Thrombopoietin, Recombinant

Category: Cancer

Thrombopoietin, Recombinant Overview

1V7M, 1V7NIdentifiersAliasesTHPO, MGDF, MKCSF, ML, MPLLG, THCYT1, TPO, thrombopoietinExternal IDsOMIM: 600044 MGI: 101875 HomoloGene: 398 GeneCards: THPO Gene location (Human)Chr.Chromosome 3 (human)[1]Band3q27.1Start184,371,935 bp[1]End184,381,968 bp[1]Gene location (Mouse)Chr.Chromosome 16 (mouse)[2]Band16 B1|16 12.51 cMStart20,724,454 bp[2]End20,734,511 bp[2]RNA expression patternMore r...

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