Active Ingredient(s): Dinutuximab
FDA Approved: * March 10, 2015
Pharm Company: * UNITED THERAP
Category: Cancer

Dinutuximab (Ch14.18, tradename Unituxin) and dinutuximab beta (tradename Qarziba) are monoclonal antibodies used as a second-line treatment for children with high-risk neuroblastoma. Each antibody is made of both mouse and human components and targets glycolipid GD2, expressed on neuroblastoma cells and on normal cells of neuroectodermal origin, including the central nervous system and peripheral nerves. They differ in that dinutuximab is manufactured using mouse cells, and dinutuximab bet... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

Unituxin 3.5 mg/ml Intravenous Injection
NDC: 66302-014
United Therapeutics Corp.