.what a pain med is made for is to take the edge off and make the pain less so you can cope with it.if you are taking stronger meds than hudrocodone or oxycodone it mask your symptoms so much that all you are doing is just tearing your body up and you dont know it.many people take pain meds to avoid back surgery or wait as long as they can before they have a major back surgery because the percentage of people getting back surgery that truly improve are about in general 85% of the people that get talked into a possible botched back surgery are much worse than they were before and then there is ALWAYS followup surgerys.Now,in this whole conversation i have spoken about legit doctors running legit practaces in no way shape or form do I think that these cash only pill mills are legit.If a clinic sont take insurance or from what i have heard some especially as i mentioned before in the south work out of trailers.rhose doctors obviously are not in it to help people they are dangerous and borderline legal at best.If I ever see one or get refered to one i would fire the doc that refered me and run the other direction.I am sure I have not given you any insight or made you have any compassion for the people on these meds but I gave you many legit scenerios you cant deny.As long as there is people in pain legit people there will always be good doctors willing to help them no matter what you want or think.its a problem in the USA but it is also mandatory that these meds are available and they always will be as long as you comply with normally a signed contract and you must be seen every 28-30 days at least for what I get in my State.I hope you have opened your mind somewhat to the need and realize that pain meds are here to stay.the sooner you accept that the better you will feel about your other thing other than in the cases of bad car wrecks,or botched surgeries as far as i am concerned anyone under 35 has no reason to be perscribed these meds.

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Cinderella10383 Says:
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Incorrect they are allowed to substitute unless the dr says not to. My Meds are always given to me in a different form than written

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beck Says:
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Negii Coffee Says:
Pray to the god of your understanding. I'm sure that he will make away he always has he always will God bless.

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Chronic Pain in AZ Says:
@Roxanne, first off, the DEA has no business sticking its nose into our personal thoughts and ideas. if that is the kind of control your seeking, you will find yourselves in the middle of a civil war.

in my thoughts, the 30mg seems to have a longer peak than if i take two of my 15mgs. I dont know why, but i would have to agree with the others that say the same. I have cut one of my 30s in half before and taken it and it seems as if it still has the same peak duration just less pain relief.

and of course, if your not prescribed the 30mgs i would suggest you dont abuse them and vise versa with the 15s. I have seen a few people abuse these medications and almost die. be safe always.

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Debra Delray Says:
You are talking about a percocet which means ir is buffered with tylenol which means you may destroy your kidneys quite quickly. Tylenol is toxic to kidneys and detracts from the pain relieving aspect of oxycodone.
I broke my spine in 4 places and its disintegrating in addition to having developed a muscular disease PMR which is incredibly painful. Oxycodone is the only pain reliever that doesnt make me feel like a zombie.
I wear a fentanyl patch which helps.I'm 65.
I have a prescription for oxycodone but still cant find it.
I live in Palm Beach County, Florida. Can a Canadian Pharmacy fill a valid USA prescription?

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Jacqueline Says:
I am a 49 yr old gal who worked her whole life until breaking my back and ad years went by the oain was so severe but i never missed work then ad i became unabble to walk and my hips felt broke well the did a 360 back surgery with a bone graft two fusions a lenectomy corpectomy and disectomy they cute 8 inches ftom ftont to back and ovet hip without my pm dr i woukd not be walking and all these pill mills r disgusting and id love to talk to dea so many times i will be out driving and u see a line around the block paying cash for drugs thrm selling on street ivr called when i ser one and let them know i thank god foru pain drs they drug test u first thing resilts r imediate then u go thru injections etc unfortunately for me after all the surgeys failed im on medication management and these pill mills and drug seekers need to be bustef with the pill mill employees. Im thankful to live in Houston surgarland area and pray that they will start busting more pill mills i wish i was an informant id love to help sll tjese pill seekers who r not legit and clse every dam pill mill arounf its because of u drug attics getting good care and a pm doc eho cares us very hard cause of all u pill bums fir those really hurt with there years of records u need legitamate pain mgmt. because of u pigs who sell drugs on the street u will get caught or die ftom overdose so dea u rock and keep shutting down these massive amounts if pill mills email me Houston Dea id love to help. Jackie

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Roxy is a moron Says:
@Roxanne Wake up not all people are drug seekers , I would much rather not be on meds. But some out of state A-hole driver a Armored van decided to make an iilegal left hand turn into my little car. Im 32 have 3 kids that I cant enjoy because of constint pain. So go F yourself about Cancer patients. You sound pissed that ur junky ass cant get meds imo

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qa Says:
Hey RoXanne -- u and all these other mf... and other organizations, You critisize people that have legitimate problems and legal scripts.. Hey queen b**** -- ask yourself. I you ever got hurt bad (whch i dont wish on anyone if god forbid you did -- I bet a million dollars u would feel very diff about this situation.

I feel the way you do if a person does it illegal without a legitmate injury/diagnosis....

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F Roxanne Says:
i wish the last guy didnt throw in i bet you voted for obama too, that made them sound really dumb, but roxanne is obviously a person who doesn;t have a clue about the real world and only kows what she reads in reports and statistics distributed by the people trying to stop the distribution of necessary medicine. I have had a lubar spinal fusion in 4 discs in my back and am only 26 years old. I just moved to Florida from california and have had the worst tie trying to get my prescriptions filled for any and all pain pills. so Roxanne should i tell my baby that I cant work because I cant fill my prescriptions because roxanne is just doing her job.

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Stigma Says:
You should not judge people who take pain meds. You do not obviously understand how dangerous it can be for people who have Legitimate Pain Management Dr. Prescriptions. How would you feel if your mother had knee replacement surgery and is now suffering because she cannot fill her prescription for pain medicine. This attitude and people like you who judge everyone because of the actions of few are quite literally killing people. The stigma is real and the problem needs a real solution. Regulating the crap out of doctors and patients will NOT stop illegal activity! Just costs patients more and Doctors feel harassed.
I bet you voted for Obama too.

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